Lebanon foils IS attack against a restaurant in Hezbollah’s Beirut sronghold


Lebanon’s security agencies have foiled an Islamic State plot to blow up a restaurant in Beirut’s southern suburbs during the holy month of Ramadan, Lebanon’s Interior Minister Nouhad al-Mashnouq confirmed Tuesday during a meeting at the ministry with British Ambassador to Lebanon

“A successful preemptive operation has thwarted a bombing that terrorists were preparing for Beirut’s southern suburbs,” Mashnouq told the ambassador, adding that the operation involved “cooperation between General Security and the Intelligence Branch” of the Internal Security Forces.

“This is a proof of the high professionalism of the Lebanese security agencies and the importance of cooperation and coordination among the various security agencies,” Mashnouq added.

Mashnouq offered the British envoy Hugo Shorter his condolences over the victims of the London terrorist attacks.

Al-Akhbar newspaper had reported Tuesday that General Security in coordination with the ISF Intelligence Branch had “dismantled an IS-linked cell that had been plotting to stage a suicide attack on a restaurant at iftar time.”

Media reports said the cell comprised two Palestinians and a Yemeni.

The targeted restaurant is located in Hezbollah’s  stronghold south of the capital Beirut

“One of them was arrested at al-Rabih Project in Tariq al-Jedideh on Thursday night while another suspect was arrested in Sidon,” al-Akhbar which is closely linked to Hezbollah  said.

“A suicide vest that one of the would-be bombers had intended to use was seized” at the al-Rabih Project, the daily added.

According to the detainees’ confessions, one of them was supposed to blow himself up in the restaurant while the two others were involved in planning.

“They were receiving their orders from a Raqa-based IS leader through a Ain el-Hilweh intermediary,” al-Akhbar said.



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  1. Leborigine Avatar

    “Master: what is the secret to happiness?”
    “Not to argue with idiots”
    “Master, I completely disagree that this is the secret”
    “Yes, you are right…”

  2. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    I am so glad and very happy they (Hezbollah and ISF) foiled an attempt by ISIS to blow up a restaurant in Beirut. Hezbollah is so good in catching them. Just like they catch Harriri who was working on UN resolution to remove the SYrian troops out and eventually the arms of Hezbollah. So they had to remove him naturally. the same with Wissam al hassan and another Wissam who was very close in discovering the network of Hezbollah and other operatives that killed Harriri. But the due diligence of our Brave and smart high tech resistance they removed him. and many more due to catching them working against them. I mean how good can you get for GOd’s sake then you don’t get caught at all. How can you get caught that means you have to catch yourself and the only thing they could do is deny and lie. It was the Israelis who killed Harriri and Wissam and Wissam and Gibran Bassil. but some the suicide bombings where ISIS. How stupid of me Israelis do not posses suicide bombers..
    You could have saved Lebanon the payments to the international court by catching the Criminals who killed all the true Lebanese and lebanon in general. I know i am not making too much sense folks but you get my drift unless you are a hezbollah dog.

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