Lebanese star Elissa assures fans she is ok after collapsing during performance in Dubai


Fans of Lebanese superstar Elissa were relieved after the singer confirmed that she was “okay” following an on-stage collapse during a live performance in Dubai on Friday.

Elissa took to Twitter on Saturday to assure her fans that she felt fine after she lost consciousness during her concert in Global Village, and was rushed to the hospital immediately afterwards.

Elissa tweeted: “Thank you for all your well wishes! I love to keep my Dubai concerts memorable. Jokes aside, I’m healthy thank you for ur support.

“I am feeling better. Nothing serious don’t worry! This concert will definitely be memorable! I love you all.
“Thank you for all my fellow artists and friends who tweeted for me. Your compassion helped me recover and I felt blessed to read your comments. It means a lot. Love you all.” Celebrities and fans rushed to wish Elissa good heath and hoped for her speedy recovery, describing her as a “strong and faithful woman.”