Iran’s Rouhani names female vice-presidents after criticism of all-male cabinet


Rouhani UNIran’s President Hassan Rouhani has named two women as vice-presidents after coming under fire for proposing a cabinet that included no women among his ministerial picks.

Rouhani’s presidential website announced Wednesday that he appointed Masoumeh Ebtekar as vice-president for women and family affairs and Laaya Joneidi as vice-president for legal affairs.

Ebtekar was Rouhani’s vice-president for the environment department during his first term, one of three women appointees. Another was Shahindokht Molaverdi, who Rouhani named Wednesday as assistant on citizenship rights.

Some of  president Rouhani's supporters now feel he went back on his promises (Pictured: a campaign rally in May)
Some of president Rouhani’s supporters now feel he went back on his promises (Pictured: a campaign rally in May)
Iranian presidents appoint a number of vice-presidents, which are lower ranking roles than ministers. Unlike ministers, nominees for vice-president do not require approval by the male-dominated parliament.

On Tuesday, Rouhani proposed 17 men for 18 cabinet positions to parliament. The cleric had no woman ministers in his first term, despite being a moderate compared to others in Iran’s Islamic Republic and emphasizing women’s rights in his campaign.

(FRANCE 24 with AP)



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  1. 64 people were detained for dancing near the pool in Iran

    1. Because that’s just how progressive and modern Iran is. Bunch of stuffy old mullahs destroying the country.That is why most sane countries don’t let clerics have all the power.

  2. Yet not a single female MP. Everyone under Khamenei are useless puppets. Khamenei is the only one that truly makes changes happen. A typical dictatorship with some window dressing.

  3. Still better than Israel’s Knesset where (almost all) of its female members have been sexually harassed and/or assaulted. One big family orgy (no pun intended since they’re all inbred).

    1. Israel is not US under dictatorship of anti men female power, but ME

      1. This is about IsraHell’s Knesset where most of its female members (28 of 32) have been sexually harrassed/assaulted.

        1. Was your grandmother not sexually harrassed/assaulted by Muslims, Orabians? I wish no, OmegaHell

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