Al Qaeda chief urges jihadists to use guerrilla tactics in Syria and prepare for a long battle


Zawahiri qaeda chiefAl Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Syrian Sunni jihadists to wage guerrilla war against enemies ranging from Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his Iranian-backed allies to Western powers.

In an audio recording posted online on Sunday, Zawahri called for the rebels to be patient, saying they should be prepared for a long battle with the Western-led coalition in Iraq and Syria and Iranian-backed Shi’ites fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s government.

“Our people in Sham (Syria) prepare yourselves for a long battle with the Crusaders and their allies the Shi’ites and Alawites,” the successor to Osama bin Laden said.

Muslim Sunni militants consider Shi’ites and Alawites heretics.

Zawahri said jihadists were targeted by their enemies because they sought to impose Islamic rule in Syria, adding that the West and its allies were doing everything they could to prevent an “Islamic” wave that was sweeping the region.

It was not clear when the recording, in which the militant leader also said holy war (jihad) in Syria was not just the prerogative of Syrians but all Muslims, was made.

He also warned insurgents not to turn the conflict into an purely internal Syrian one.

Syria’s former al Qaeda branch Nusra Front now spearheads an alliance of Islamist brigades known as Hayat Tahrir al Sham which is leading battles against Syrian government forces and their Russian and Iranian backed allies on most of the main fronts in the country.

This alliance plays a key role in the control of most of Idlib province, although U.S. led coalition strikes have killed dozens of its leaders in recent months.





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  1. HebAlba Avatar

    YaLibnan not one word about Armenian Genocide today because, you get
    only Zionist owned Corporate Media. It’s claustrophobic biased fake news
    and propaganda

    April 24 is the anniversary of 1915 Turkish Armenian Genocide, in parallel
    with the Assyrian Genocide at that time Lebanese Christians starved to death
    on Mount Lebanon.
    Turkey Genocide continue in Syria since 2011; emptying the Middle East from where Christianity was born, it’s supported by Western powers, Wahhabi Christian haters, Qatar, Israel, Moslem Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda.
    40,000 paid foreign Jihadist are fighting the Syrian people, not only Assad.

    “Our people in Sham (Syria) prepare yourselves for a long battle with the Crusaders and their allies the Shi’ites and Alawites,” the successor to Osama
    bin Laden said.” ..What’s Our People in Sham (Syria) Arabian poetry?
    -Sham is Damascus Syria is Souria mister Reuters.

    al Zawahri is a Saudi, the most extremist form of Islam, Ibn al Saoud tribe were Bedouins living in tents in the Desert WWI till 1920. No History no Culture.
    Jealous of the Levant Syria and Lebanon.

    When i see pictures of hypocrite Western leaders posing with oily Kings and Prince, i feel embarrassed, the summum of indignity, no pride, self esteem, like whores gargantuan open mouths smiling all teeth and dentures out shining money signs. I see who owns the West, (beside Israel)..
    To all pro- ISIS hasbara in disguise squatting on YaLibnan;-)

    1. Look what you have missed
      A great article on the Armenian Genocide published by Ya Libnan on Monday .
      Please do us all a favor!
      Remove your blinders

      1. HebAlba Avatar

        Monday was April 24 not April 25, i didn’t miss it because it was not there.

        ”A great article on the Armenian Genocide published by Ya Libnan on Monday .
        Please do us all a favor!
        Remove your blinders”

    2. Danny Farah Avatar
      Danny Farah

      Yes Ya Libnan posted it but then now you see it now you don’t. But what bothers me is that no one and I mean no one mentions the Turks prosecutions of Lebanese Christians. My grandmother told me about the atrocities carried by the Turks against Christians and how they disarmed and armed the Muslims in lebanon to kill us. no one in history ever mentions it as if it never existed. No it was not fiction or fake stories it was real and 10’s of thousands of Christians were killed and hundreds of thousands starved and some even ate flesh. But let’s face it HebAlba and I have said it before when the Saudis were financing Assad in Lebanon none of ya ever bothered to mentioned the Wahabi.. just cause now they are not supporting your buddies you are complaining? were where you when AL Saud pumped 2 billion dollars to Assad every year for decades? that’s only in lebanon.. why didn’t you complain about the Syrians soldiers and hezbollah destroying lebanon. there were no different between them and Lahd army.. why the double standards?

      1. HebAlba Avatar

        I was too young, i learned later Lebanon asked the Syrians to help end the civil War..

        1. Danny Farah Avatar
          Danny Farah

          Yes Syria continued the war even after the PLO left. they continued to burn lebanon for decades.. I have a book on Hafez al assad when asked about Lebanon. He said it was part of Syria and he laughed according to the report…Syria never helped Lebanon in fact the Israelis withdrew from Lebanon on several occassions while the Syrian Scumbags and loafers and their trash never intended to leave LEbanon. On top of it Hezbollah were mad when the Syrian army withdrew from Lebanon. We didn’t have the so called Daesh In lebanon so please don’t lecture how Syria or Hezbollah saved us.. thank you

          1. HebAlba Avatar


          2. HebAlba Avatar

            Cela ne veux pas dire souhaiter la destruction et la mort du peuple Syrien par les prédateur. Faudrait aussi oublier les Shebaa Farms, Israel répond ils appartient à la Syrie’

          3. HebAlba Avatar

            Cela veux pas dire de souhaiter la déstruction la mort du peuple Syrien par les prédateurs, faut aussi oublier Shebaa Farms, Israel dit ils appartient à la Syrie.

          4. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Well let’s talk about Shebaa Farms. Syria never acknowledge it’s Lebanese and if it was why did they wait til 50 years to say it was Lebanese. I don’t mind have it for sure but no mentioned in the history of Lebanon it was part of Lebanese territories. Show me anywhere I will shut up regarding this issue. Besides the only reason Syria changed it this way to have an excuse for hezbollah to have an open war with Israel. The Syrian army stay in lebanon practically over 30 years and they only mentioned the farms in 2005. How convenient. However again I am all for it if it’s ours indeed.

          5. Niemals Avatar

            Now you have informed me (I trust your knowledge) of a diffuse view I had about this disputed Shebaa Farms that I have heard so many versions about.

            What I knew about the dispute over Shebaa Farms that it resulted in part from the failure of the French Mandate administrations, and later the Lebanese and Syrian governments, to demarcate the border between Lebanon and Syria.

            This territory has been a flash-point for violence since Israel withdrew from Lebanon in May 2000.
            However Hezbollah claimed that the withdrawal was not complete because Shebaa was on Lebanese territory – not Syrian.

            Documents from the 1920s and 1930s indicate that inhabitants paid taxes to the Lebanese government. However, from the early 1950s until Israel’s occupation of the Golan Heights, Syria was the de facto ruling power.

          6. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            I would go along with what you said and it makes sense then.

          7. HebAlba Avatar

            Israel claims Shebaa Farms is Syrian territory but illegally annexed Syrian Golan Height. That’s why the West is destryoing Syria.

            “During the 1967 Six Day War Israeli forces seized a piece of Lebanese territory called the Shebaa Farms, a 25 square kilometer area consisting of 14 farms located south of the Shebaa, a Lebanese village on the western slopes of Mount Hermon. Since Lebanon was not a participant in the Six Day War, UN representatives were biased for Israel – (As ALWAYS) pointing
            out that the 1923 Anglo-French demarcation and the 1949 Armistice line clearly designated the area as Syrian territory. The UN backed Israel and certified its pullout from Lebanon.

            However, Lebanese and Syrian officials insisted that Syria had officially given the territory to Lebanon in 1951. Lebanese officials pointed to the fact that a number of residents in the area have land deeds stamped by the Lebanese government.

            Lebanese army maps published in 1961 and 1966 specifically pinpoint several of the Shebaa Farms, including Zebdine, Fashkoul, Mougr Shebaa and Ramta, all of which are designated as being lebanese. Lebanese Ministry of Tourism maps also show the Lebanese-Syrian border running west of the Shebaa Farms. Syria has officially acknowledged the Farms are Lebanese.”

            In 1981, the area was unofficially annexed by Israel, as part of the Golan Heights which ordered the implementation of Israeli civil law on the Golan Heights in lieu of the military administration.
            This unilateral annexation is not recognised by the UN.

            It doesn’t matter is its Syrian or Lebanese, the important thing is that its NOT ISRAELI.

            There are ISRAELI TROOPS in Sheeba Farms, not Syrian ones.

            Decided by whom? The Arabs people living there would never give up their land. This is a grave injustice perpetuated by foreign colonists against the natives..

            The Government of Lebanon subsequently provided the United Nations with title deeds of Lebanese ownership of farmlands in this area, as well as with documentation indicating that Lebanese governmental and religious institutions had enjoyed, at various points in time, jurisdiction over those farmlands.

            The Government of Lebanon informed the United Nations of a joint understanding between Lebanon and the Syrian Arab Republic that the farmlands were Lebanese, including a decision of a joint Lebanese-Syrian border committee that concluded in 1964 that the area was Lebanese and that the international border should be redefined consistent with that conclusion.
            In a telephone conversation Kofi Annan on 16 May 2000 with the Syrian Foreign Minister, Mr. Al-Shara’, stated that the Syrian Arab Republic supported Lebanon’s claim.
            UN May 2000.

          8. Get Hezbollah instead of Farms. Say “thanks” to Israel some Druzes (in Golan) are not in state of war

          9. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            As much as I agree with you on the Israelis being greedy for Land it was the Syrian who start shelling israeli from Golan Heights and that’s why Israel took it over. second you admitted the farms are Syrians not lebanese. as far the west Destroying Syria well Assad did a very good job in help them destroy Lebanon and Syria as well. DId he have to be a dictator in order to stay in Power? during the first year or so when the Syrians were protesting there were hardly any opposition fighting the regime. Until the Shabiha and hezbollah started hunting down the protesters like animals and started abusing them in jails and separating families that’s when AL Qaeda and Daesh took advantage of the situations. the rest you should know. Did Israel bomb Lebanon for 3 decades? who was bombing tripoli, Beirut, killing Palestinians as well and anyone stood in their way. stop the bull shit and admit you are a SSNP and you will die for the greater Syria no matter how bad Assad was or is.

          10. MekensehParty Avatar

            Still trying to have a rational discussion with that bag of crap?

          11. HebAlba Avatar

            Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, or WKS) Neuropathological and imaging studies suggest that excessive and prolonged use of alcohol may lead to structural and functional damage that is permanent in nature. Impulsivety common feature in these cases and the violence usually has a paroxysmal, episodic quality to it. Violent ideation.

            L’idéation représente d’un point de vue psychologique, la formation et l’enchaînement des idées. La formation des idées apparaît dans notre conscience avec le décodage de certain influx nerveux engendrés par des événements extérieurs ou par réminiscence, souvenirs, rêves. …

            will get worst..

          12. Hannibal Avatar


          13. HebAlba Avatar

            “As much as I agree with you on the Israelis being greedy for Land it was the Syrian who start shelling israeli from Golan Heights and that’s why Israel took it over. second you admitted the farms are Syrians not lebanese.”

            Stay focussed we were talking Shebba Farms if you don’t mind!
            Stop the bull shit and admit you invited Israel what’s SSNP ?

          14. “I had too Google SSNP” (sic)

            You’re dumb, but you’re not THAT dumb.

            “Not interested”? You’ve been parroting them here 24/7, and you don’t even have enough decency to acknowledge their contribution to your pensée (if your recycled puke can be called that)?! 🙂

          15. Hannibal Avatar

            Aggressive and insulting as usual. I will try to extend a hand to you ONCE so you try and become civil with Hind and you do not have to agree with her…
            My olive branch (on her behalf) is the following (I’m sincere):
            Let me know your thoughts after watching. Nemr represents the majority of Lebanese and Middle Eastern culture.

          16. HebAlba Avatar

            It’s your damn business Israeli Zionist spy along with Matrix-aka Niemals are like leeches. I will comment when i wish all you do is stalk me and harass. Mother of all Mongolia.

          17. What are you so busy with? Sucking at the teat of the Rothschild-funded welfare state? 🙂

          18. HebAlba Avatar

            ISIS, Israel, Iraq, And Syria: It’s All Part Of The Plan.
            PS., rah shouf meen SSNP

          19. Hind Abyad Avatar
            Hind Abyad

            You will certainly never get a doctorate in ME history, only thing i hear is “Hezbollah” “Assad”.
            Let’s talk about history of Syria – Lebanese territories.

          20. HebAlba Avatar

            I came here in 2011 there was no war in Syria (Yet) ISIS in Syria. France president was Sarkozy, a Zionist, he knew in advance what will happen in Syria, the so called “revolution” blabla was all planned.
            Al Rai had just replaced Sfeir he was invited to Paris Elisée Palace “to commemorate his election” what Al Rai got was a warning. I read the news in French.

            Christians of the Orient stand up against the new Western colonialism”

        2. Hannibal Avatar

          Actually Hind since you were young let me tell you something you do not know 😉 : Despite the fact that we still consider the Syrian regime to be at fault within the Lebanese politics sphere we support its efforts against a worse enemy, namely jihadist misled moslems. However, during the Lebanese war they kept shifting sides to dominate and occupy Lebanon which led President Aoun to fight them to his final demise and then exile. The Syrian regime while it is good to its survival did not do the right thing by Lebanon. They were there to steal its resources and use Lebanon as a card to leverage when needed to further their world politics. The Syrian regime cares about the Syrian regime. It is still a sectarian regime in the open as compared to the sectarian and apartheid regime in Palestine which preaches democracy in the open and practices oppression in the back alleys. Nobody cares about job creation, peace and secularity. A lip service at best.

      2. Niemals Avatar

        Sometimes I get the impression that it’s a sin to complain about the atrocities carried by the Muslim against Christians in the entire Muslim world.

        Correct me if I’m wrong that it started during the Ottoman Empire period, not earlier.

        I wasn’t aware of that the Turks disarmed the Christians and armed the Muslims in lebanon.
        Probably because no one in history ever mentions it as if it never existed.

        1. Danny Farah Avatar
          Danny Farah

          Well it happened and it’s in Lebanese history books at least the ones I studied but some were obscure due to censorship heaven forbids we talk about how muslims attacked us.
          Many older people then told me how the Turks armed the muslims and butchered the Christians especially the Druze who had no mercy on Christians..

        2. Hannibal Avatar

          Here is a piece from wiki: It was really bad. and that way of thinking never changed and not even an apology… A revolt that started actually between the poor Christians and the rich Christians spread to become a wide sectarian conflict fueled by the Ottoman authorities who took the weapons from the Christians with the promise to “protect them” and then opened the doors wide open for the moslems to massacre Christians in Palestine, Lebanon and Syria.

          Deir al-Qamar had already been captured by Druze forces and its residents had consistently appealed for protection from their friends among the local Druze and from the Ottoman authorities. Nonetheless, following their decisive victory at Zahle, the Druze renewed their assault against Deir al-Qamar on 20 June.[31] In the weeks prior, some of the town’s wealthier residents managed to leave for Beirut or gained Sa’id Jumblatt’s protection in Moukhtara. However, thousands of Christians remained in Deir al-Qamar and the Druze militiamen were preventing many from leaving. As Druze fighters moved in on the town, ostensibly guarding homes and shops, they proceeded to loot many buildings that had been abandoned by their patrons.[32] The Christian residents did not put up armed resistance against the Druze fighters, and sometime before 20 June the Christians had been disarmed either at the counsel of the district governor Mustafa Shukri Effendi or an Ottoman general from the Beirut garrison named Tahir Pasha. The Ottomans’ advice to the Christians regarding disarmament was that it would help in not provoking the Druze.[33]

          On the evening of 19 June, a Christian resident and a priest were killed outside the government house in Deir al-Qamar, where thousands of residents had begun taking refuge. Hundreds of others took shelter in the abandoned Ottoman barracks at Beit ed-Dine or the district governor’s residence. Meanwhile, Druze fighters from Moukhtara, Baakline, Ain al-Tineh, Arqub district, Manasif district, Boutmeh, Jdaideh, Shahahir, and Ammatour were streaming into Deir al-Qamar from several directions. At least part of these forces were commanded by Sheikh Qasim Imad. The roughly 4,000 Ottoman troops stationed in Deir al-Qamar did not stop the incoming Druzes. On the morning of 20 June, the Druzes assaulted the government house and proceeded to kill the males taking refuge in it, all of whom were unarmed. European consuls who witnessed the killings or their aftermath reported that many women were assaulted as well in an unprecedented manner. Afterward, the Druzes plundered Deir al-Qamar, which was well known for being wealthy. Unlike in Zahle, the Druzes looted large quantities of horses, livestock, jewelry and other goods. Large parts of the town were burned down. Other Christians were killed throughout Deir al-Qamar.

          Nearby Beit ed-Dine and its countryside was also sacked.[35] The plunder in Deir al-Qamar ended on 23 June,[36] after intervention by Sa’id Jumblatt, Bashir Nakad, sheikhs from the Hamada clan, and an Ottoman colonel. By the end of the fighting, much of Deir al-Qamar, which was the most prosperous town of the predominantly Druze Chouf district, was in ruins, and corpses, some mutilated, were left throughout the town’s streets, markets, houses and Ottoman government buildings and military installations.[35] Between 1,200 and 2,200 Christians had been killed in the onslaught and many more had fled. By October 1860, Deir al-Qamar’s population which had been roughly 10,000 before the conflict, had been reduced to 400.[36] According to Fawaz, the ceasefire negotiated between by the Druze sheikhs and the authorities marked the “end to the most violent phase of the civil war” in Mount Lebanon.

          The war in Mount Lebanon and the Beqaa Valley caused inter-communal tension throughout Ottoman Syria. On 23 June, a Sunni Muslim man was killed during a dispute with a Christian refugee in Beirut. The man’s death prompted his angry relatives to demand from the Ottoman authorities that the perpetrator be executed. The authorities arrested a suspect and tried him immediately, but by then mobs were forming throughout the city, whose population had doubled due to the influx of Christian refugees. Panic ensued among the Christians in Beirut, and many were assaulted or threatened, including Europeans. The acting governor of Beirut, Isma’il Pasha, deployed troops throughout the city to prevent violence, but ultimately decided that the only way to disperse the mobs was by executing the Christian suspect,[38] who consistently declared his innocence. Although only the actual governor, Khurshid Pasha (who was in Deir al-Qamar), could sanction an execution and the European consuls refused to give their blessing to it, Isma’il Pasha had the suspect executed within twelve hours of the Muslim man’s killing to avert further violence. The angry crowds consequently dispersed and calm was restored to Beirut.[39]

          Tensions were also raised in other coastal cities such Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Tripoli, Sidon and Tyre, but their proximity to European warships in the Mediterranean helped maintain calm. Nonetheless, Tyre and Sidon were at the brink of civil war due to violence raging between Sunni and Shia residents and Christian refugees fleeing the war. Hundreds of Christians opted to leave Syria altogether, boarding ships to Malta or Alexandria.[39] In the Galilee, peace was maintained by local Bedouin chieftains,[39] such as Aqil Agha who assured Christians in Nazareth and Acre of his protection.[40] However, in the village of Kafr Bir’im near Safad, three Christians were killed by Druze and Shia Muslim raiders, while the mixed village of al-Bassa was also plundered.[41] A violent incident occurred between a Muslim and Christian man in Bethlehem, ending with the latter being beaten and imprisoned.[39] The authorities maintained calm in Jerusalem, Nablus, Homs, Hama, Latakia and Aleppo by introducing additional security measures. In the latter city, the Ottoman governor Umar Pasha appeared keen to maintain order, but his garrison was too small to ensure security in the city. Instead, many Christians pooled money together to pay for protection by local Muslims, who formed an ad hoc police force.[41]

          Massacre of Christians in Damascus

          Public gathering in Beirut during the 1860 events
          In July 1860, fighting spilled over into Damascus. With the connivance of the military authorities and Turkish soldiers, Druze and Sunni Muslim paramilitary groups organised pogroms which lasted three days (July 9–11).[5] 25,000 Christians were killed, including the American and Dutch consuls.[42] Churches and missionary schools were set on fire. Many Christians were saved through the intervention of the Muslim Algerian exile Abdelkader El Djezairi and his soldiers, who brought them to safety in Abdelkader’s residence and the Citadel of Damascus. The Christian quarter of the old city (mostly inhabited by Catholics), including a number of churches, was burnt down. The Christian inhabitants of the notoriously poor and refractory Midan district outside the walls (mostly Orthodox) were, however, protected by their Muslim neighbors.

          Most sources put the figure of those killed between 7,000 and 11,000, with some claiming over 20,000. A letter in the English Daily News in July 1860 states that between 7,000 and 8,000 had been murdered; 5,000 widowed and 16,000 orphaned. James Lewis Farley, in a letter, speaks of 326 villages, 560 churches, 28 colleges, 42 convents, and 9 other religious establishments, having been totally destroyed. Churchill puts the figures at 11,000 murdered, 100,000 refugees, 20,000 widows and orphans, 3,000 habitations burnt to the ground, and 4,000 perishing from destitution. Other estimates claim 380 Christian villages were destroyed.

      3. HebAlba Avatar

        “I have said it before when the Saudis were financing Assad in Lebanon none of ya ever bothered to mentioned the Wahabi.. just cause now they are not supporting your buddies you are complaining? were where you when AL Saud pumped 2 billions…”

        Wahaabi were never keen on Syria- Palestine they where millions of Christians in Syria Iraq, Saudis are Christian killers. I’m no sure of what you’re saying, they got Arabia for a job it was not to “help” Assad. You mean YOUR buddies. The Saudi fat sitting Desert Rats were never my buddies. They didn’t exist. British greatest traitors in history gave Arabia to culture and civilisation’s greatest enemies.
        Oil will disappear in 30 years I hope SA will sink in the sand oils.

        Greedy oil deals with Ibinfukalsharf.
        British betrayed moderate Hashemite Sheriff Hussein, helped Ibn $aoud most extremist form of Islam conquer Arabia.
        Turks helped Syria-Lebanese Sunnis create FSA in 2011 working with McCain the insane, you still trust the wretched West?
        I can’t believe it.
        My Grand mother told me her mother had typhoid and became deaf for life during French mandate, she said “when the French left they took everything, didn’t leave one pin (Arabic expression).
        War is investment, grab land, steal countries resources, artifacts, break in Banks, people’s homes, jewellery, create enmities, rat labs for testing weapons, US Israeli chemical weapons in Fallujah, white phosphorous in Gaza.
        War since one hundred years in the Middle East.
        Then again the hyenas getting richer, more powerful, more arrogant, they’re emptying the Levant and Syria for Greater Israel.
        To each his Bullshit..there’s no purity.

      4. Hannibal Avatar

        Well said… The double standard MUST end.

    3. “you get only Zionist owned Corporate Media”

      What happened to Counterpunch, Al Akhbar, David Duke and “Lasha Darkmoon”? Have they all sold their souls to the Zionist Devil? 🙂

        1. This in reply to one of the few comments directed at you that were NOT insulting? Gosh, you’re dumb. 🙂

          1. Hannibal Avatar

            Here we go again… The insults. Your parents must have bitchslapped you dude. You are really damaged.

          2. MekensehParty Avatar

            At least he had parents, unlike you who was found in maroon arrass’ open sewers

          3. Hannibal Avatar

            I’d rather have no parents and be brought up as a decent human being rather than a damaged self-hating Lebanese who lost his identity and no longer knows who he is pretending he is a yankee yet behaving still like a towel head.
            Regarding Maroun e’rass sermeeyeton besharfo emm emmak ya ebn el 3arsa. At least they stood up to the strongest army and broke them there making them cry blood.
            I am not from there but I wish I were because rafa3oulna raasna ya kalb eben kalb despite the fact that I do not agree with their general politics. Now go cry me a river with your allies on the wailing wall.

          4. MekensehParty Avatar

            come wipe my ass

          5. HebAlba Avatar

            Ask mummy

          6. MekensehParty Avatar

            yi, you started talking about mummy ya hind?
            do you even know who your daddy is?
            his name starts with a B and his last name starts with an A, and your mummy met him once in her mazzeh cell…
            You know who he is now?

          7. HebAlba Avatar

            yi, then ask Baba.

          8. HebAlba Avatar

            ..or Barabia

    4. Hannibal Avatar

      Al-zibahiri is Egyptian BTW. and GOOD point nobody ever mentions the Assyrian/Syriac/Maronite/Christian holocaust. ESPECIALLY on this “Lebanese” site I have yet to see one article about their plight during the Ottoman era. The “other” holocaust takes the limelight because they are great marketers and maybe we should do the same.

      1. HebAlba Avatar

        YaLibnan was sold to Al-zibahiri ..err.. to Zionist owned Crapolated Media.
        It doesn’t feel one ounce Lebanese these big machines treat us like allien.
        The change was not subtle by dudden and radical
        Let me tell you what’s going on now, there are douzens of Terrorist groups who broke up to join others.. or found new EL-This’s like an Industry.

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