Tillerson: No place or role in Lebanon for any militias or armed elements


hezbollah-lebanon-flagUS Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Friday warned other countries and groups against using Lebanon as a vehicle for a larger proxy fight in the Middle East, saying the United States strongly backed Lebanon’s independence.

“There is no legitimate place or role in Lebanon for any foreign forces, militias or armed elements other than the legitimate security forces of the Lebanese state,” Tillerson said in a statement released on Friday by the US State Department.

The United States views Hariri as a ‘strong partner’, added Tillerson.

The French Foreign Ministry also issued a statement that France wants Saad al-Hariri to be fully able to play his essential role in Lebanon.




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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    I agree with Tillerson totally. We do not need a fight to spread over to Lebanon which unfortunately it has. In the old days it used to be Saddam Vs Assad and Israel Vs PLO. Libya Vs God knows who. And the Lebanese fight the battles of these evils. Iran, Saudis do not care about Lebanon and I have to admit that judging from the long history the Saudis helped Lebanon in constructive ways than the Iranians. The Iranians comes with a condition from day one. The Saudis were more generous and less demanding until the past couple of years. Also I did not support given Assad 2 billions dollars for him to keep control Lebanon while the Saudis ignored the killing of Lebanese. But of course Assad and his Hezbollah compadres always ignored that fact. Of course hezbollah wanted Syrian troops to stay in Lebanon against the will of the Lebanese people. Hezbollah could careless if the Syrian army then destroyed Lebanon as long as they are in control. Hezbollah are the local enforcer in Lebanon and the decision maker.. But of course we all know Iran the master and nothing can be decided without their stamps of approval as indicated recently by Rouhani and many other high officials in the Iranian government.
    Hariri has been a weak leader from the get go. March 14th failed to capitalize on the Cedar revolution and it was ran on emotions and did not plan ahead of what steps and how to stay strong and united. Instead it took just few weeks and with threats followed with more assassinations the march 14th got weakened where it become more of smaller group seeking survival and shouting based on Rhetorics and scared opinions. Who can blame them but also you started out strong and why not continue and try to enforce your ideas no matter what were the consequences are. But again who can ignore the threats of Hezbollah and proven records of killing and Amal sending their thugs to butcher protesters with knives because the latter were disgusted with their con artist leader none other than Berri the jackals of all trades. Recently moves by Hezbollah to discuss Daesh withdrawal without Hariri and or government approval even though publicly hariri said so it was to undermine the government and in particular to stick it to Aoun and Hariri to let them know we decide here and not you. For Hezbollah to celebrate their battles in Syria with American military equipments to undermine the aids given to the LAF and to make sure to sow division between the LAF and the US that the LAF is not reliable ally and can’t be trusted. But where is the argument of Hezbollah who always say the LAF is weak but at the time they want to undermine the aid they are getting. Maybe it’s not much in the eyes of Hezbollah but it’s not of your damned business anyway. Hezbollah treacherous decision and forced its all irrational decision on Lebanon got the Saudis pissed since they heavily invested in Lebanon while at the same time Hezbollah using Lebanon to attack them loud and clear. since when the Saudis attacked Hezbollah and it was instead the latter been doing it the past few years. It was like Hezbollah attacked the Marine barracks when the Marine were standing tall against the Israeli troops in west beirut. How could be ungrateful. But wait Iran didn’t like that and they want to ignite Lebanon and take it to destruction as long it suits the mullahs. The Saudis have no right to arrest a Lebanese Prime Minister rain or shine.. It’s their damned business and if they don’t like it then stop aiding Lebanon period. We demand as Lebanese they release him once and for all and we don’t your war with Iran spread over. But also as Lebanese we need to stand united against Iranian plot to dive us into the never ending wars and eventually to capitulate us and force the Waliyet al Faqih. Therefore when I say I hope Israel and Iran and syria and Hezbollah and Daesh destroy each other. it’s because none of them want to seek peace and all want war. I don’t care what you all think of it. Knowing what Israel been doing and continue to build settlements against all rules and inhuman treatments of Palestinians. On top of it the desire and it’s involvement in carving and dividing the middle east and weakening it is a sick plot and Israel cannot be trusted. Have said that Iran is no different and hezbollah is leading the charge to enforce Iranian rules. The Saudis and the Sunnis are pissed and they are making irrational decisions by trying to force a war since they think they bought Trump and he will back them up with war against Iran. Trump keeps changing his mind but in the end it’s the American congress who will decide the fate or war. But when blood boils God help us what path it will take us. Long Live Lebanon and may peace prevails in the Middle East. I hope these nations will come to terms of peace and realize that the war path is the wrong one Inshallah.

  2. Wonderful speech, but Lebanon can’t defend itself. While Lebanon is not overly rich in natural resources, it does offer the coveted beach front property and is not majority Muslim.

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