Israeli PM calls PM Hariri’s resignation ‘A Wake-up Call’ on Iranian aggression


Israeli  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday commented on  the resignation of Saad Hariri as the  prime minister of  Lebanon  by saying this proves  Iran is not only endangering Israel, but the entire Middle East, Haaretz daily reported.

Netanyahu reportedly  called on the international community to stop Iran.
Hariri announced his resignation earlier on Saturday during a trip to Saudi Arabia. In a televised address, Hariri said he was stepping down in protest at Iran’s interference in his country and feared he would be assassinated like his father 12 years ago.

“Lebanon is living an atmosphere similar to the one that preceded the assassination of his father former PM Rafik Hariri.”

Hariri also lashed out against Hezbollah, the Lebanese militant group which plays a major role in the country’s politics and is strongly supported by Iran.

“I have sensed covert plots to target my life,” Hariri added.

Hariri’s resignation comes a day after he met at his office in downtown Beirut  the Iranian supreme leader’s  senior adviser of  international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati, who is wanted in Argentina over  the 1994  deadly bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires .  Argentina issued twice extradition warrants one in July last year  when he was visiting Malaysia and one in October last year when he was visiting Iraq.



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  1. Zero comments from the “Resisters” on that one, even though it involves their nemesis “Satanyahu”.

    These people truly don’t give a sh*t about their supposed homeland.

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      Rainbow Sponge

      No comments on Netanyahu though they did share a lot of feelings on the untouched 4,500 years old void article (the one where they did an MRI on Hind’s brain).

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      Wrong again! I only give a sh!t about you. Didn’t I tell you to stay out of it? It is really none of your business but again a competition of long noses is ongoing between you and Nutanyahoo…

      1. “Didn’t I tell you to stay out of it?”

        You’re irresistibly cute, pal. 🙂

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