Mia Khalifa proclaimed her love for Lebanon, but doesn’t believe her feelings were reciprocated


A Lebanese-American former glamor model has caused a social media stir after she posted a message on Twitter that proclaimed her love for Lebanon, but added that she did not believe her feelings were reciprocated.
In a celebration of Lebanon’s Independence Day, Mia Khalifa tweeted: “Happy Independence Day to the country I love, but doesn’t really love me back.”
Boasting a staggering 2.02 million followers on her Twitter account, it was inevitable that such a comment would likely draw at least a few responses.
And it was somewhat of a mixed bag in terms of the nature of the views. Some were reassuring, telling her she was much preferred to the people running the country.
“definitely more than our politicians who brought nothing but shame and corruption to the country,” @G_azzi tweeted.

There was the suggestion that maybe she was wrong. @sparty_vz suggested: “i am sure they love you, but just are playing hard to get.”

And @leithfadel wrote: “Lebanon loves you more than Hariri.”

There were more reassuring messages of affection from the likes of @AhmadHuda11: “no we do love you backk habibty.”

And if all else failed, there is always Mexico where @jaarteag tweeted: “Mmmm…in Mexico, you are welcome.!!!!”