Trial begins of 4 Saudis linked to Hezbollah terror cell

 Hezbollah  flag
Hezbollah flag

JEDDAH: The Special Criminal Court in Riyadh on Thursday began the trial of a terrorist cell of four Saudis linked to Lebanon’s Iran-backed Hezbollah militant group
The court’s first session revealed that three of the cell members coordinated with a wanted fugitive in Iran.
They were convicted of joining a Hezbollah training camp to manufacture and deploy C4 and TNT explosives for use in the Kingdom.
Their aim was to cause chaos, target security men, smuggle guns into Saudi Arabia, finance terrorism via an organized gang, and smuggle fugitives from the Kingdom to Iran by sea.
The prosecutor called for the death penalty. Failing that, he demanded the most severe punishment (imprisonment and financial penalty) for having violated border security and many other regulations.
Kalashnikov rifles, bullets, machine guns and money were seized. The convicts are banned from traveling.