Israel sends more troops to West Bank, amid bloodshed

A Palestinian Red Crescent member aids a protester injured during clashes between demonstrators and Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint, between Ramallah and Jerusalem, in the occupied West Bank, on July 21, 2017.  (ABBAS MOMANI / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
A Palestinian Red Crescent member aids a protester injured during clashes between demonstrators and Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint, between Ramallah and Jerusalem, in the occupied West Bank, on July 21, 2017. (ABBAS MOMANI / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

Israel sent more troops to the West Bank on Saturday, a day after a Palestinian stabbed to death three members of an Israeli family in their home and widespread Israeli-Palestinian clashes erupted over escalating tensions at the Holy Land’s most contested shrine.

The father of the 20-year-old Palestinian assailant said he believes his son was upset over the loss of Palestinian lives and wanted to protect the “honor” of the Jerusalem holy site.

A senior Israeli government official blamed the latest round of violence on what he said was Palestinian incitement against Israel and called on Palestinian leaders to help restore calm.

Disputes over the shrine, revered by Muslims and Jews, have set off major rounds of Israeli-Palestinian confrontations in the past. They were also at the root of the current violence which began last week when Arab gunmen fired from the shrine, killing two Israeli policemen.

A Palestinian Red Crescent member aids a protester injured during clashes between demonstrators and Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint, between Ramallah and Jerusalem, in the occupied West Bank, on July 21, 2017. (ABBAS MOMANI / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)
A Palestinian Red Crescent member aids a protester injured during clashes between demonstrators and Israeli security forces at the Qalandiya checkpoint, between Ramallah and Jerusalem, in the occupied West Bank, on July 21, 2017. (ABBAS MOMANI / AFP/GETTY IMAGES)

In response, Israel installed metal detectors at the gates of the 37-acre (15-hectare) walled compound, portraying the devices as a needed security measure to prevent more attacks.

Muslims alleged Israel was trying to expand its control at the Muslim-administered site under the guise of security — a claim Israel denies — and launched mass prayer protests.

On Friday, anger boiled over and several thousand Palestinians clashed with Israeli security forces in the West Bank and in Jerusalem after noon prayers, the highlight of the Muslim religious week. Three Palestinians were killed and several dozen wounded by live rounds and bullets in some of the worst street clashes in two years.

On Friday evening, a Palestinian identified as Omar al-Abed jumped over the fence of the Israeli settlement of Halamish in the West Bank and entered a home, surprising a family during their Sabbath dinner.

The Israeli military said the assailant killed a man and two of his adult children, while a woman was wounded. A neighbor heard the screams, rushed to the home and opened fire, wounding al-Abed who was taken to an Israeli hospital, said the head of Israel’s rescue service.

A photo released by the military showed a kitchen floor covered with blood.

Itai Orayon, a medic, said he found “blood everywhere” in the house. He told Israel Army Radio that three people were on the floor, unconscious “with deep stab wounds all over their bodies,” and that the medical team was unable to save them.

On Saturday morning, Israeli troops searched the assailant’s family home in the West Bank village of Kobar and detained one of his brothers, the army said. Video footage released by the military shows soldiers leading away a handcuffed and blindfolded man.

The army said soldiers searched the house and measured it in preparation for demolition.

The assailant’s father said his son had been angered by the escalation at the Jerusalem shrine, known to Muslims as the Haram al-Sharif, or Noble Sanctuary, and to Jews as the Temple Mount.




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  1. Occupied by Orabians “West Bank” (of what?) are not politically correct Judea and Samaria. Using of bad political names is not helpful for peace. So called FaLIEstinians are selected, chosen in June 1964 in Soviet KGB usual Orabians to fight “imperialism”, “capitalism”

    1. Niemals Avatar

      Stop making a full of yourself with the ” “West Bank” (of what?) are not politically correct Judea and Samaria.”

      The rest of the world don’t use the Israeli terminology “Ezor Yehuda VeShomron”, it doesn’t mean anything for rest of the world.

      The same goes with the term Al-Quds – it is just the Arabic name for the city of Jerusalem, not for the rest of the world…

      1. “Israel terminology?” “The names Judea and Samaria are more recognizable in English because English-speaking countries tend to be predominantly Christian” “In the UK, the usage of West Bank is just as widespread as Judea and Samaria” don’t be fake, Niemals

        1. Niemals Avatar

          Stop preaching.

          The middle east (Israel) isn’t the world’s navel, just the source to violent ideology.

          1. Are you want restrict me? What violent ideology? Please, just do not be messy and better upgrade your software

          2. Niemals Avatar

            “What violent ideology?”
            The ideology of the Jewish terrorism like this one;

            Netanyahu’s Responsibility for Jewish Terror
            The time for repressing is over: Most of Orthodox Judaism in Israel is being taken over by a violent, racist, messianic theology.

            “The Shin Bet security service has a great deal of chutzpah. After years of indulging messianic Jewish terror, it places the theological revolution on the shoulders of one Meir Ettinger, as if “he doesn’t listen to the rabbis.” Why it is convenient for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to write it off to uncontrollable “wild weeds” is quite clear; it was convenient in the same way after the murder of Yitzhak Rabin. But where does the truth lie?

            Ettinger is an important, representative member of the “Derech Chaim” (Way of Life) movement of Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh. On the public list of its thousands of members are generations of terrorists.” Ben-Zion Gopstein
            Bentzi Gophstein, is a political activist affiliated with the radical right in Israel, a student of Rabbi Meir Kahane, and founder and director of Lehava, an Israeli Jewish anti-assimilation organization. He was a member of the Council of Kiryat Arba, 2010-2013. A relative holds up a photo of Ali Dawabsheh in the torched house in Duma, July 31, 2015. AP

            Do you want more examples?

          3. Don’t be idiot selecting “facts” like OmegaHell or HindBlahblah, first of all this is far from to be mainstream. Jews are diversity. Jews are living, surviving among Orabian Muslim barbarians (wars, intifadas) and big amount of terrorists and between Jews there are also many leftists traitors liberal fundamentalists
            The left-wing Associated Press Please don’t let me catch You are leftist

          4. Jews are diversity, living, surviving among Orabian Muslim mostly barbarians (wars, intifadas) and big amount of terrorists and must defend themselves and between Jews there are also many leftists traitors liberal fundamentalists, not only right wing, also there are fanatics and also idiots, not big amount

          5. Niemals Avatar

            Despite the fact that anti-Semitism in Germany is increasing, Jews are living, surviving among us Christians without violence.

            Germany’s Central Council of Jews has accused Merkels government of not doing enough to combat rising anti-Semitism.
            The body has renewed its call for a commissioner tasked specifically with fighting the problem.
   Windows at a newspaper office in Spremberg, Germany, were sprayed with anti-Semitic grafitti in september 2014, reading “Jews” and “We’ll catch you all.” Agence France-Presse/Getty Images.

          6. As 5thDrawer (RIP) said, bad behavior is everywhere

          7. Niemals Avatar


          8. Dresden’s public prosecutor Lorenz Haase said that the identity of the girl who fought on the side of the terrorist group “Islamic State” and seized after the end of the operation to free Mosul was established.

            We are talking about the 16-year-old Linda V., a native of the Saxon town of Pulsnitz. She met through the Internet with a Muslim young man, converted to Islam, moved to him in Iraq and married him.

            Linda was discovered a few days ago in the basement of a dilapidated house. At the moment she is being held in one of the prisons of Baghdad. Germany has not yet filed a request for its extradition, but the consular officer already met with her.

            A girl can be charged with terrorism. The same charges are likely to be brought against adult citizens of Western countries detained in Mosul.

            In total, two Western men, 16 Western women and two children were found in the city. Among them – citizens of Germany, Belgium, Syria, France, Iran and Russia. Particular mention is made of participation in the fighting of residents of Chechnya

          9. Please don’t let me catch You are leftist, dear Niemals. I’m happy You are in safety and wish You to be in safety in Germany, i’m in ME and see other things.
            Sorry for multiple response, because of bot spam detector

          10. Niemals Avatar

            We can not feel safe in our own homes because of the growing Salafism – imported from the Middle East.
   Ultra-conservative Islamic Salafists in Berlin
            Because of the policies practiced by Israel’s current regime, the Arabs have support among the Greens and AfD (Alternative für Deutschland).

            In 2013 the Bundesnachrichtendienst voiced concern over the growing number of ultra-conservative Islamic Salafists in the country, some of whom are swelling jihadist ranks abroad, while warning of an increasingly violent German extreme right.

            The Kanzlerin politic contributed to this problem, inclusive latest “import of ISIS” from the ME.

          11. There are many pro-faLIEstinians in Eurape, so them convert Eurape to FaLIEstine instead of Israel (not successful with Israel)

          12. Niemals Avatar

            There are many pro-Israel, but there are mucg more pro-Palestinian – ask Netanyahu why…

          13. Hannibal Avatar

            Time for the Nazis to clean up house.

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          15. Hannibal Avatar

            I would have said “we Nazis” but did not.

          16. Europe imported Salafism to Europe, not the ME.

          17. may be mutual (liberal fundamentalism)

          18. Hannibal Avatar

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          19. Hannibal Avatar

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            Those are nothing better than scum with inferiority complexes

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            Hind Abyad

            Too late to learn

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            A Nazi ideologist is required to find the Nazi sites
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          40. Ilami-Gilaki Avatar

            Actually most Lebanese are Iranians INCLUDING Omega bcos of the following reasons:
            1) Maronites are descendants of the Mardaites that was an Iranian tribe.
            2) The Druze community are followers of the Iranian Mohammad Darazi
            3) Shias are most definitely Iranians bcos…. well, for obvious reasons.
            4) Lebanese Armenians are also Iranian of origin bcos Armenia used to be and still is an Iranian province.

          41. Rainbow Sponge Avatar
            Rainbow Sponge

            Lebanese are not Iranian. Lebanese are Lebanese…

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            You should be careful now… You’re starting to sound like a zionist expansionist 😛

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          54. The only “source to violent ideology” is Zionism (that is based on National Socialism – read: Nazism).

            All three religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) lived in peace and harmony for 1300 years (since 638CE with the signing of the Treaty of Peace between Brothers/People of the Book).

            Jews and Christians were equally safe under (Islamic) Ottoman Empire until the Brits and Zionists stepped in to stir the pot, break it up and divide it between themselves.

      2. Hind Abyad Avatar
        Hind Abyad

        Who the hell cares about the rest of your World.

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  2. 23.07 A rocket fired from the Gaza Strip tore in the south of Israel (also statistics)

  3. YaLibnan working hard to redeem its Arabist credentials in Dumbiyad’s eyes. Shit, I forgot, Lebanon ain’t even Arab. It’s “Phoenician” (or should it be “Phony-cian”?) 🙂

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      Tick Tock the fake zion state is at an end. Start packing.

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    2. Were the Jews from Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, etc more or less “Arab” than the non-Jews of Libya, Yemne, Egypt, Jordan, etc?

    3. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Maronites came from Damascus in 400 AD, illiterate Zionist.

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        You are illiterate, sharmuta, even can not see Aramaic

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          Hind Abyad

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    4. Niemals Avatar

      Dumbiyad is trying to promote (spread) YaLibnan (the non existing URL) via her Twitter account.
      Notable is, Dumbiyad don’t gets any ???? “up”…

      No one retweeted or ???? this post…
      “Media selectively report on Jerusalem unrest; the clock keeps ticking… (link:… via @ifamericansknew

      Media selectively reports on Jerusalem unrest; the clock keeps ticking…”.

  4. Hind Abyad Avatar
    Hind Abyad

    Send more troupes, freaks..
    I’ve been saying that Zionism is a mental disease since 2011, on YaLibnan.

    “Holiday in style at Israel’s ‘anti-terror fantasy camps’

    Terror tourism is all the rage in the occupied West Bank – as Israel turns its vast experience in occupation and war to entertainment propaganda for gung-ho visitorsfreaks making terrorism tourists

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          5. Hannibal Avatar


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