15 Hezbollah fighters, Lebanese mediator killed in clashes with militants

File photo of a Hezbollah funeral . Many Hezbollah fighters have reportedly been killed in Syria in defense of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad , but the party has not revealed any official figures
File photo of a Hezbollah funeral . Many Hezbollah fighters have reportedly been killed in Syria in defense of Syrian dictator Bashar al Assad , but the party has not revealed any official figures

At least 15 Hezbollah militia fighters and one mediator have been killed in clashes with militants in Lebanon close to the border with Syria, it emerged on Saturday.
Hezbollah on Friday carried out a second day of operations against fighters attached to Jabhat Fateh Al-Sham (JFS), the militant group formerly known as Al-Nusra Front, which was aligned with Al-Qaeda.
The JFS members have taken refuge in Jaroud Arsal — a barren, mountainous area on the Lebanese-Syrian borders — since war broke out in Syria’s Qalamoun region.
Local citizens told Arab News that the intensity of the military operations, backed by Syrian regime warplanes, increased on Saturday morning after a lull on Friday night.
Hezbollah said that its fighters “took control of overlooking hills and heights, adding them to the area under the party’s control.”
Forces had earlier seized other areas in the southern part of Jaroud Arsal, Hezbollah said, according to Reuters.
According to Hezbollah-run media, at least 15 members were killed in the clashes, after five of its fighters were reportedly killed on Friday.
A security source quoted by Reuters said at least 43 militants had been killed, on top of at least 23 killed on Friday, the first day of clashes.
There are, however, no independently confirmed statistics about the results of the battle, and several inaccurate reports have been circulated.
A Lebanese mediator from Arsal, in charge of negotiations with JFS on behalf of local citizens, was also killed on Saturday.
Arsal’s former Deputy Mayor Ahmad Fliti, who was mediating talks between the two sides, was killed in a shell attack that targeted his car while returning to Arsal. His death was mourned by the Lebanese army, the Lebanese politician and leader of Lebanon’s Druze community Walid Jumblatt, and the Future Movement.
A Lebanese military source said that the Jaroud Arsal battle “could be protracted due to the region’s vast and difficult terrain.”




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  1. Again condolences, Kannibal

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      I can hardly wait to see coffins with that $hitty blue flag draped around them VaginaS.

      1. Steve Paul Avatar
        Steve Paul

        Israel, KSA and America are sitting back and watching HA casualties pile up in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. The Axis of Resistance is getting a little taste of Karma after what they’ve done to US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan the past 16 years (7000 KIA and 53,000 WIA). Have fun with your Martyr’s foundation payments. Don’t spend it all at once!

        1. Hannibal Avatar

          Who stepped on your zionist dog tail? What were you doing in Iraq? Nation building? ISIS is the zionists brainchild and soon that project will be put to rest. Then on to the next. Southward march!

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          2. politic sharmuta, Assad lover

          3. Hannibal Avatar

            Better than being a Natanyahooooo lover. emmak akbar sharmuta bel 3aalam ya ayre.

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          5. Steve Harvey Avatar
            Steve Harvey

            There’s dumb and there’s Lebanese dumb.

          6. and there is ONE unique idiopathic dumb Steve. You’re it 😛

  2. MekensehParty Avatar

    Who killed the mediator?

  3. Only 15 Dead ???
    well let’s see them break a record and have 100 Killed.
    The More Yellow Coffins, the better.

    And Psycho Omega will still blame someone.

    1. Steve Paul Avatar
      Steve Paul

      HA loves to downplay their losses. They lost 300-500 of their terrorist ranks in the 2006 war with Israel, yet they only admitted to 49 during the entire 34 day war. If they were transparent about their losses, their narrative of a “divine victory” would evaporate. 121 IDF losses compared to 300-500 losses is hardly a victory for HA. Iran claimed victory in 1988 after losing 300,000-1,000,000 soldiers. There’s dumb and there’s Shi’a dumb!

        1. Rudy1947 Avatar

          They were able to cry over lost comrades, the 15 Hizzbillies were unable.

          1. Hannibal Avatar

            Now reread it… The dead comrades did not cry neither. Smart comment.

          2. Rudy1947 Avatar

            So your video is meaningless.

          3. Hannibal Avatar

            Steve = Rudy.

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            hannibal = nothing.

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            Getting smarter and smarter with your posts… Do us all a favor and go to sleep. I know it is a bit early but hey tomorrow you’ll wake up a little more refreshed so you start making sense.

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            No thanx. However, you should consider prior thought before hitting the keyboard, ergo you should find a thread on fashion.

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            Flint = Steve = Rudy OY VEY I need Dramamine.

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            Don’t forget your seatbelt.

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            Fitting new name… Not wise.

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            Is that some sort of useless advice?

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            Not an advice… rather a comment.

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            Useless nevertheless.

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            Your opinion… Apparently you missed the meme.

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  4. Steve Paul Avatar
    Steve Paul

    Around 2000 Hezbollah widows and counting. America supports terrorists killing terrorists in Syria! God bless America and her Global War on Terrorism (Hezbollah, HAMAS, PIJ and PFLP-GC included).

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