Scores killed including children in a suspected Syrian government chemical gas attack

A man carries the body of a dead child, after what rescue workers described as a suspected gas attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in rebel-held Idlib, Syria April 4, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah
A man carries the body of a dead child, after what rescue workers described as a suspected gas attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in rebel-held Idlib, Syria April 4, 2017. REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah

A suspected Syrian government chemical attack killed scores of people, including children, in the northwestern province of Idlib on Tuesday, a monitoring group, medics and rescue workers in the rebel-held area said.

The Syrian military denied responsibility and said it would never use chemical weapons.

The head of the health authority in rebel-held Idlib said more than 50 people had been killed and 300 wounded. The Union of Medical Care Organizations, a coalition of international aid agencies that funds hospitals in Syria, said at least 100 people had died.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the attack killed at least 58 people and was believed to have been carried out by Syrian government jets. It caused many people to choke, and some to foam at the mouth.

Director Rami Abdulrahman told Reuters the assessment that Syrian government warplanes were to blame was based on several factors such as the type of aircraft, including Sukhoi 22 jets, that carried out the raid.

“We deny completely the use of any chemical or toxic material in Khan Sheikhoun town today and the army has not used nor will use in any place or time neither in past or in future,” the Syrian army command said in a statement.

The Russian Defence Ministry said its aircraft had not carried out the attack. The U.N. Security Council was expected to meet on Wednesday to discuss the incident.

Reuters photographs showed people breathing through oxygen masks and wearing protection suits, while others carried the bodies of dead children, and corpses wrapped in blankets lined up on the ground.

Activists in northern Syria circulated pictures on social media showing a man with foam around his mouth, and rescue workers hosing down almost-naked children squirming on the floor.


This frame grab from video provided on Tuesday April 4, 2017, by the Syrian anti-government activist group Edlib Media Center, that is consistent with independent AP reporting, shows several children that were killed in suspected chemical attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, northern Idlib province, Syria. The suspected chemical attack killed dozens of people on Tuesday, Syrian opposition activists said, describing the attack as among the worst in the country's six-year civil war. Edlib Media Center, via AP)
This frame grab from video provided on Tuesday April 4, 2017, by the Syrian anti-government activist group Edlib Media Center, that is consistent with independent AP reporting, shows several children that were killed in suspected chemical attack in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, northern Idlib province, Syria. The suspected chemical attack killed dozens of people on Tuesday, Syrian opposition activists said, describing the attack as among the worst in the country’s six-year civil war. Edlib Media Center, via AP)

Mounzer Khalil, head of Idlib’s health authority, said hospitals in the province were overflowing with victims.

“This morning, at 6:30 a.m., warplanes targeted Khan Sheikhoun with gases, believed to be sarin and chlorine,” he told a news conference.

Warplanes later struck near a medical point where victims of the attack were receiving treatment, the Observatory and civil defense workers said.

The civil defense, also known as the White Helmets – a rescue service that operates in opposition areas – said jets struck one of its centers in the area and the nearby medical point.

The incident reported at Khan Sheikhoun would be the deadliest chemical attack in Syria since sarin gas killed hundreds of civilians in Ghouta near Damascus in August 2013. Western states said the Syrian government was responsible for that attack. Damascus blamed rebels.

The White House called the attack an “intolerable act” and said President Donald Trump was alarmed by the reports. French President Francois Hollande directly blamed Syrian government forces and said President Bashar al-Assad’s allies were emboldening him to act with impunity.

Assad has enjoyed staunch military backing from Iran and Russia in the war.

Britain said he would be guilty of a war crime if it were proved his regime was responsible. The U.N. envoy for Syria said the “horrific” chemical attack had come from the air.

A series of investigations by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) found that various parties in the Syrian war had used chlorine, sulfur mustard gas and sarin.

A joint U.N.-OPCW report published in October said government forces used chlorine in a toxic gas attack in Qmenas in Idlib province in March 2015. An earlier report by the same team blamed Syrian government troops for chlorine attacks in Talmenes in March 2014 and Sarmin in March 2015. It also said Islamic State had used sulfur mustard gas.

The OPCW said it had begun “gathering and analyzing information from all available sources” about the suspected Khan Sheikhoun attack.

Turkey, which backs the anti-Assad opposition, said the attack could derail Russian-backed diplomatic efforts to shore up a ceasefire.

Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency said 15 people hurt in the attack, mostly women and children, had been taken to Turkey.

Footage from Turkey’s Dogan news agency showed at least four people being brought out of ambulances on stretchers in the Turkish border town of Reyhanli by medical staff wearing face masks. One was a young boy.

An official at the Turkish Health Ministry said Turkey’s disaster management agency was first “scanning those arriving for chemical weapons, then decontaminating them from chemicals” before they could be taken to hospital.

Idlib province contains the largest populated area controlled by anti-Assad rebels – both nationalist Free Syrian Army groups and powerful Islamist factions including the former al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the suspected attack, Turkish presidential sources said. They said the two leaders had also emphasized the importance of maintaining the much-violated Syrian ceasefire.


Idlib’s population has ballooned, with thousands of fighters and civilians shuttled out of Aleppo city and areas around Damascus that the government has retaken in recent months as Assad has gained the upper hand in the war.

The United States has also launched a spate of air strikes in Idlib this year, targeting jihadist insurgents.

Following the 2013 attack, Syria joined the international Chemical Weapons Convention under a U.S.-Russian deal, averting the threat of U.S.-led military intervention.

Under the deal, Syria agreed to give up its toxic arsenal and surrendered 1,300 tonnes of toxic weapons and industrial chemicals to the international community for destruction.

U.N.-OPCW investigators found, however, that it continued to use chlorine, which is widely available and difficult to trace, in so-called barrel bombs, dropped from helicopters.

Although chlorine is not a banned substance, the use of any chemical is banned under 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention, to which Syria is a member.

Damascus has repeatedly denied using such weapons during the six-year war, which has killed hundreds of thousands and created the world’s worst refugee crisis.



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  1. What a crazy world we live in and see how innocent these dead children look!

    How is a criminal like Assad is allowed to stay in power after 700,000 people have been killed ?
    What is worse is another criminal ( Putin) is keeping him in power , regardless of how much blood is going to be spilled in this dirty war. It is about time the world is outraged and this s.o.b is snatched out of Syria and tried for war crimes …..enough is enough !!!!!!

    1. man-o-war Avatar

      Right, and nobody is going to do anything to stop him unless they’re ready to either negotiate with Russia or engage with them militarily. This attack looks like it was done by desperate rebels or terrorist who are losing the battle and sense their impending demise. Last ditch effort to draw the western world into the conflict.

      The orangutan in chief might actually take the bait, but what will he do with Russia?

      1. man-o-war Avatar

        Turns out the Orangutan in chief took the bait, hook line and sinker. The pentagon alerted the Russians the attack would be coming and exactly what would be targeted. It’s a game , not sure what the end goal is, but it certainly is a game.

  2. Rascal Avatar

    Assad is a bad person, but does he really have any grasp on what is going on in Syria anymore? He needs to go, now, and I repeat there will never be peace as long as he and his mullah fanatics are in power.

    1. I don’t have any ideal how much grasp he really has on what is going on in Syria , but I know for sure he started interfering again in internal Lebanese affairs.
      Even if he lost complete control, Russia’s Putin, Iran’s supremo and his proxy Hezbollah want to keep him at least as a scarecrow because they have been the ones running the show for the past 4 years while the west has been helplessly watching

      1. HebAlba Avatar

        Newly Declassified CIA Report Exposes Over 25 Years Of U.S. Plans To Destabilize Syria

        WikiLeaks Reveals How the US Aggressively Pursued Regime Change in Syria, Igniting a Bloodbath

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          1. HebAlba Avatar

            Amazing how Israel is allied with Wahhabi cousins in killing fields and rivers of blood of the Middle East.


            “Saudi King Sanctioned Chemical Weapons Use in Syria”

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          4. HebAlba Avatar

            Jerusalem Post Opinion

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            and you send me some stupid link
            Typical, that’s your killing culture.

          6. Niemals Avatar

            Not only the Houthis are slaughtering their own people, Gaza’s ruling Hamas movement executed three Palestinians on Thursday after they accused the men of collaborating with Israel.

            Hamas are vicious killers that kill their own people and Blame Israel – the west.
            This is no doubt about the arab culture.

          7. HebAlba Avatar

            Born an idiot will die an idiot meanwhile it’s pestering, boring and live a stupid life..

          8. Hannibal Avatar

            What are you complaining about? Do you want them to turn their frustration on Israel? You can’t withstand the heat if all of them join hand to attack. Unless of course you intend to use the Samson directive which then will have a ctrl-alt-del to everything we know.

          9. Hannibal – Your hero’s tried a few times.
            but they always take off their shoes and ran away, with their tail between there legs.
            You can Blame the arab shoes……
            you see you find the reason !

          10. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Listen Jack the last war you had with Egypt their army withstood their ground in the desert and Israeli army where on the brink of defeat. Until the mother fucker Henry Kissinger order the 6th fleet to help you out. You ran with your tails in 2006 not that i like Hezbollah but stop talking about the hero’s. In all honesty I am not advocating the destruction of israel and I wish peace prevails. But the next war you will have many fronts, Lebanon, Syria and West bank. Prior to that you had only Syrian army who could not fight a rebel with AK 47. so don’t too cocky dude.. you’re only victory it’s going to come thru nukes and as far conventional you will be even. so stop you jack ass stupidity you moron.

          11. Thank you Danny you are not advocating destruction, but please think more about Lebanon will not be next Syria (God forbid), how to improve electricity supply, internet, garbage handling, refugees, Israel will be O.K. strategically, economically, spiritually, i hope it will be your wish also

          12. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            I am and that’s why i hate all the leaders of Lebanon and I want to overthrow them and throw them actually in the Sea until they drown. peace.

          13. and throw them actually in the Sea

            That’s something the Zionists say an awful lot.

          14. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            and do you think the current politicians in lebanon have done anything useful for the past century? just tell me one good thing they have done and I will be quiet. Electricity, Water, fixing potholes for example. check the port Of Beirut over 292 million dollars stolen the past year and it’s going on for decades. DO you think Berri, Jumblatt and the other jackasses are not pocketing from it? how many times Kuwait and Saudi donated money for electricity and nothing was done. Sweet Orange Basil wanted to get rid of Corruption and he is in line with Berri when it comes to that. well i should not insult Berri he is higher level meaning his corruptions schemes are widely known. Even several shiites friends who lived in the South know all about him. you want me to go to others like Gaegea.. the dumpsters of Nuclear waste.. We should throw them all in the sea. And lastly for your information it was the Arab and specifically Palestinians who were and still advocating of throwing Israelis in the See. you remember the old paralized jewish man the palestinian PLO throw him in the sea. not to say the israelis are angels by no means..

          15. Hold your horses. Where did/do you read me say the corrupt/leeching Lebanese politicians did/do anything positive for Lebanon? I only said that ‘throwing at sea’ is something the Zionists say a lot in their propaganda – in reference to their allegation of Muslims wanting to throw the Jews to sea.

          16. Here is a statement by Dr. Fadhil Jamali, Iraqi Representative to the United Nations, speaking to the Arab League, February 6, 1955:

            I asked them (Arab League members) how Palestine was lost. It had been lost for two basic reasons: one, because we deluded ourselves by underestimating the power of our opponent and by thinking that the Jews were not powerful. The highest official in the League said that with 300 soldiers or North African Volunteers we could throw the Jews into the sea. The war started and His Excellency then said that with 3,000 North African Volunteers we could throw them into the sea. The second reason was that we thought that we were strong enough to face the world but the fact was that we did not estimate our own strength correctly.

          17. Point being?

          18. Omega – One of the Omega’s here Omega one or Omega two mentioned that
            “Zionists say a lot in their propaganda – in reference to their allegation of Muslims wanting to throw the Jews to sea.”
            So to the Omega that wrote it……. above is a my comment quoting Dr. Fadhil Jamali, Iraqi Representative to the United Nations, that mentions :
            “The highest official in the League said that with 300 soldiers or North African Volunteers we could throw the Jews into the sea.”

            So in case the Omega that wrote the Above comment reads my comment.
            This is ment to show him, that throwing the Jews into the Sea, is used by Arab leaders……..

            Guess the once that recruits those Omega’s, should synchronize between them, as they show up as the village Fools.

          19. Not sure what you’re on about with Omega one and two but I leave you to it.

            One Iraqi – not all Arab leaders – said “throw the Jew into the sea” (in regards to Jews in Iraq). Did he do it? No. Bark, no bite.

            Instead on dwelling on that, focus on how the Zionists created terror false-flags against Jews in Iraq (and in the ME) so they move to the newly founded Zionist state.

          20. Omega….. not sure !
            Identify next time if you are Omega one or Omega too, as you are wasting time in explaining as you don’t coordinate.
            Typical arab answer…. you paste nonsense propaganda from rubbish sites, and here you have an “Iraqi Representative to the United Nations”, which is of course nothing to you, so you have nothing more to say on the topic YOU raised up, you change the subject.
            Find someone out of this UNIVERSE to play your games get lost moron.

          21. One guy is not all Arabs. Zionists said worst about Arabs. Man up wuss.

          22. Hannibal Avatar

            Think of the environment… Please do not pollute the sea. 😉

          23. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Yes you are right.. I didn’t think about it. ok send them to Bora Bora..

          24. Danny Farah – most Jew Hater trolls over here advocate the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people, based on the old school Jew hate conspiracy psychotic ideas that are on the air for hundred of years, nothing new……
            Israel stood against the aggression of the arab country’s 3 times 48,76,73 and we are here and blooming…… meaning arab country’s like Egypt and Jordan understood that they can’t push us away anymore by force and chose another route.
            I remember that it was assumed that the first country to make peace with Israel will be Lebanon, but as foreign parties are moving in an out Lebanon and are the once who dictate the policy, Lebanon became one of the more fanatic country’s that is overwhelmed by fanatics.
            I hope to see in my life time peace with Lebanon, as I think this country can benefit a lot from commercial and tourists aspects, once the borders will be opened.
            But instead of looking forward Lebanon goes backwards and I don’t see a bright future to the route Lebanon chose.

          25. Israel stood against the aggression of the arab country’s 3 times 48,76,73

            Nobody country in the Middle East attacked the Zionist state in 1948, 1973 or 1976.

          26. Israel stood against the aggression of the arab country’s 3 times 48,67,73

          27. There was no aggression in 1948: The Zionists rejected UNGA 181 and went on a killing/destruction rampage. In February 1948, they invaded the areas of Palestine guaranteed to the-non Jews and began massacring and ethnic cleansing. They started the war. After three months of begging the Egyptians et al. entered Palestine, not Israel, to restore law and order under Article 10e of the UN Charter and made no attempt to take land guaranteed to Israel. They came at the invitation of the Palestinian people. No Palestinians were even present at the partition ‘negotiations’ to do any accepting or rejecting. No one attacked Israel. The Israeli troops were engaged outside their allotted borders and were caught red handed murdering, massacring, looting and robbing on a grand scale. They even knocked off twenty two banks. Eye witnesses in Dier Yassin committed a month prior to statehood describe them as stealing chickens, sugar and kitchen radios. They thieved literally anyting they could and even looted monasteries. This was planned for a decade before being carried out by Yosef Weitz, Ezra Danin and Eliyahu Sasson of the Transfer Committee.

            There was no aggression in 1967:

            Yitzhak Rabin, who would later become Prime Minister, told Le Monde the year following the ’67 war, “I do not think Nasser wanted war. The two divisions which he sent to the Sinai, on May 14, would not have been sufficient to start an offensive against Israel. He knew it and we knew it.”

            Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin acknowledged in a speech in 1982 that its war on Egypt in 1956 was a war of “choice” and that, “In June 1967 we again had a choice. The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.”

            Despite its total lack of sustainability from the documentary record, and despite such admissions from top Israeli officials, it is virtually obligatory for commentators in contemporary mainstream accounts of the ’67 war to describe Israel’s attack on Egypt as “preemptive”.

            Miko Peled (son of of the general in the war of 1967 (Mattityahu Peled), attests (based on Israeli military archives) that it was Israel who attacked Egypt in order to steal more Arab lands:


            There was no aggression in 1973: The war was orchestrated between Egypt, IsraHell and the USA under Kissinger – each to reach respective/specific objectives.

          28. Rudy1947 Avatar

            You forgot to mention that the Arab countries of the time rejected UNGA 181 and that the battle at Dear Yassin was a decisive victory for Israel and the fabricated massacre actually frightened more Palestinians to leave the area than to entice them to fight.
            You forgot to mention France and England’s participation in 1956 due to Egypt’s overtures of nationalizing the Suez Canal.
            You forgot to mention Egypt’s blockade of the Straits of Tiran and removing any UN peacekeepers in 1967. You forgot to mention the other Arab countries, to include Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Sudan, Kuwait and Algeria.

          29. – No Palestians were ever present at any partition negotiations. The Higher Arab Council only included foreigners.

            – The Deir Yassin massacre was not fabricated you dimwit. A combined irregular force of Irgun and Lehi terrorists attacked a hilltop village commanding a view over the road to Jerusalem observed by military intelligence officers from Shai. Colonel Meir Pa’il confirms that roughly 125 people were robbed and murdered in cold blood and the village looted. Two other officers support his version of events, SHAI (Israeli military intelligence) operatives Commander Levy and Mordechai Gichen. Orthodox Jewish residents of the nearby village of Givat Shaul eventually intervened and were able to bring an end to the slaughter. Deir Yassin leaders had signed a non aggression declaration with Haganah and adhered to it.

            – France/England stepped in to protect one of their endeavor. Relevance?

            – Truth remains: Israel attacked Egypt. Try harder.

            – What have I forgotten about the other Arabs countries?

          30. Rudy1947 Avatar

            That’s because they were Arabs and the territory was always managed and controlled by other Arabs and Turks. A culture of being taken care of by others…..their problem to today.

            Hazem Nusseibeh, editor of the Palestine Broadcasting Service’s in 1948, tells the BBC how a press report was compiled, falsely claiming that atrocities had occurred at Deir Yassin.

          31. You used that video before. It remains the same: baseless. I’ll give you accounts from the Irgun, Haganah and Lehi references instead:

            Was there a Massacre?

            There can be no doubt at all that large numbers of civilians were killed unjustifiably at Deir Yassin. Mordehai Gihon, intelligence officer of the Haganah Etzioni Brigade, wrote in his report, submitted April 10 1948:The murder of falachim and innocent citizens, faithful allies of the western sector, who kept faith despite pressure from the gangs, even during the conquest of Sharfa, {Mt Herzl} may lose us the trust of all those Arabs who hoped to be saved from destruction by agreements with us. 16

            Meir Pail submitted an independent report, along with his films to David Shaltiel on the morning of April 10, 1948. The report was transmitted to Yisrael Galili, head of the Haganah in Tel-Aviv. It began with a passage from Haim Nahman Bialik’s Poem “In the City of Carnage.” Pail related that people were stood in the corners of houses and shot. Afterwards he and the photographer entered the house and took pictures. He related, as noted that about 15-25 men were taken to the quarry, stood up against a natural wall in the quarry and shot, also recorded on film at the IDF archive. 17 The report and the film are still classified. Even Yisrael Galili could not get to them in 1978. 18 Yitzhak Levi apparently had a copy in his own file, however.

            This is what it looked like from the other side. Fahimeh Ali Mustafa Zeidan age 11 at the time of the massacre, testified, “As soon as the sun rose, there was knocking at the door, but we did not answer. They blew the door down, entered and started searching the place; they got to the store room, and took us out one-by-one. They shot the son-in-law, and when one of his daughters screamed, they shot her too. They then called my brother Mahmoud and shot him in our presence, and when my mother screamed and bent over my brother, carrying my little sister Khadra, who was still being breast fed, they shot my mother too. We all started screaming and crying, but were told that if we did not stop, they would shoot us all. They then lined us up, shot at us, and left.19

            Uri Milstein, who has tried to minimize the massacre and involve the Haganah, wrote “nobody denies: most of the dead in Deir Yassin were old men, women and children, and only a few of them were young men who could be classified as warriors, even though in the Etzel-Lehi meeting before the battle the suggestion (which was raised) of killing civilians had not been accepted, and even though the attackers called upon the villagers to leave the village at the beginning of the attack.” 20

            Of course, Milstein knows that the villagers never heard this call to leave. The fact that the idea of killing civilians was raised, which we know from many sources, indicates that people had it in mind.

            There is also abundant evidence of single atrocities and individual cruelty. For example, a refugee, Mohammed Aref Samir testified: A pregnant woman, who was coming back with her son from the bakery, was murdered and her belly was smashed. 21 This type of atrocity is confirmed by a Jewish witness as well. Shoshana Shatai, commander of a Gadna unit that participated in the burial operation said, “ I went into one house and there was a woman there with a great smashed belly.” 22

            Following is the testimony of Yehoshua Gorodenchik, Etzel Commander, translated from a typescript held in the Jabotinsky archives:“After we had suffered many casualties we started thinking about retreat. We had prisoners, and before withdrawing we decided to get rid of them. We also killed the wounded, since in any event we could not give them first aid. In another place about 80 Arab prisoners were killed, after one of the them opened fire and killed one of the people who came to give first aid.” 23

            Eliahu Arbel, an officer of the Haganah, visited Deir Yassin on April 10, 1948 at the request of Haganah District Commander David Shaltiel. He wrote: “On the following day, after the operation, I inspected the village, in accordance with the order of General Shaltiel. Accompanied by an officer of the attacking unit, I saw the horrors that the fighters had created. I saw bodies of women and children, who were murdered in their houses in cold blood by gun fire, with no signs of battle and not as the result of blowing up the houses.”

            From my experience I know well that there is no war without killing, and that not only combatants get killed. I have seen a great deal of war, but I never saw a sight like Deir Yassin and therefore I cannot forget what happened there.” 24

            Dr Engel, who visited the village with the Red Cross on April 12, reported:“…It was clear that they (the attackers) had gone from house to house and shot the people at close range. I was a doctor in the German army for 5 years, in WWI, but I had not seen such a horrifying spectacle.” 25

            Deir Yassin: The Evidence

          32. Rudy1947 Avatar

            The video is after the fact. An admission by those who falsified the the so called “massacre”. In fact it worked against the Arabs as so were frightened and fled. A lie that worked to Israel’s advantage during the civil war, but a lie nevertheless. Kaka happens.

          33. The video remains baseless. I presented to you the accounts of the the Irgun, Haganah and Lehi that contradict what you just wrote. You can keep trying but will continue to fail.

          34. Rudy1947 Avatar

            The confessions of the Arab reporters are now baseless. Gee whiz, what happened to Arab integrity……down the chutes again. BTW, Irgun, Haganah and Lehi whipped your Arabs hind quarters, something you’ll never accept.

          35. Anyone can say anything and many Arabs reporters were/are corrupted. Their reports do not contradict the ones of the Irgun, Haganah, Lehi et al.. As I said, you can keep trying but you will fail to negate the Zionist militia’ accounts on the ground.

            They are not my Arabs and technically, I am not Arab – but that is irrelevant. The Irgun, Haganah, Lehi et al. did not whip the non-Jews in Palestine; they attacked and massacred unarmed civilians to then steal/loot their lands and private property. Something that was planned for ten years after the Peel Commission.

          36. Rudy1947 Avatar

            What is relevant is the the Arabs got their collective hind quarters beat and you blame on civilians. Cowardly excuses, seems to be a norm.

          37. Incorrect. The relevance is that the Zionists used terror in Palestine and against an unarmed civilian population to steal lands. They, the Zionists, were/are the only cowards.

          38. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Yada yada. Terrorism has been used for centuries and during this civil war Jews were successful, the Arabs failed. You effin lost, out maneuvered and out thought.

          39. It was not a civil war. It was the armed Zionist terrorist militias attacking/massacring the unarmed Palestinian population to ethnically cleanse them and steal their lands.

          40. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Sure, sure. The Arabs were never armed and never brought in other Arabs from other countries…… laughing all the way.

          41. You can most certainly laugh but that is an outright lie.

            The Palestinians were not armed to fight against the Zionists – as a matter of fact, there was no Palestinian attacks against the Zionists.

            From the beginning of World War II through to the summer of 1947, there were virtually no Palestinian attacks, even though Zionist terror against Palestinians continued. A British explanation for the Palestinians’ failure to respond in kind was that they understood that the attacks were a trap, intended to elicit a response that the Zionists would frame as an attack against which they would have to ‘defend’ themselves. This was a Zionist tactic noted by the British as early as 1918, and it remains Israel’s default strategy today, most blatantly in Gaza, but also in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

            The Palestinians did no call in Arabs from other countries either. In the last 3-4 months of the British mandate in Palestine, the Zionists went on a killing spree, massacring Christian and Muslim Palestinians and destroying their towns and villages to then declare the land theirs – see list of town/s village below*. After three months of begging the Egyptians et al. entered Palestine, not Israel, to restore law and order under Article 10e of the UN Charter and made no attempt to take land guaranteed to Israel. If you believe the Arabs attacked Israel, tell me what land guaranteed to Israel by the UNSCOP was attacked. To date, neither the Zionists nor Israel can answer.

            Five Arab governments stated publicly that they found “themselves compelled to intervene under Article 10e of the UN Charter for the sole purpose of restoring peace and security and establishing law and order in Palestine.” – not Israel. The nascent Israeli Defense Force repulsed the Arab nations from parts of the newly occupied territories, thus extending its borders beyond the original UNSCOP partition.


            * Towns and villages attacked and seized by Israel prior to declaring statehood and claiming that they were attacked.

            1st February al Mirr

            1st February Kafr Inan

            1st February Kafr Sumei

            1st February Kafir Yasif

            1st February Kammana East

            1st February Kammana West

            1st February Kh Idmith

            1st February Kh Jurdeih

            1st February Kh al Suwwana

            1st February Kisra Sumei

            1st February Kuwaykat

            3rd February al Haram

            5th February Arab al Mafjar

            15th February al Burj, Khirbat

            15th February Qisarya

            27th February Wadi ‘Ara (Massacre)

            1st March al Faluja

            1st March Qira

            1st March Iraq al Manshiyya

            6th March Dary Ayyub

            15th March al Shuna Khirbat

            17th March al Jammassasin al Gharbi

            30th March al Shayk Muwsannis

            30th March al Sawalima

            1st April Arab Zahrat al Dumayri

            1st April Ar’ara

            1st April Beit Lehem

            1st April Umm al Amad

            3rd April Ijlil al Qibliyya

            3rd April Ijlil al Shamaliyya

            6th April Dayr Muhaysin

            6th April Khulda

            7th April Umm Kalkha

            8th April al Ghubayya al Fawqa

            8th April al Ghubayya al Tahta

            8th April Hajajra

            9th April Deir Yassin (Massacre)

            9th April Abu Shusha

            10th April Arab al Nufay’at

            10th April Arab al Fuqara

            10th April al Dumayri

            10th April Fureidis

            12th April al Mansi

            12th April al Naghanghiyya

            12th April al Mansura

            12th April Biyar Adas

            12th April Abu Zurayq

            12th April Amriyye

            12th April Ara

            16th April Hawsha

            16th April Hilf

            15th April Wa’arat al Sarris

            16th April al Humeira

            17th April Wadi Hunayn

            19th April Tiberias

            19th April Arab Shibli

            19th April Ayadat

            19th April Ayn Mahil

            19th April Bir al Maksura

            19th April Bu’enia

            19th April Dabburiya

            19th April al Dahi

            19th April Dumeida

            19th April Ghazzalin

            19th April Ghrifat

            19th April Hujayrat

            19th April Iksal

            19th April 20th April al Mansura

            20th April al Mukhayzin

            20th April Sarafand al Kharab

            22nd April Haifa (Massacre)

            25th April Bayt Dajan

            25th April al Khayriyya

            25th April Yajur

            25th April Zubeidat

            25th April Salama

            25th April Saqiya

            28th April Jaffa

            28th April al Mansura, Khirbat

            28th April Sa’sa Khirbat

            30th April The Arab quarters in the New City of Jerusalem

            30th April al Damun, Khirbat

            1st May al Jalama

            1st May Jeida

            1st May Ka’abiyya

            1st May al Kababir

            1st May al Butaymat

            1st May Buweishat

            1st May Daliyat al Carmel

            1st May Yazur

            1st May al Ghabisiyya

            1st May al Husseiniyya

            4th May al Abbasiyya

            5th May Burayka

            6th May Aqir

            7th April Bayt Far, Khirbat

            1st May Jarisha

            8th May Beisan

            9th May Abu al-Fadl

            9th May bir Salim

            10th May Safad

            11th May Bayt Daras

            11th May Farwana

            12th May Sabbarin

            12th May Safsafa

            12th May Hulayqat

            12th May Kawkaba

            12th May Burayr

            12th May al Fatur

            12th May al Hamidiyya

            12th May al Ashrafiyya

            12th May al Shakina

            12th May Tall al Shawk

            12th May Zab’a

            12th May al Sindiyana

            12th May Tab’un (destroyed)

            12th May Umm al Shawf

            13th May al Bashishit

            13th May Najd

            13th May Simsin

            14th May Abu Shusha

            14th May al Na’ani

            14th May Acre

            14th May Israeli statehood

            15th May 1948, Arab countries intervention.

          42. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Like I said, you lost. Even with the help of the MB, Yemenis and Pakistanis you lost.

          43. And I’ll reiterate: I did not lose; the Palestinians did. But that is not the point of this ‘discussion’ anyway.

          44. Rudy1947 Avatar

            The Arabs lost, again and again and again.

          45. Not the point. I leave you to your tantrum.

          46. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Of course it’s the point. I leave you in the DaNile.

          47. Show me where in the discussion you see that being the point. I am waiting.

          48. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Don’t hold your breath. It’s midnight here, morning in Lebanon. Have you done an all nighter?

          49. I had no intention to hold it as you cannot show me what does not exist.

          50. your true intention is corrupt and hate, idiot

          51. There are all kinds of Omega here……..
            they switch shifts……..

          52. Hannibal Avatar

            Last I heard 150000 aimed rockets and counting. Do the math. There is a saying in the middle east that translates as such: He is forgiven he who warned.
            Does that look like lost?
            You dumb F|_|ck all people lose in any war… There are no winners. If the dead only can talk.
            But for keyboard warriors like yourself you are probably best at video games… virtually that is.

          53. Rudy1947 Avatar

            150000 have to be stored, deployed and be fired. Meanwhile they will be fired upon by land see and air. Makes good hype but is no guarantee of success.

            “all people lose in war”. Some more so than others.

            Don’t play video games.

          54. HebAlba Avatar

            NO USE talking to the spamming kharasBARA agent.
            It happened to me forget the mosquito pour l’amour de Dieu.

          55. пнх fool

          56. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Care for a reunion?

          57. it’s a waste of time with this blocked head, he pastes his routine propaganda with his conspiracy psycho theories (He is from those who believe we are not alone in this universe…..)
            but once confronted with info……. that nothing for him, so why waste time……

          58. HebAlba Avatar

            Is the moderator an Israeli?
            I clicked on “video” (in green) in YaLibnan article under children’s picture, i got the messiest most menacing Malware my computer was finish, YaLibnan is responsable it costed me a LOT to FIX$ IT.

          59. +Malware+ don’t use windowz, fool, switch to linux

          60. HebAlba Avatar

            NO USE talking the spamming kharasBARA agent !

          61. I don’t read cut and paste propaganda…….

          62. HebAlba Avatar

            So i do too for History archives, you have AIPAC talking points copy paste.

          63. Anything that exposes the Zionist lies and their crimes is ‘propaganda’ to your deranged ilk.

          64. HebAlba Avatar


          65. man-o-war Avatar

            Have you noticed that some accounts that post on here seem to be run by several different people? One day they can’t string an English sentence together if their life depended on it and the next day it’s slightly improved English.

          66. I guess you refer to Omega :
            “Nobody country in the Middle East attacked” that’s Shakespeare English…..

          67. man-o-war Avatar

            Yep, that’s exactly who I was talking about.

          68. Thanks for pointing at the typo. I see you’re paying attention in ESL.

          69. No wonder I thought Omega is senile, as the other Omega’s here are not familiar with the other Omega’s comments…….

          70. Yes, absolutely. He/they is/are too dumb to keep it coherent.

          71. Yes, absolutely. He/they is/are too dumb to keep it coherent.

            You then have those who pretend to be Lebanese and care for Lebanon in order to pass their Zionist propaganda subliminally.

          72. Hannibal Avatar

            They speak an invented Abrahamic 😛 English is second to it…

          73. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            for your information Jack i have more israeli friends than Arab and I have a lot of respect for them. Having said that the same israelis do not like the jewish extremists and want peace with the Palestinians. We didn’t invite the Palestinians over to Lebanon you pushed over our borders and on behalf of the west and arabs we were forced to take them. I hated the PLO and it’s structure and i am no way sympathizers of these scums. However i feel for the plight of the innocent palestinians who have been suffering not just by the israelis but also at the hands of their own dumb ass leadership. The Jewish exteremists do not their own secular jews let alone palestinians. If the bible talks about the Great Goliath (Palestinians vs little david (Jewish). then was the Great Goliath in Russia when he got into fight with David.. obviously the Palestinians were everywhere and had their own state. so stop the fucking nonsense and give these people their land back. if they want to fight you without provocations from your side do what ever you want to do. but let’s send the refugees we have in Lebanon first.. do whatever your hearts desire between each other i could careless. As far as Hitler concerns his father was jewish and hated him very much for wanting him to be something he didn’t like. He hated his ancestry and turned on them. so let’s start with that first. Jewish killing jewish..

          74. Interesting how neither Jack nor vs bother attacking you. And that, despite your rhetoric against the Zionist state.

          75. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            because i am neither supporter of any country other than Lebanon. I do not wish war with Israel or other arabs. but you can’t help and agree with them sometimes that arabs kill arabs and they are so good at it. if they didn’t do it so openly and aggressively then we would have more democracy and less war. But every asshole wants to hang on to their throne as if it was handed to them by God. the same for your beloved Nassrallah. He decides where we go based on what tehran tells him.
            We didn’t have to go thru destructions because Iran wanted to test their technology to see if they can bring down the Markova tank for example.Yes i read about it when in 2005 Hezbollah tried as well with missiles but failed. So Iran improved on it. anyway what do you a little man like you know.

          76. No, that is not why (your alleged support for Lebanon) that they (Jack and vs) do not attack you. Anybody else would have written what you did (Palestinian land theft, etc) and they would have thrown tantrums.

            This wasn’t about Hezbollah/Iran but I am glad you were able to regurgitate a little more propaganda. Hezbollah would not exist if IsraHell had not attacked and invaded Lebanon in the 1980s. Get real.

          77. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            Jack attacked me many times and that’s why i responded to him several times as well. Vs is more polite but jack is a jackass..

          78. There is something very odd in the way Jack responds to you – and that’s when he does respond. You insult him (almost every time), you call out the Zionists and the Zionist state’s crimes against the Palestinians, etc but he remains civil towards you. That is unlike him (his comment history towards those who did so is the testimony). I won’t speculate anything as of yet but that’s that.

          79. Omega the Jew Hater…… your blocked head conspiracy psychotic can’t understand one issue.
            I can say that Danny Farah is an asshole…… but, as he declares he is not a hateful racist scum like you and is against war and his aim is not the destruction of Israel, so I am willing to communicate with him.
            we might agree or not, but I am open and ready to discuss, while with a scum psycho like you, there is nothing to discuss and the main issue you don’t get, there will be NO progress.
            Logical people who are not suffering from Mental disturbance as you, are looking forward to see if there can be any progress, so I am ready to communicate with him.
            you are a lost case and just another hateful racist scum.

          80. There you go. This is the Jack I know.

          81. Danny may be mistaken in something like everyone but he is not fake, you are fake like HebBlabla, OmegaHell and stubborn, seems you can not learn or don’t want, idiot

          82. How is Danny mistaken? He stated the Zionists stole Palestinians lands and as a result, Lebanon has had them as refugees.

          83. Your PFalsetinians is your mental masturbation, they are simply usual politically corrected in 1964 Orabs, idiot. Half of Africa, almost all ME are stolen by Orabs land, also Judea, also Lebanon, but you idiot pretend to blame tiny Israel. I hope Danny can learn something unlike you, corrupted idiot

          84. How convenient to massacre the inhabitants, steal their land/private properties, oppress the rest in prison-like corners and call them ‘mental masturbation’.

            Diverting with ancient time invasions is non sequitur.

          85. again and again you are lying idiot, OmegaHell, пнх

          86. Yes, the Zionists massacring the (Christian and Muslim) Palestinian to then steal their lands and private property is a lie. Give a sign when you reach Earth or crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under.

          87. jews (“PFalestinian” and “Zionists” again and again your mental masturbation) are not killers not massacring anyone like muslim orabs, not steal lands like muslim orabs (only in your corrupted brain) but now unlike in WW2 etc many real massacres of jews can defend themself, you can not agree jews can defend themself, corrupted lying idiot

          88. Why do you link what the Zionists did/do to the Palestinians with WW2?

          89. real massacres was jews etc. massacres (also WW2 Holocaust) Never were your PFalsetinian massacres, it is hoax, were wars of Orabs againts jews and both sides loses

          90. MekensehParty Avatar

            Danny + Jack: can you both agree to each fight the extremists within your respective societies and work towards peace among the moderates in both societies?

          91. Hannibal Avatar

            No way! Fight… Fight… Fight… ;P lol
            sha3niine mbaarake Mek.

          92. The Zionist state can have peace in returning all stolen/occupied (Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese) lands and recognize Palestine.

          93. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Syria, Lebanon and the territory identified as Palestine can talk to Israel, recognize Israel and accept the existence of Israel. Your Arab nations are not in a position to demand anything.

          94. Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese remain occupied regardless. Thanks for saying nothing.

          95. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Occupied by Hamas, Fatah, PLO, Hezbollah and Iran. Yup, they are definitely occupied, but by the wrong people.

          96. Palestine, West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights, Shebaa Farms are occupied by Hamas, Fath, PLO, Hezbollah and Iran?

          97. Rudy1947 Avatar

            We’ll do this slowly.
            You say Palestine, I say Hamas, Fatah, PLO.
            You say Lebanon and I say Hezbollah and Iran.
            You say Syria and I say Hezbollah and Iran.

            There now, very simple….very nice. Tomorrow we’ll look at maps ….eh ….pictures.

          98. You can say what you want – at whatever pace you wish.. The lands in question are internationally recognized as occupied lands by the Zionist state.

          99. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Lebanon and Syria are recognized as countries while Palestine is anPDF file at the UN.

          100. Nobody talked about countries but occupied lands by the Zionist state. Besides, West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem are recognized as occupied.

          101. Rudy1947 Avatar

            OH yes you, just above in your comment. You chose to bounce off walls as the al-Deflector you are so comfortably accustomed.

            Omega Rudy1947 • 2 hours ago

            Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese remain occupied regardless. Thanks for saying nothing.

            • Reply•Share ›

          102. Man up and think for a second.

            If my intention was to write about countries, I would have written ‘Palestine, Syria and Lebanon’ but I did not. I wrote ‘Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese’ – where I omitted to write ‘lands’ afterwards. It was an honest omission.

          103. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Yes sir officer Omega, but you did.

          104. You couldn’t make a point and now resort at exploiting an honest mistake I made. I can’t help you if you cannot think criticality about such triviality.

          105. And what about those who are out of our Universe…… as you mention we are not Alone in this universe….. didn’t we steal l something from them too……

          106. You can’t be out of the Universe, dimwit.

          107. Moron, I follow your psychotic fantasies, that’s the only way you can understand the communication……..
            wait… they are listening those from our of our Universe….. what are they telling you moron.

            Take you pills……

          108. You follow nothing. You make stuff up as you go. Let me know when you’re come from ‘outside the Universe’. Dimwit.

          109. Omega – that’s the last hint….. “I think we are not alone in this universe”
            do you reject you never wrote this quote……
            or maybe it’s from ONE of the other Omega’s over here……

            what do they tell you moron……
            take your pills

          110. Show me the comment and link.

          111. Omega – reject you wrote it, let’s expose you beyond all your mental sickness as a Liar too.

          112. Show me when and where. Very simple.

          113. reject you wrote it, let’s expose you beyond all your mental sickness as a Liar too.

          114. You claimed something. I asked you to back it up. You can’t and now resort to your typical tantrums. I leave you to it, wuss.

          115. Omega you want reject, it as you know you will be exposed as a Liar.
            I got access to all your comments, live with it.

          116. I asked you, few times, to show me the comment with link but you can’t answer. And, I am the lair. (Laughing)

          117. HebAlba Avatar


          118. HebAlba Avatar


          119. As you have nothing to say, but paid by the word….. duplicate it more, maybe your check will be bigger

          120. HebAlba Avatar

            It summarises pages and pages you fill this site with Israel lobby broken record blabla *l*

          121. broken record…..????
            Add some more words, so you will be paid enough to buy not a broken record.

          122. Listen Jack the last war you had with Egypt their army withstood their ground in the desert and Israeli army where on the brink of defeat. Until the mother fucker Henry Kissinger order the 6th fleet to help you out.

            Precisely; and that is because that war was orchestrated by Kissinger between Egypt, the Zionist state and the US. Worth noting that Golda Mabovich (aka Meir) knowingly sacrificed 2,000 IDF soldiers for it.

            What Really Happened in the “Yom Kippur” War?

          123. Hannibal Avatar

            Bazinga Brother…

          124. HebAlba Avatar

            Were you able to click on the article’s video written in green, just under the children picture?

          125. please, sharmuta, stop posing antisemitic crap

          126. Behave punk. Don’t you have a mother and/or a sister (even though they are likely the same person)? Men don’t use such foul language towards women. Coincidentally, another one here did the same.

          127. children are killed again and again, idiot, and you with HebBlabla dreaming about jews, don’t behave punk yourself

          128. Omega – Endorsing and defending a hypocrite racist scum like HebAlba that’s your style, keep on !

          129. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            That’s insane.. where is Jack seeing this video. Of course he doesn’t care.

          130. HebAlba Avatar

            Jack is a zombie

          131. Hannibal Avatar

            The chosen scum of humanity…

          132. Syrian children are killed again and again and, wonderful, man-o-war, Hannibal sharing hate to Israel, this is scum of humanity

          133. Hannibal Avatar

            Is it OK if I am happy that Syrians are dying? I hate my neighbors… Israel and Syria. They both suck moooo heeyk shalom?

          134. Please think, if you are hate, you are fake

          135. HebAlba Avatar

            I blocked vs but i get notifications:
            “please, sharmuta, stop posting antisemitic crap, syrian children are killed again and again not because of jews”
            I thought he was polite but he’s from Babylonian zoo.

          136. if you will stop posting antisemitic crap (where children killed f.e.),
            i will say you “excuse me”

          137. Hannibal Avatar

            The best day for me will be the day Syria and Israel clash again on a wide scale war. That will be the best day ever. Screw both of your countries… They both suck…

          138. Unlike you idiot i think and hope that will be peace between Israel and what will remain from Syria (Kurdistan f.e.) and all will help each other, also Lebanon. You are aggressive (warrior in internet) so better go to fight IS in reality or join Hezbollah or IS or Lebanese Army, but may be you are old for this so you are fighting Israel in internet, idiot

          139. Hannibal Avatar

            Not my wars… I do hope you wipe each other’s from the planet… All the ugly corrupt seed of Abe.

          140. better think how survive or earn money yourself, idiot

          141. man-o-war Avatar

            How is this sharing hate “to Israel”? I’m sharing hate from Zionist Jewish Settlers. Israel of course is complicit, as you can see nothing is done about this settler scum.

          142. You are racist scum, man, “settlers” is racist terminology for jews of Judea and Samaria

          143. man-o-war Avatar

            Haha, here we go with playing victim and creating new facts on the ground. And apparently creating new definitions as well. Setter=racist terminology, LOL!

          144. this is politically correct terminology like “pfalestinian” for orabians of Gaza, Judea, Samaria, please learn not political (also UN) reality

          145. man-o-war Avatar

            What is PC terminology for an illegal settler in occupied territory?

          146. please stop PC masturbating on Israel, “legal” occupated by orabian “settlers” territory are half of Africa, almost all ME, Judea, Samaria, Lebanon, don’t be idiot

          147. man-o-war Avatar

            Let me see if I follow your logic. Since “Orabs” occupy Northern Africa, almost all of ME the Israelis can legally evict Palestinians, because all “Orabs” are the same and the Palestinians can go join their “Orab” brethren in one of their many occupied countries.

            It’s like telling Mexicans we’re going to take over your country, because there’s so many Spanish countries, you guys occupy all of Central America, and South America, and some Caribbean islands. Go there and be with your Spanish brethren. All Spanish people are the same anyway, LOL.

          148. I’m not your doctor. I think it is good everyone can live where he want without danger, what logic is jews can not live in Gaza, Judea, Samaria? It is judenfrei logic as bad as killing of syrian children (topic)

          149. man-o-war Avatar

            Thank Hashem you’re not my doctor.

          150. man-o-war Avatar

            Who new there were so many “Settler Jews of Judea and Samaria” who were born and raised in Brooklyn, New York?

          151. brooklyans or brooklinese, judeans, samaritans, orabs, jooz may be are not racist terminology, “settler” is racist derogatory for jew

          152. man-o-war Avatar

            Since when is “settler” racist derogatory term for Jew? For real, are you kidding? Why do Israelis refer to the settlements? Don’t settlers build settlements?

          153. Not strange you are against peaceful unlike orabs jews build (with limitation) in Judea and Samaria like brainwashed corrupted “international community”, but what is wrong? Jews can not live close to Orabians? This is racism

          154. HebAlba Avatar

            Hell on Earth

          155. пнх fool

          156. Eh walla !!

          157. Dirty Faliwood, orab women screaming like aggressive animal

          158. man-o-war Avatar

            Mental masturbation directed at Palestinians.

          159. пнх idiot

          160. man-o-war Avatar

            Shalom salam

          161. please try not to be fake like HebBlabla, OmegaHell, don’t hate Israel

          162. man-o-war Avatar

            I don’t hate Israel. I hate Israelis who think Palestinians are fake. I hate zionist illegal settlers who harass and intimidate Palestinians, making their life a living hell.

          163. You are brainwashed racist again, Pfalsetinians (i’m respecting them equally like Orabians) invented in USSR KGB with Arafat in 1964, Pfalsetinians are not in danger like syrians or africans etc., again +zionist illegal settlers+ is your stolen mental masturbation

          164. man-o-war Avatar

            Only animal I saw was that fat settler pig oinking.

          165. пнх

          166. man-o-war Avatar

            Same to you and that fat settler pig.

          167. your are racist pig yourself idiot and hater, Hebron is overpopulated by Orabs, not Jews

          168. man-o-war Avatar


            More Paliwood, I mean the poor Settler was just going to help him clean his roof. Not trespassing and trying to steal private property. The settlers gathering on the street are just helping point out the dirty spots on the roof.

          169. racist dirty idiot, syrian children are killed again and again and you are extracting hate to jews, very charakteristically

          170. Hannibal Avatar

            Here is your apartheid state… In a free country like the US I can post ANY flag I want… EVEN North Korea’s. It is called freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Yet in the fake democracy you live in one cannot post a flag even in his own property.

          171. This is mind bending.

          172. Eurotrash zio-pigs !

          173. Fascist pigs.

          174. look at the mirror, idiot

          175. I didn’t/don’t step in someone’s land to steal it and then play the victim.

          176. You are stealing corrupted “intellectual property” primitive idiot, try to think yourself. Jews stealing Hebron (Judea) from Saudia or Egypt? You are fascist pig because you “think” jews can not live in Judea, you are abortion victim

          177. ” even though they are likely the same person ”

            ROFL !!!

            his mom/sis is more like this…


          178. Niemals Avatar

            Hind is not posting antisemitic crap, Hind do copy/paste from many of the Neonazi sites like the “Exposing the World Parasite Destroy Zionism!” site

            The Neonazis can operate in Scandinavia untroubled, they don’t have the guts to deal with this kind of crap!

          179. I see you visit Nazi site Stormfront – White Nationalist fits your racist Jew Hate Agenda.
            another Jew Hater Troll

          180. Niemals Avatar

            Hind feeds on those Neonazis, she probably adores Marine Le Pen.
   Those two are cut from the same tree branch….

          181. Hannibal Avatar

            LOL LOL LOL

          182. Wonderful, children are killed again and again, and idiots HebBlabla, Hannibal sharing hate to jews with LOL LOL LOL

          183. Hannibal Avatar

            Read this: The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering
            Then you know why I find it funny. You will too…

          184. You are idiot, suffering, reflections??? almost 6 million jews were killed like now syrian children, for you idiot it is funny??? You are so corrupted idiot like HebBlabla and OmegaHell and not much different from Toty

          185. Hannibal Avatar

            Cry me a river… Your nose will get longer as if you give a damn about Syrians. How come you do not mention the sufferings or the holocaust of Armenians? How about the starvation of the Maronites at the hand of the Turks? These are Holocausts as well but guess what? we do not keep rubbing it in the world’s face and sell it to make money out of the sufferings of others. Only zionists do. The scum of the Earth like their cousins Daech. Same looks same breed same sperm. TFEH

          186. F’ck you idiot, i gave link before for all massacres
   Killings of jews are not different from killing of copts, armenians, arameans, syrians. You are prefer to hush up killings? But no, you are mentioning them, thank you, idiot. +sell it to make money out of the sufferings of others+ is your slander, idiot

          187. Hannibal Avatar

            I do not swing that way… You’re out of luck. 😉

          188. You can’t withstand the heat if all of them join hand to attack.

            Hence why keeping them divided is crucial.

          189. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Their are millions of Zionists and Israel does exist. From previous photo ops from you I’m not believing any more of your crap.

          190. She is a paid propagandist can’t you tell? Her work detail is focused repetitively on the Israeli government. On most middle east news sites there are several Iranian operatives and they all have a very similar online personality trait consisting of misinformation and a mindless one track anti-Zionist BS with a feverish, aggressive and often insulting (childish name calling) online persona.

          191. HebAlba Avatar


          192. Agreed, must bomb Assad. Glad you are finally getting on board.

          193. Where did I say that? Stop your usual insinuations and making shiit up. You can quote me if you like, but don’t pretend I said that when I clearly did not. Maybe you should try being less of a drama queen.
            All humans deserve to have quality of life I won’t divide it by sect or tribe like you are doing.
            It is disgraceful to use dead children to attempt to prove your point.

          194. HebAlba Avatar

            What’s OK for Israel it’s OK for You enough said, that’s what you do all day long demonize races, entice sectarianism.

            Children beheaders “Extremist jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham is applauding the US bombing of the Syrian government.”

            “Trump’s new war has neocons, Clintonites, and Israelis applauding, but left and realists dismayed”

            “The Zionists are absolutely behind this, along with their close partners in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It is important to note that there are only nine million Jews in the USA, all generally loyal to the USA. The influence of Israel in the USA is based on bribery and blackmail (such as developed by Mossad agents Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, with their pedophilia networks and video-taping of everyone they can entice to Lolita Island in the Caribbean and to their no-name hotel in New York City.”
            Robert D. Steele

          195. HebAlba Avatar

            “BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:00 A.M.) – Hillary Clinton’s former policy adviser told the presidential candidate that Al-Qaeda is on the side of the United States in Syria, Wikileaks revealed on Wednesday.

            “AQ is on our side in Syria,” former policy adviser, Jake Sullivan, told Hillary Clinton in an email dated February 12th, 2012.

            While Hillary Clinton failed to win the U.S. presidency in 2016, she was considered a major advocate for regime change in Syria.”
            Al Masdar

          196. Fact is, there is so much lies spread by your Iranian mullah loving jihads now days that is is hard to read anything that comes from the likes of you. Another fact is that all jihads are bad. Islamic Jihad, Party of God, AQ, ISIS….the list goes on.
            The only thing I support is muslim Jihadi killing each other. So keep supporting your sectarian groups against the other sectarian groups and everyone that wishes to rid the world of the Islamic plague wins.
            You are simply on the opposite side of the Islamic death coin, where both sides are evil oppressors of freedom. This is why ISIS never attacks Iran, they are on the same page of the Quran book of death and evil.

          197. HebAlba Avatar

            This is why ISIS never attacks Iran?
            You saw the picture of 4years old little Shia girl her heart cut out while alive, you hypocrite sectarian hate dispenser on YaLibnan.

            ISIS never attacked Israel as everybody noticed.
            ISIS warned it will nuke “Iran for their sympathy to Jews”.
            HA HA

          198. Sepphoris Synagogue please stop posting anti Israel anti Jews crap, HebBlabla, syrian children killed again and again not because of jews

          199. lol in Syria (children killed again and again) there is no occupation. Pfalestinians (not all are terrorists, stones throwers) living mostly in dignity really (i doubt about hamas Gaza), under “occupation” but mostly not capable to create strong economy and hardly parasitically depending on Israel, UNRWA

          200. Despite the imaginary world you try so hard to portray, the Palestinians don’t live in dignity as they have been oppressed and segragated by the racist Zionists since the theft of their ancestral lands.

            As far as the economy goes, the Zionist state is the biggest welfare state in the world. They keep siphoning billions from the US and beg for more – despite having a the 25th biggest GDP in the world. So yes, the disparity is quite normal. Besides, don’t forget that three quarter of the Palestinian aid goes straight in Zionist coffers.

            Now, chant me some more of your ‘mental masturbation’ cacophony.

          201. bs and slander as usual
            57,000 Falestinian workers have a work permit in Israel, about 27,000 people work in jewish communities. Taking into account illegal immigrants, more than 100,000 families can live with dignity. Thus, to Falestinian economy poured 4-5 billion shekels a year
            But you are hateful fascist pig as turned out in “discussion” with you. You are again mental masturbating, sorry, i told you Orabs stealing half of Africa, almost all ME, Judea, Samaria, Lebanon lands and you extract you hate on tiny Israel to blame, idiot. Israeli economy self sufficient, not depends from international (US?) aid, also helping, (oppressing only terrorists) and respecting (you are racist, not Israel) also Pfalestinians (Orabs)

          202. How gracious of the thieving/begging Zionists to give the Palestinians work after stealing their lands and destroying their lives.

            The ‘Orabs’ did not steal Judea and Samaria, they have lived on that land and the rest of Palestine for thousands of years. The Samaritans in Nablus for instance.

          203. You are corrupted or may be mad? Pfalsetinians were born in 1964. Samaritans are not Orabs but more Jews, living in Israel Holon also. Zoabi Orabs f.e. are from Jordan, Iraq before 300-400 years, not thousands of years. Most of Orabians in Pfalestine-Israel are from all of ME, who, from where was Arafat, idiot? What about Circassians f.e., stealing and destroying? You are proven idiot, better care about Kurds, not Pfalestinians

          204. If the Palestinians were born in 1964, can you tell me who was the majority population on the land from the 15th century to 1948?

            How were/are the Samaritans ‘more Jews’ when they arrived before the Hebrew invasion? Do tell.

            The Hebrew did live like Bedouins as well. What’s your point?

          205. You used suitable word – migration, also with wars (invasion) is everywhere, not only ME, may be exact historical video:

          206. Where do you read me write that the Philistines are related to the Palestinians?

          207. where do you read me write that the Falsetinians were before 1964 “thousands of years”?

          208. Nice diversion. The Palestinians were/are the inhabitants of the land. Not the Europeans, Eastern Europeans, etc.

          209. You are playing with words Falestina-Falestinians, Political Falestinians were born in 1964, Geographical Palestine inhabitants were not “Falestinians” but jews tribes, canaanians?, orabian tribes, bedouins, arameans, nabateans, samaritans etc. etc. tribes, you calling them “Falentinians” corrupting intentionally to mix with today hamasians and fatahlandians

          210. There is no word-play; only flagrant misinformation cunningly pushed/imposed on the mass.

            When you write that the Palestinians only existed in the 1960s, you parrot the words of Golda Mabovich (aka Meir), a racist Russian Zionist. She insinuated that the Palestinians are identical to the rest of the Arabs of the ME. Truth is the Jews and non-Jews of ancient Palestine lived, very much, a similar Bedouin-like lifestyle, spoke a similar language (Aramean and then Arabic), shared customs and traditions (including religious). The Palestinians also share genetic markers with the ancient people of the land.

            When the Hebrew (Israelite) tribes left Mesopotamia (Babylon) to invade Canaan/Palestine, there were people already living on the land (the Philistines, the Canaanites, the Arameans, etc). The descendants of those various people who remained on the land were/are today’s Palestinians. As I already said, there is a reason why today’s Palestinians share genetic markers with the ancient people of the land – including the Hebrews.

            It’s crucial to note that the Hebrew (Israelite) tribes were not Jewish and thus, there were no Jewish tribes on the land. The vision of Pharisaism (known today as Judaism) came to be by the Tribe of Yehuda while they were on captivity (sent back to Babylon (by the Israelites) for paying the Assyrians to destroy ancient Israel).

          211. Please guess what is language this, Samaritan or Falestinian? Correct answer, i hint you, is Samatitan, because NO SUCH THING AS FALESTINIAN LANGUAGE and never was. Samaritans are Samaritans and not “Falsetinians”. Politically Falestinians are only Hamastinians and Fatahlandians from 1964 (Usual Orabians)

          212. No such thing as Israeli language/alphabet either. What’s your point?

            Aramaic was the primary spoken language in ancient Palestine. Hebrew/Samaritan Hebrew were to write and read Holy texts. It wasn’t spoken by the mass.

            Saying that the Palestinians are ‘Usual Orabians’ is cunning Zionist propaganda. Not that you care about facts but DNA studies show that the Palestinians share genetic markers with the ancient people of the land. Most importantly, they never left the land.

          213. HebAlba Avatar


    2. Helen4Yemen Avatar

      There will never be peace until the Europeans who came to Palestine from Lithuania, Poland, Hungary … and so on are not returned back home …safely returned.

      1. пнх idiot with your Falsetina, this is Assad Syria topic killed including children

        1. man-o-war Avatar

          They should have done the same as you and write (off topic) first before posting nonsense

          1. where are you see nonsense, please correct me. i’m copy pasting mainly fresh news not only for you, for yalibnan mostly

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            Correct, (off topic) news, completely unrelated to the article you’re commenting on. Did you forget the numerous times you’ve done this? Hypocritical of you to call someone out for posting something (Off topic). Hypocrite says what?

          3. problem is not (off topic), it is not crime, problem is Helen4Yemen hatred or bs, problem is even if on topic hatred or bs i think

      2. Rascal Avatar

        How about all the shiites committing genocide in Syria?
        Now go chew some Qat you Houthi wannabe. You are just another loser shiite mullah lover.

        1. What genocide? It’s war.

          1. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            YEs and when the Syrian Army bombed lebanese cities like Tripoli and Beirut without Mercy. People like you said it was okay and these are our brothers. typical of your denial.
            Just because it’s war does that mean he acts like Daesh. they kill the innocent by swords and he kills the innocent by WMD. for several years Assad and Iran were avoiding Daesh and only went after Syrian oppositions until they joined extremists. The butcher was the one who let out thousands of Daesh terrorists and even armed them. He used to let Al Qaada have passage to Iraq and even killed Shiites in order to widen the war. Does this man ever known peace.. all its for him is greed and power. Stop defending him and look at these innocent children.. do you have any? apparently not..

          2. YEs and when the Syrian Army bombed lebanese cities like Tripoli and Beirut without Mercy. People like you said it was okay and these are our brothers. typical of your denial.

            Have you ever asked yourself who (in the West) allowed Syria to be in Lebanon for 30+ years? Quit being such a gullible fool and think for a second. Care to show me where I said Syria’s actions in Lebanon were okay and that they were/are our brothers? Which begs the question: when you write ‘our’, I assume you’re Lebanese?

            Just because it’s war does that mean he acts like Daesh. they kill the innocent by swords and he kills the innocent by WMD. for several years Assad and Iran were avoiding Daesh and only went after Syrian oppositions until they joined extremists. The butcher was the one who let out thousands of Daesh terrorists and even armed them. He used to let Al Qaada have passage to Iraq and even killed Shiites in order to widen the war. Does this man ever known peace.. all its for him is greed and power.

            I am not sure what you’re talking about and I am afraid that neither do you. Did I read this right? You blame Syria for arming Daesh? Hahaha. When is Hillary stepping in your fairytale story?

            Stop defending him and look at these innocent children.. do you have any? apparently not..

            I am not defending him. I am against the UK-US-IsraHell’s illegal expansionism. After Syria, it will be Iran. It needs to end.

            You remind me of the guy (Rascal) I replied to – you wouldn’t be him too by any chance? He too would answer questions he asks. Danny Farah you say; let me guess, you too don’t write Akl-format Lebanese.

          3. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            whatever that means does that allow assad to kill us? i have a book on his father where they asked him about Lebanon. He specifically said that Lebanon is part of Syria. stop blaming the west.. you just like hezbollah they blame Israel for Kiling hariri and many others. yet every time somebody discovered some connection to them they kill him.I am so guillable and you are in denial and very dumb as i see it. you just as dumb as everyone who follows Hezbollah and think they are they’re savior. I would rather have Israel any day rather than these mother fuckers. Go to hell you low life.

          4. It means that you are another one pretending to be Lebanese and care for Lebanon in order to pass your vile, Zionist propaganda. How about we continue this ‘discussion’ in All-format Lebanese? I think I already asked you.

            The West looked the other way when Syria was in Lebanon for 30+ years. Only a fool would think otherwise.

            Hezbollah had nothing to do with the killing of Hariri. I can show you facts and evidence you won’t be able to contradict it if you wish.

            I don’t follow Hezbollah nor do I think they are Lebanon’s savior. I support their military stance against the cancerous Zionist tumor. Knowing that the racist, thieving, lying, degenerate Zionist don’t have a day of peace is victory.

            Don’t forget to kiss the white/blue flag with the non-Jewish symbol on it.

          5. “Go to hell you low life, OmegaHell

          6. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            It means i am tired of Lebanon being run by Syria and the arabs and the lebanese leaders we have in place are fake including you. I want them gone including you so we can build a better and safer lebanon and if Israel can eliminate one or more so be it. the less inside enemies we have to deal with. When Israel bombs lebanon the world reacts and the bombing stops. when syria and iran and those manias who live in Dahia killed and bomb lebanese no one can do anything about it. Get it thru your thick head you knucklhead.

          7. MekensehParty Avatar

            I’d strongly advise you don’t waste your time explaining or debating anything with that POS
            There are only 2 ways to handle him: Ignore him or shit on him

          8. You’ve made it personal when you shouldn’t have. Man up.

          9. All you trolls pretending to be Lebanese and care for Lebanon sing the same song.

          10. HebAlba Avatar

            ‘Salafist Jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham welcoming the strikes. Thanks America.’..and you.
            The World is not static.

          11. HebAlba Avatar

            The World is not static..
            ‘Salafist Jihadist group Ahrar al-Sham welcoming the strikes. Thanks America.

            ‘The Times They are A Changing’
            Bob Dylan 1964-
            Noble Prize in Literature.

          12. Should you really be Lebanese, I can understand your stance against Syria, Iran and the Gulf (read: UK-US-IsraHell) for pulling strings in Lebanon via corrupt politicians but I honestly don’t comprehend why you think the (more cunning) Zionist state is any different. Saying that I am ‘fake’ for supporting Hezbollah’s stance against the cancerous Zionist tumor when you vouch for Israel to destroy whatever enemies so that they can expand is hypocritical. Make no mistake, if Israel destroys Hezbollah one day, they will keep the entire south of Lebanon to themselves – like they did with the Golan Heights.

            On a related note, when I look at the history of the Zionist state in relation to Lebanon (attacking Lebanese fishermen to then invade Lebanon on the false pretext of fighting the PLO in the 1980s, political assassinations/threats, spies on Lebanese soil, the killing of Lebanese civilians, etc), and in regards to the region (stealing Palestinian lands and oppressing the inhabitants for decades, attacking Egypt in 1967, attacking Iraq in 1981, illegally annexing foreign lands, sabotaging peace plans, political assassinations/derailment/meddling, etc ), any semi-intelligent person can reckon and deduce that they are not any better/different.

          13. Niemals Avatar

            You are right about the strange phenomenon regarding the act that when Israel bombs Lebanon the world reacts and the bombing stops.

            The world don’t reacts when Russia bomb hospitals in Syria and the airstrike on the hospital was no accident.

          14. i agree here, it is syrian civil war. genocide is pfalsetinians

    3. HebAlba Avatar

      Don’t be stupid, this site Bloomberg and CO are far from reality and what’s going on in Syria.

      1. please, fool, how you can describe what’s going on in Syria?

      2. HebAlba Avatar

        Despite no independent investigation, the West ‘knows’ the Syrian Gov. is guilty of having used CW. No proper court of law would accept that. Why would the Syrian Army which is defeating terrorists in Syria use chemical weapons on its own civilians a day before an international conference?

        They lied about Iraq
        They lied about Libya
        They lied about Benghazi
        They lied about Syria in 2011 and they still at Syria Gas Attack.

        1. It’s arab killing arabs in Iraq
          It’s arab killing arabs in Libya
          It’s arab killing arabs in Yemen

          It’s arab killing arab everywhere.
          That’s the arab killing culture.

          Now go and find your nonsense to blame the west, were you are lining in.

          1. HebAlba Avatar

            Matrix-Guest likes..hhh..

          2. No Answer…. typical.
            now continue with your Blaming and with your killing arab culture.

          3. HebAlba Avatar

            answer a broken record zombie for what, life is short

          4. HebAlba Avatar

            Regime change in…
            -Iraq: disaster
            -Libya: disaster
            -Afghanistan: disaster

            -Syria: good maybe??

    4. Hannibal Avatar

      I’m with you as long as the mufti fanatics don’t take their place. Hezbollah was in uproar about moving the personal affairs to secular yesterday. Islam today is a coin with two faces, shia or sunni fundamentalism. Sharia from either sides is bad alas it’s either this or that and there is no third option for logical secular decent life.

    5. HebAlba Avatar


  3. Danny Farah Avatar
    Danny Farah

    Assad=Daesh=Hezbollah and it’s Puppet Master in Tehran.

    1. Assad, Hezbollah and Iran in the same sentence; sure – but Daesh?

      1. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        Are you jealous i can put you up there too.. lol

        1. Yes, that’s it – I am jealous.

  4. The Mainstream Media chants, people get on their knees and swallow.

    The chemical weapon lie was pushed in 2013 and failed – Carla del Ponte, a UN weapons inspector said that there was no evidence that the government had committed the atrocity. . The West keeps pushing it until it becomes an established lie masquerade as truth.

    There are several discrepancies with this story, again:

    1) The ‘rescuers’ (White Helmets) carry bodies allegedly exposed to Sarin gas (which attacks the nervous central system and muscles within seconds).

    2) What are children doing deep down a mountain hideout?

    3) 250 civilians kidnapped and killed by ISIS/al-Qaeda last week from Majdal and Khattab.

    4) Timing with (confirmed) Russian/Syrian air in Hama targeting terrorists.

    5) Civilians and fighting forces attesting militant groups have used chemical weapons in Idlib in the past.

    See more: Jumping to conclusions; something is not adding up in Idlib chemical weapons attack

      1. The aforementioned points remains accurate.

      2. vs – well what did you think, Hypocrite Omega as always with his nonsense conclusions.
        “The Mainstream Media chants, people get on their knees and swallow.”
        and links to a pro-Syrian government viewpoint site…….
        well what can you expect from a Hypocrite.

      3. Talking about Carla Del Ponte

        “Del Ponte slams Assad as ‘one of worst criminals’”–one-of-worst-criminals-/43000602

      4. The Russian
        Ministry of Defense in fact claims that the Syrian military knew that
        poisonous substances were stored at the terrorist depots in Khan
        Sheikhuna and purposefully attacked these warehouses, despite the fact
        that such an air strike represented an obvious threat to the lives of

    1. Yep, everybody knows that the Assads (both senior and junior) would never hurt a fly. Lyndon LaRouche, Putin’s generals and David Duke confirm.

      1. The children were real naughty. What are they doing in the hideout with their parents . Why don’t they go out and expose themselves in order to be shot by the Syrian army instead of suffocating from the chemical weapon.
        We should always blame the children !!!

      2. Never said so but this wasn’t, again, Assad.

        No clue how LaRouche or Duke (never referred to him once) are of relevance.

  5. The Ambassador
    of the Syrian Orab Republic in Moscow, Riyad Haddad, said that Turkey
    had moved the border in the region of the Afrin River in northern Syria. The diplomat qualified this as the seizure of Syrian territory.
    took advantage of the drying up of the Afrin River south-west of the
    city of Genderys and transfered a barbed wire that marks the border
    between our countries, deep into our territory, as if it were already
    Turkish lands”

    1. Hannibal Avatar

      Do you also call your country Osrahell?

      1. what are you want to say, corrupted semi idiot? I can call my country also ????????????????????. Can you understand Aramaic already? I think Orab (3rab, ܥrab, عrab) Phoenician and Ancient South Orabian ayin o is correct, o is ayin, a is alef. I’m calling Omega OmegaHell, stealing his “intellectual property”

        1. Hannibal Avatar

          vs. We all know you’re a Persian… 😉

          1. ???????????? ???????????????? (i’m ugaritic:)

          2. man-o-war Avatar

            You spelled moron wrong.

          3. пнх or support Ugaritic on your (windowz?) device

          4. man-o-war Avatar

            Again, it is spelled MORON. I will use it in a sentence for you. You are a MORON.
            Hope that helps clear up the confusion .

          5. пнх idiot

  6. The White House called the crime a result of the weakness and indecision of the administration of Barack Obama

  7. man-o-war Avatar

    Why would ASSad do this now? It makes zero since. It’s not like he’s losing the battle. He’s got Russia , Iran, Hezbollah, and Syrians fighting on his side. They have the upper hand. Iraq and the United States Military attacking daesh from the east and from what I’ve read they have them on the run.

    It hurts him more than helps by using this terrible strategy. It puts him in the crosshairs of the western world. It brings negative attention to an already negative war.

    1. It’s arabs killing arabs, thats the arab killing culture, kill innocent children and women and blame the west.

      1. man-o-war Avatar

        Wow, thanks for adding that and proving you’re a bigot. What about the Russians killing Arabs? Or the Iranians killing Arabs? Or the Americans killing Arabs? or the Israelis killing Arabs? then douchebags like you blaming the Arabs.
        Did you miss the part when the US killed possibly hundreds of civilians last week? Many were women and children, and some I assume were bad guys.

        1. man-o-war- you are a typical arab, I am talking about Muslims killing Muslims, arab killing arabs….. and blaming the west, sure there are killings everywhere, but here, you kill each other all the time and blame the west.
          You are a Killing culture.

          1. man-o-war Avatar

            Jack, you’re a typical xenophobic religious bigot and a douchebag on top of that. You didn’t mention anything about Muslims when you replied to me. If you weren’t so god damn clueless you would know not all Arabs are Muslims.

            When a country of majority Muslims are engaged in a civil war who do you think will be getting killed? I’ll help you out, MUSLIMS.

            Americans murder around 16,000 Americans every year. Who do you blame? Minorities?
            Around 20 people are involved in domestic abuse every MINUTE in the US, 1 in 5 American women are raped in their lifetime. Who do you blame for that? Christians? GTFOH with your religious bigotry and xenophobia. Look in the mirror before you start pointing fingers.

          2. man-o-war – Like what are most arabs hypocrite, not Muslims………
            I am talking about a state killing their own citizens and not psycho individual killers.
            if you compare Assad regime killing hundred of thousands of his OWN people, or the Houthi killers killing thousands of their own people in Yemen or the Saudi killers killing innocent muslims, to individual psycho killers in the US.
            you are a Moron.
            Organized institutional mass killing of your own people, that’s your arab culture.

          3. man-o-war Avatar

            Well, Arabs are a diverse group of people. Lebanon for example is around 40% Christian. Yes, majority of Arab countries are Muslims, but even then you can’t paint with such a broad brush.

            So Arabs killing Arabs is a Muslim Arab cultural problem, but Christians killing Christians is an individual psycho (mental illness) problem. Typical response from a xenophobic religious bigot.

            What about the tens of thousands of Iraqis killed by the US during the Iraq war and ongoing conflict? Arab cultural problem?

            What about the tens of thousands of Afghanis killed by coalition forces from 2001- present ? Arab cultural problem?

            Are you that dense? During wars people die and a lot of the time innocent civilians get caught up in the conflict. Arabs aren’t killing because it’s Arab culture to kill you moron, Arabs are killing because they’re in the midst of war.

            ASSad regime has killed thousands of Syrian opposition fighters and civilians have been caught in the crossfire. ASSad regime has also killed thousands of foreign fighters who have made Syria their home to pursue their global jihad and get their 72 virginians.

          4. Give me a break, Lebanon is the Only Arab country from all 22 arab countries, that has this amount of No muslims all others countrys are above 95% Muslims, so don’t tell me stories you fool.
            Your blocked head dose not recognize the difference between a war between countries and the killing culture of arabs that are killing their OWN people by the state as an organized mass slaughter.
            Assad slaughters his own people, the Houthis are killing their own people, you are a killing culture, slaughtering one another and looking for nonsense to blame the west.
            Keep on killing each other , as that’s your culture !

          5. man-o-war Avatar

            You’ve found me out and forced my hand. Arabs are a killing culture, we just love to kill. Two of our favorite things are screwing and killing, in that order.

            When organized Arab militaries and militias kill Arabs, its just part of our culture. Wish the west would just understand our culture and just let us live….sorry, I meant die. Glad we have an expert on Arab culture like Jack to educate the west of our ways.

            When organized western militaries and hired mercenaries (blackwater) kill Arabs it’s because they love Arabs and just want them to see the true way to live….sorry, I meant die.

            When Israel kills Arabs, they don’t do it because they enjoy war and killing, they do it out of love and are attempting to save Arabs from themselves. They kill Arabs so we don’t have to do it ourselves. Arabs should be grateful.

            Arabs just love to kill other Arabs, Muslims love to kill Muslims and Arabs. It’s just part of our culture of killing. We grow up killing. Killing your first Arab is a coming of age ceremony for Arabs. I remember my first time like it was yesterday, if I recall correctly I ate their beating heart for more killing strength (I don’t know if that’s true, but many people are saying that)

            Christians and westerners are less cultured, they just kill each other due to mental illness (Psychos).

            Arabs also believe if you rape a Jewish woman or a western Christian women you secure your passage way to the 6th level of heaven in the afterlife (and I believe 144 voluptuous virgins). If you rape both a Jewish woman and Christian woman it gives you superpower Arab killing strength and stamina. If you impregnate them then your offspring will be 10x the Arab and Muslim killer you are. So it is our goal from a very young age to achieve these milestones in life.

            Just remember my fellow murderous Arabs and Muslims, you must never forget the golden rule, ALWAYS BLAME THE WEST AND FORGET THE REST!!

            #ArabSarcasm #DarkHumor

          6. man-o-war – make your nonsense shorter.
            That’s facts…. where ever you look at the ME you see today arabs killing arabs, so who are you trying to fool.
            that’s your culture , kill one another and look for someone to blame, arabs are never wrong, it’s not their fault, they just kill each other.

          7. man-o-war Avatar

            Why do you keep repeating yourself you ignorant douche nozzle? I already explained to your dumbass that its our culture. Its just the way we’re raised. We kill, its our Arab culture. We grow up killing and we die killing. It’s just the way it is. Are you trying to change our culture brah? We just love it too much to change our killing ways.

            “where ever you look at the ME you see today arabs killing arabs, so who are you trying to fool.” haha, you are so dumb, so so so dumb. I’m really surprised that wherever you look in the ME you don’t see Arabs killing Peruvians. I’m just shocked. It makes no sense why you only see Arabs killing Arabs in the ME.

            Are you an Arab? If you are you should just look in the mirror and then kill yourself. Most of us don’t use mirrors because we just love to kill other Arabs, it’s too tempting and we might kill ourselves. It’s just innate trigger we can’t turn off.

          8. man-o-war – “Are you an Arab?”
            Sure I am an arab….. How dare you speak about us arabs as killers with a killers culture.
            See how we love each other in Yemen, we provide food and flowers to every yemen.
            and in syria, you fool, we don’t kill each other, we protect each other, we love our arab nation.
            You are another arab hater scum.

          9. HebAlba Avatar

            Jack-o – “are you A Jew?”

          10. man-o-war Avatar

            Quit protecting your Arab culture of killing you Arab scum. You just want to blame everyone else for your Arab murdering ways. Your culture of killing is nothing to brag about. Shame on you Arab killing culture.

            You should take a page from our Jewish culture. We kill others and then blame them for making us kill them. If others want to accuse us of killing we play victim. Poor us, we’re just little defenseless Israel, why does everyone pick on us. 60% of the time it works every time.

          11. Quit protecting your Arab culture of killing you Arab scum. You just want to blame everyone else for your Arab murdering ways. Your culture of killing is nothing to brag about. Shame on you Arab killing culture.

          12. man-o-war Avatar

            Oh Jack, you’re a cute Arab Jew, you can play both sides now. Very clever

          13. There is nothing religious about this dimwit. He’s only here to regurgitate a certain propaganda, ad nauseam: that Arabs kill each other for fun because it’s part of their ‘culture’. His intention is to launder the apartheid, Zionist state’s crimes against the Palestinians and in the region.

            And, don’t tell him Lebanon is 40% Christian. When I corrected him, he threw a manic-depressive tantrum.

          14. Hannibal Avatar

            and you are a breed of vipers you slither and spit your venom and after the kill you usurp the lands and wealth of all nations. Where is Niemals kind when you need them to reactivate their ovens?

        2. Hannibal Avatar

          He also conveniently missed the fact that the US killed over half a million kids in Iraq and God knows how many in Afghanistan looking for the virtual WMD. Also, he forgot the IsrazionHell army using phosphorus bomb and cluster bombs against Lebanon. I was there and I watched the devastation of Shar”mouta”ron on civilians in Beirut. Jack the ripper just sees what he wants to see.

          1. MekensehParty Avatar


          2. You sound like your President.

            Lies how?

            • Over 500K children did die in Iraq alone since UN sanctions were imposed.


            • IsraHell did use phosphorus/cluster bombs on Lebanon (and did/does on the Palestinians).

            Israel Admits Using Phosphorus Bombs During War in Lebanon

            IDF Commander: We Fired More Than a Million Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

            “What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs,” the head of an IDF rocket unit in Lebanon said regarding the use of cluster bombs and phosphorous shells during the war.

            • Squinted eye Sharon wasn’t called “the Butcher of Beirut”for any reason. His nefarious history is well known.

          3. Seems you want revenge, again war, idiot OmegaHell. What kind of bombs are you prefer, moron?

          4. Omega – remember sabra and shatila…… was it your chistians lebanese brothers, that slaughtered the Palestinians over there…… ????

          5. Hannibal Avatar

            Sharon brought them there and when he was put to shame he said in the Knesset to Shamir: I do not understand your anger over the issue it is only goyim killing goyim instigated by us long-nosed chosen race…

          6. Hannibal I thought you are Semitic too…… so you share the same nose moron

          7. Hannibal Avatar

            I am no semite… Fortunately. 😉

          8. Correct, the Sabra & Shatila massacre was perpetrated by zealot ‘Christian’ Lebanese thugs and overseen by the Zionist state’s IDF. A very good Israeli animated war documentary film (Waltz with Bashir) was made about the incident.

            That being said, I do not consider them (Phalange, SLA, LF, etc) my Christian Lebanese brothers. They were/are thugs, war criminals who fell for the Zionist state’s deception: the Palestinians are also your enemy, kill them (for us).

          9. There will be a solution for the Palestinians, as this is Israel interest , they will come to their senses once they will understand they are only loosing in this situation……. as growth and prosperity, can be achieved only in peace and if people are Happy.
            So maybe you want to kill the Palestinians in your country and get rid of them, but it will not solve Lebanon issue, as they will stay in Lebanon forever, even the Palestinians know it.

          10. fake, fool, syrian children are really killed, by syrians, stop your not related hate of jews

          11. Rudy1947 Avatar

            Oh my, not that again. Like a bad penny.

          12. Niemals Avatar

            You should be ashamed to allow your country (USA) to kill over half a million kids in Iraq and God knows how many in Afghanistan looking for the virtual WMD.

      2. Danny Farah Avatar
        Danny Farah

        And you don’t kill innocent Palestinians Children? it’s all over the internet videos of them killing children and detaining them at age 5.. you are no different than the arabs and you are as bloodsuckers as the arabs. The Cluster bombs you dropped on Lebanon and dropping toys that exploded when children were handling it. yes you are the angel Gabriel and sons of Lucifers.

        1. Hannibal Avatar

          Well it’s only logical… The Arabs and Jews are cousins with the same Abrahamic sperm. LOL

          1. Danny Farah Avatar
            Danny Farah

            You got Bro

        2. Danny Farah – No one is an angel, but we don’t kill our own nation……. and we don’t look to blame all the time someone else.
          That;s you culture hypocrisy, you kill your OWN people and look for someone to Blame, it’s never your fault hypocrites.

          1. man-o-war Avatar

            Oh the zionist troll reveals himself. It explains where all this Arab hate comes from.

            “you kill your OWN people and look for someone to Blame” correct, you guys kill Palestinian civilians and then blame the Palestinians for making you do it. You steal land, you practice collective punishment, you impose harsh travel restrictions, and then blame the Palestinians for making you do it. It’s never your fault.

            You break international law, you attack sovereign nations, and then play victim. You’re a culture of victims. You guys just kill others and play victim, hypocrites. Liars! Kill others and then blame others, why? Because you’re a culture of victims.

          2. mental masturbation

          3. man-o-war Avatar

            Yep, I love masturbating…mentally that is.

          4. mental masturbation is opposite to spiritual fertilization)

          5. man-o-war Avatar

            Mental fertilization can not be achieved without mental masturbation. Are you asexual?

          6. no, masturbation (also mental) is self-satisfaction, like one side asexual, i think i’m not asexual, i am arousing on HebAlba and Helen4Yemen:)

          7. HebAlba Avatar

            It’s vs trademark..

          8. i prefer spiritual fertilisation

          9. but we don’t kill our own nation

            History shows otherwise. Zionists killed and exploited the suffering of Jews pre and post WW2 at will.

          10. Hannibal Avatar

            Who said it is the same nation? They speak the same language but they are different people.

        3. The Zionist state is a leader in organ and human trafficking and thus the Palestinians are hot commodity to them.

          1. you are dirty idiot, OmegaHell, stop your slander already

          2. Nancy Scheper-Hughes is Chancellor’s Professor of Medical Anthropology at the University of California Berkeley, the founder of Organ Watch, and the author of scholarly books on organ trafficking. She is the pundit mainstream media call upon when they need expert commentary.

            While Scheper-Hughes emphasizes that traffickers come from numerous nations and ethnicities, including Americans and Arabs, “Israel,” she states, “is at the top. It has tentacles reaching out worldwide.”



        4. Danny Farah – a typical arab hypocrite, see what you wrote to Omega

          “you just as dumb as everyone who follows Hezbollah and think they are they’re savior. I would rather have Israel any day rather than these mother fuckers. Go to hell you low life.”

          suddenly you want Israel……. arab style

      3. Hannibal Avatar

        Are you stuck on a broken record? Change a little you’re the nadir of boring…

        1. Hannibal – that’s something you arabs hate to hear, you never look at your hypocrisy.
          you kill your own people and always blame someone.
          So here it is again, you kill your own people and blame someone else.
          and BTW that’s the topic of this article, so why do you read it……..

          1. man-o-war Avatar

            The zionist troll teaching us about Arab culture again. Don’t you have someone to kill and then pretend you were a victim. Culture of victims. ISRAEL-Land of Victims. At what age do they start teaching Jews how to play the victim card? It is a skill the Jewish culture has mastered.

            Kill Palestinians–>Blame Palestinians for being aggressors and play the victim card.
            Kill Lebanese–> Blame Lebanese for being aggressors and play the victim card.
            Kill Syrians–> Blame Syrians for being aggressors and play the victim card.
            Kill Iranians–> Blame Iranians for being aggressors and play the victim card.

            Jewish=Culture of victims

          2. mental masturbation on jews detected

          3. man-o-war Avatar

            Oh good, now you and Jack can play victim together.

            Did you also detect the mental masturbation directed towards the “Arab killing culture”?

          4. Zoabi Orabs are my pieceful close neighbours. Every nation have the same %, proportion of fools, vandals vs 5% of smart but there is also (islam?) mainstream somewhere

          5. man-o-war Avatar

            Are you writing in Phoenician script again? I can’t understand your gibberish. Stick to English, pretty universal around here.

            Did your detector fail to detect mental masturbation on Arabs? Or does it only work for Jews?

          6. Please upgrade your PC (laptop) to support Phoenician
            ????‏????‏????‏????‏????‏ ????‏????‏????‏????‏????‏????‏ are you primitive for support? Everyone are equal, Orabs are not better or worse, religion and vandalism, killings, rapes are problem, where you see my mental masturbation on Orabs?

          7. man-o-war Avatar

            Huh? Are you ok? You sound very confused.

            Your Jew mental masturbation detector is working just fine, but I think your Arab mental masturbation detector is malfunctioning.

          8. sorry i can not understand you, it is yourself sounding strange, please, simply, what are you want to say, what is your intention? What is your OS that can not support Phoenician script? How i can help you?

            آسف لا أستطيع أن أفهم عليك، فمن نفسك السبر غريب، من فضلك، ببساطة، ما كنت أريد أن أقول، ما هو نيتك؟ ما هو نظام التشغيل الخاص بك لا يمكن أن تدعم النصي الفينيقية؟ كيف يمكنني مساعدتك؟

          9. man-o-war Avatar

            Is that Farsi language used by ancient Inca civilization or Mayan?

          10. Orabian, GT, i translated for you, may be you can not understand my English

          11. man-o-war Avatar

            I guess not, it just shows up as 1’s and 0’s , so confusing

          12. man-o-war Avatar

            ….but learning is hard

          13. sometimes learning is suddenly easy and fun, in the end anyway you will support (will learn a bit) Phoenician or Aramaic etc. with upgrading your computer system, but you can do it now, this is your culture basics. But i don’t sure, may be you can see Phoenician or Aramaic etc. scripts now?

          14. man-o-war Avatar

            I keep getting 1’s and 0’s, not sure what the problem is. Do they have support for the Navajo language? I want to learn my cultural basics.

          15. Navajo is on Latinic Bilaʼashdaʼii tʼáá ałtsoh yiníkʼehgo bidizhchįh dóó aheełtʼeego ílį́į́go
            bee baahóchįʼ. Eíí háníʼ dóó hánítshakees hwiihdaasyaʼ eíí binahjį́ʼ
            ahidiníłnáhgo álíleekʼehgo kʼé bee ahił niidlį́ no need additional font support. Phoenician ???????????????????? support you can get here also Berber, Coptic, Aramaic, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Cuneiform etc., are you lazy or stupid?

          16. man-o-war Avatar

            still only getting 1’s and 0’s. Do you have support for my native tongue of Klingon?

            “are you lazy or stupid?”, is that a trick question?

          17. пнх

          18. man-o-war Avatar

            All I saw was this ..I.. (*_*) ..I..

          19. i was polite and patient with you, idiot, no more

          20. man-o-war Avatar

            What are you talking about? I’ve been very patient with you. You keep sending me 1’s and 0’s and its very confusing. Then you sent one with weird symbols that look like a face. Are you trolling me or is something wrong with your OS?

          21. пнх primitive idiot, you can communicate with HebAlba, OmegaHell, Hellen4Yemen, Toty, not me

          22. man-o-war Avatar

            Why? Why? Why are you treating me this way? I’m willing to continue to work on our relationship, just remember that it takes two. Who is HebAlba and Megawnhellen? Tony?

            Lets try again. You want to hear a joke?
            Ok, here we go.

            What did the lady yell to Michael Jackson at the beach?

            Get out of my sun!

          23. suck dick of drunken monkey

          24. man-o-war Avatar

            What? Wow, that is not the type of relationship I wanted with you. I’m heterosexual and prefer my own species. I’m not into the interspecies relationships you young kids are into these days.

            Why does the monkey have to be drunk? Don’t you know its inappropriate to take advantage of inebriated monkeys?

            While we’re on monkeys I have another joke to tell you.
            Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

            He was dead…

          25. Niemals Avatar

            man-o-war is no different than Hannibal, HebAlba (Hind Abyad), OmegaHell, Hellen4Yemen or Toty.

          26. At what age do they start teaching Jews how to play the victim card? It is a skill the Jewish culture has mastered.

            Zionist indoctrination is nothing new …

            Britain’s wake-up call regarding the Zionists’ indoctrination of children came on the 8th of July, 1938. That day, the Irgun blew up a bus filled with Palestinian villagers. Now, this was not the first time the Irgun had done something of this sort, but this time the British caught the bomber. She was a twelve year old schoolgirl.

            Teenagers, both boys and girls, were commonly used to plant bombs in Palestinian markets and conduct other terror attacks. Teachers were threatened or removed if they tried to intervene in the indoctrination of their students, and the students themselves were blocked from advancement if they resisted, even being taught to betray their own parents if those parents tried to instill some moderation. Jews who opposed and tried to warn of the emerging fascism were assassinated, and indeed most victims of Zionist assassinations—that is, targeted, rather than indiscriminate—were Jews.


          27. hatred (mondoweizz &OmegaHell) detected

          28. Omega – You yourself write that the Zionist are only doing what their master’s, you know those fricky Bankers are telling them……, so it’s the Bankers your should blame for indoctrination….. you see you even find excuses for the Zionist, as finding excuses is your mental disease…..
            BTW who else is in this world beside us…. ?????

          29. I see that you are throwing another manic-depressive tantrum.

          30. Omega the senile……. that’s your comments in other sites, delete them if you are rejecting your own psycho comments….

          31. What other sites? Can you copy-paste the links here.

          32. Omega the senile…… getting a stroke ?

          33. As I suspected, you lied. And when faced with justification, you divert.

          34. You lied….. senile you know you wrote
            1. Zionist are only doing what their master’s
            2. we are not the only once in this world……

          35. Omega – Your Jew Hate conspiracy psychopathic comments are all over the internet.
            you are the typical “Elder Of Zion” Jew Hate conspiracy promoter.
            You enjoy to share your psycho theories with your Nazi friends.
            as I mentioned to you more then once, you are the scum of the earth, nothing more then a Jew hater.

          36. There is no Jew hatred. You only want to dilute a fact I brought up about the Zionists (the indoctrination).

            You stirred the ‘discussion’ to things I supposedly said on other sites. When I asked you which sites and what was said, you made up more stuff (I never wrote about the Elder of Zion).

            You are a dumb, predictable, coward wuss.

          37. Listen scum, all your psychotic Jew Hate conspiracies all over the Internet are known.
            The Jewish Bankers who want to destroy the world…. read good “elder of Zion style”
            as this is what the elder of Zion is all about, the Jewish conspiracy to destroy the world.
            give me a break scum, this is old tradition Jew Hate so get lost.
            Idiot, I see your comments…..
            “I think we are not alone in this universe”…. or you did not write those psychotic delusions too scum.

          38. You say that my ‘psychotic Jew Hate conspiracies all over the Internet’ but despite me asking you to show me proof it it, you’ve remained mute. If it’s all over as you say, it should take you seconds to copy-paste the comment(s)/link(s).

            Logic has it that when in the whole, stop digging. Resorting to more silly defamation (“I think we are not alone in this universe”) is not going to get you out.

          39. Omega – You are such a stupid fool….. I gave you a hint regarding your psychotic belief that we are not alone in this Universe, do you reject you never wrote it……
            now take you pills psycho and get lost.

          40. Basically, you can’t back up anything. Let me wipe those tears.

          41. man-o-war – sure we are not to be Blamed, we are only obeying our fricky Bankers masters
            even Omega declares it.

          42. Hannibal Avatar

            When it is a fact that you are an Abrahamic descendent a cousin of the seed of Abraham and Haggar I can prove to you that I am no Arab… 😉

    2. The West is applying one of their past puppet’s (Hitler) modus operandi: lie, keep repeating the lie until they believe it

      As you stated, it makes no sense. And it’s not because the West gives a flying duck about dying children/civilians. It’s another false-flag to trigger an (official this time) US military intervention to oust Assad, Balkanize Syria, created Kurdistan and place more US military bases – to then repeat the whole thing with Iran. As long as Russia sides with Syria, the West won’t have it their way.

      1. Sure, the typical issue…… it’s never an arab fault, someone else did it…. always a reason.

        1. Read again.

          1. Sure, the typical issue…… it’s never an arab fault, someone else did it…. always a reason..

  8. HebAlba Avatar

    Where are babies parents in that God forsaken deserted land?¸
    Same scenario as Ghouta August 2013; Al Jazeera Missed Clip from Latakkia-Kidnapped Women and Children. When media is accomplice with crimes against Humanity..

  9. HebAlba Avatar

    “Hey DonaldTrump, here’s a good rule of thumb: when Lil’ Marco, John McCain, and Crooked Hillary are all cheering, you’re on wrong track.

    Missiles flying. Rubio’s happy. McCain ecstatic. Hillary’s on board. A complete policy change in 48 hrs.”

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