Hezbollah’s Safieddine dismisses US sanctions, says ‘won’t be able to harm resistance’


Sheikh Hashem Safieddine ,head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council
Sheikh Hashem Safieddine ,head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council
Three days after he was blacklisted by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia in an unprecedented “joint terrorist designation ” Hezbollah executive council chief Sayyed Hashem Safieddine stressed Sunday that the U.S. administration will not be able to “harm the resistance.”

“America’s malice and siege against our region, countries, homelands and societies prove that it has become a lot weaker than it was in the previous years and decades, and that can be evidenced by the skepticism on (Donald) Trump’s continued leadership of the United State of America and the daily attacks on him from most U.S. media outlets and the world’s media empires,” Safieddine said during a Hezbollah ceremony in the South.

“When the U.S. administration was in a good situation, it did not manage to harm the resistance, and therefore this handicapped and mad U.S. administration led by Trump will not be able to harm the resistance and they will not get anything,” the Hezbollah official added.

“What they will get is further screaming in the media and everything they have done will come to an end,” Safieddine stressed.

He also underscored that “through its culture, the blood of its martyrs and its honorable, sacrificing and cognizant people, the resistance will maintain its firmness and steadfastness and its resolve will be stronger than before.”

“The victories in the upcoming months and years will be better than the victories that were achieved in all the previous days,” Safieddine went on to say.

Safieddine’s blacklisting on Friday by Washington and Riyadh came on the eve of Trump’s landmark visit to Saudi Arabia.

“The aim of the summit is to work towards the establishment of a new partnership to confront extremism and terrorism and reinforce the values of tolerance and better living for the future of our generations in the Arab region,” Saudi envoy to Lebanon who delivered the invitation to PM Saad Hariri said last week.

“The action against Safieddine is the latest example of the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia in combating the financing of terrorism,” the U.S. State Department said last Friday.

The official Saudi news agency SPA confirmed Safieddine’s listing, and alleged he had given his organization advice on carrying out “terrorist acts” and on supplying support to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

“As a result, any of his assets held in Saudi Arabia are frozen, and transfers through the kingdom’s financial sector are prohibited,” the US State Department said in a statement.

Safieddine is the head of Hezbollah’s executive council, which runs the group’s political affairs and social and economic programs in Lebanon’s Shiite community.

He is a cousin of Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah and he is considered a potential candidate to succeed him.

Most participating countries in the summit have already labeled Hezbollah as a terrorist organization .

Hezbollah is close to Iran, Saudi Arabia’s main rival for power in the region, and has played a key role in boosting the Syrian government of President Bashar Assad. The Saudis also accuse Iran and Hezbollah of fanning the war in Yemen by supporting the Houthi rebels.



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  1. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    And we wonder why all the Hezbollah leadership all dressed like Iranians Mullahs. what does that tell you? it doesn’t harm the resistance but the resistance is harming Lebanon ever since they declared their divine victory over israel. they have done nothing but hurt Lebanon. They are worse than Israel and syria combined. there is no difference between Daesh and Hezbollah they are from the same mold and they are both subhumans and anti liberties and justice. they believe in controlling everything and nothing will stop them from doing it even if they have drink your blood. Lebanon will not rest and ever have peace until we rid ourselves from these bloodsuckers and God willing we will see some stability by next year inshallah.

    1. Rascal Avatar

      Islamic State or Islamic republic, it is all the same jihad terrorist shiit, only a slightly different flavor.

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        i know.. as Trump put it Daesh, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and Hamas are all terrorists. i think he forgot Omega and Hindi.. he should read their blogs and he will sanction them for sure. purge them out of the US i hope.

        1. Omega Avatar

          What are the odds, that like MekensehParty, you are absolutely obsessed by me and Hind?

  2. Rascal Avatar

    USA laid a hurtin’ on Hezbo the other day. Maybe this clown had his azz in the air when their convoy was destroyed in Syria. Or when Israel continuously whacks Hezzy in the Syria. They are getting a hurtin’ all over. The Party of Iran proxy sectarian terrorist drug mafia is just as bad as any Islamic State. Just look at Iran still hanging people in public in record numbers for crimes against god. Just another bunch of religious meatheads that believe the man wearing a dress with a towel on his head.
    Clerics are a poor replacement for politicians.

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