Dark Caracal: Analysis of Lebanon’s recently discovered state-sponsored hacking

General Directorate of General Security building in Beirut
General Directorate of General Security building in Beirut/

If Edward Snowden taught the world anything, it’s that governments now have the ability to pry into the personal and political affairs of their own citizens at relative ease, and Lebanon is no exception.

In the wake of the bombshell revelations illustrating the country’s state-sponsored spying activities – directed at its own people – Lebanon has now been thrust at the forefront of this discussion, joining a long list of nations that partake in such pervasive behavior.

The crux of the report, compiled by cybersecurity firm Lookout Inc. and digital rights NGO the Electronic Frontier Foundation, suggests that Lebanon’s government is, at the very least, complicit in this blatant cyber espionage campaign; undertaken by a group of operatives under the banner of Dark Caracal.

Following Annahar’s thorough analysis of the report, below are the key findings and results that show the severity of the breach and what it encompasses.