“We have deliberately chosen the name of our united lists with Amal movement [Hope and Loyalty]. Both hope and loyalty are parts of our ideology,” he said at the rally in Nabatieh in south Lebanon.

Hezbollah and Amal have dominated the southern district in successive elections but with the new proportional electoral law agreed last year  there is  great concern  about losing some seats to  opposition  candidates who  are contesting seats, specially because of the  party’s involvement in Syria which has resulted in the killing of over a thousand young Lebanese  Shiite fighters in defense of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad

Calling the parliament the “mother of institutions” in the country  Nasrallah called on supporters  to turn out  in large numbers on May 6 parliamentary election.


He accused U.S. and Israel  of trying to eliminate the resistance  since  2000

He said that the conspiracy against the stability and security in Lebanon dated back to the year 2000 when the Israeli occupying regime suddenly withdrew its troops from the south of Lebanon without informing the Lebanon’s Army and the mercenaries, adding that the resistance has continued relentlessly after 2000.

He added  that the second conspiracy was after the September 11  incident,  when   US  vice president Dick Cheney had offered   him billions of dollars in exchange for cooperation with the Americans and giving up the resistance.

He went on to say  that the third conspiracy was in 2005, when the western powers once again offered Hezbollah money and power in exchange for giving up the resistance.

According to Nasrallah the 2006  war was a conspiracy   aimed at putting an end to the resistance.

Addressing the 2008 confrontation against Hezbollah prompted by an order to dismantle the party’s telecoms network, he said that the intention was to spark clashes between Hezbollah and the Security Forces.

Nasrallah labeled    the crisis in Syria in 2011 as another conspiracy in order to put an end to the resistance once more time.

Finally he also  warned that ” the enemies are looking for starting a civil war in Lebanon”  calling such development as   the most dangerous tool to attack the resistance movement”.

He reiterated his call on supporters  to participate in the May 6 elections to repel the threats.


Addressing the financial and economic situation in Lebanon, he said that it was very delicate and needs exceptional measures to manage. He said that Hezbollah  opposed tax and threatened  take to the streets to oppose any new taxes placed on the Lebanese.