Lebanese army orders troops to “be on full alert!” to prepare for a possible Israeli attack

joseph-aoun army chiefLebanese Army Chief General Joseph Aoun, called on the army to be fully prepared to confront any Israeli threats and violations that might occur at the southern border due to its increasingly hostile attitude towards Lebanon, its people and its army, Fort Ross reported quoting an  Al Mayadeen TV report.
“I call upon you for full readiness at the southern border to face the threats of the Israeli enemy and its violations, and what it is indicating in aggressive intentions towards Lebanon, its people and its army”, the army’s Twitter account quoted Aoun as saying on the occasion of the 74th anniversary of the country’s independence.
Aoun called for constant vigilance for the good implementation of U.N. Resolution 1701 in coordination and cooperation with the United Nations forces in Lebanon, in order to maintain stability at the southern border with Israel.
He also urged the military not to tolerate any violations of law and order, as well as to prevent any attempts of exploiting the current circumstances to provoke chaos and sectarian divisions.
A senior Israeli official dismissed  the Lebanese Army’s warning of a possible Israeli attack at the border as “meaningless”.
The Lebanese army chief’s warning coincides with IDF military exercises that are since Sunday being conducted at the Syrian border.