Sweden puzzled by Trump’s crime comment: “What has he been smoking? “


trump suedA day after falsely suggesting there was an immigration-related security incident in Sweden, President Donald Trump said on Sunday his comment was based on a television report he had seen.

Trump, who in his first weeks in office has tried to tighten U.S. borders sharply for national security reasons, told a rally on Saturday that Sweden was having serious problems with immigrants.

“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden,” Trump said. “Sweden. Who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

No incident occurred in Sweden and the country’s baffled government asked the U.S. State Department to explain.

“My statement as to what’s happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden,” Trump said in a tweet on Sunday.

Fox News, a U.S. channel that has been cited favorably by Trump, ran a report Friday about alleged migrant-related crime problems in the country.

A White House spokeswoman told reporters on Sunday that Trump had been referring generally to rising crime, not a specific incident in the Scandinavian country.

Sweden’s crime rate has fallen since 2005, official statistics show, even as it has taken in hundreds of thousands of immigrants from war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq.

Trump’s comment confounded Stockholm. “We are trying to get clarity,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Catarina Axelsson said.

Sweden’s embassy in the United States repeated Trump’s tweet about having seen the Fox report, and added, “We look forward to informing the U.S. administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies.”

Trump has been widely criticized for making assertions with little or no supporting evidence.

He has said more than 3 million people voted fraudulently in the U.S. election, which officials say is false, and incorrectly stated that he won by the most decisive margin in decades.

Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom appeared to respond to Trump on Saturday by posting on Twitter an excerpt of a speech in which she said democracy and diplomacy “require us to respect science, facts and the media.”

Her predecessor was less circumspect.

“Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking? Questions abound,” former Foreign Minister Carl Bildt wrote on Twitter.

Other Swedes mocked Trump by posting pictures of reindeer, meatballs and people assembling IKEA furniture.

“#lastnightinsweden my son dropped his hotdog in the campfire. So sad!” Twitter user Adam Bergsveen wrote.




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  2. Trump trusting Fox News….. youtu.be/O1Q6tgj0O64 Trump must be out of his mind, Donald Trump was the one claiming that Fox News, CNN and others are spreading FAKE NEWS.

    Why does he keeps quite about German migration office to check asylum seekers’ phones in identity crackdown?

  3. Pogrom in the vicinity of Stockholm: the media remind us of “predicting” of Trump
    the night of Tuesday, February 21, in the Swedish city Rrinkebyu
    located in the vicinity of Stockholm and populated mainly by migrants
    from the Middle East and North Africa, there was a pogrom: the
    inhabitants of the suburbs, the indignant attempt to police detain
    compatriot, burned cars and threw stones at law enforcement officers , according to news agency AP.

    riots, which were attended by about a hundred people, began on Monday
    at about 22:00 local time and lasted until the morning – witnesses
    described the situation “complete chaos”. Authorities for a long time it was not possible to bring the situation under control (GT)

  4. ‘Was Trump right about Sweden after all? Riot breaks out in the Stockholm suburb the President was ridiculed for referring to in speech about immigration dangers’


  5. TRUMP 100% RIGHT! The Media Does NOT Want You To See This 2-Minute Video From Sweden

  6. “It Looks Like A War Zone”: Trump Vindicated After Violent Riot Erupts In Swedish Suburb” All the lefties who mocked Trump are strangely silent about LAST NIGHT IN SWEDEN. Come on, where are you now?

  7. Former US Ambassador to Sweden ZERO answers when challenged on impact mass immigration has had.

  8. Is there anyone still under the illusion that muslim refugees are not a major problem. World leaders need to wake the fvck up and crack down on these waste products.

    1. In Sweden is nothing done against rightwing extremists that spreading antisemitic and islamofobic propaganda.

      Majority of the Jewish community in Berlin comes from Sweden.
      Those Swedish newcomers feel themselves safer here, as in Sweden the understaffed police forces are known to sympathize with rightwing movments….

      Where do you think the NPD (Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands) get it’s propaganda material from?
      The Swedish democrats.

      Macedonia have it’s own FAKE NEWS industry, well known for using the fake news producer in Sweden.
      The Swedish neonazis “Nordfront” have no problem to undermine the Swedish society with the help of someone claiming to be a journalist https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb09ce3d013a599d9d6abbe7e0f46b227ade5074749e6ba7aaac845065aad405.jpg – the former SD operator journalist Chang Frick.

      We have more Turkish Muslims than muslim refugees, and that’s a bigger problem since the Turkish AKP party undermines our society –
      The Turkish PM was in Germany to encourage overseas voters to support a referendum to centralize Erdogans power in Ankara.
      TGD chairmain Gökay Sofuoglu said he viewed the stunt with dismay. “The Turkish government is engaged in a campaign of denouncing all opponents of the reform as enemies of the state or terrorists,” he told the Funke Mediengruppe, a consortium of regional newspapers.
      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ccd7cb5e56e537d75c0d90178a8d5e76f497d3107633d0c81860775fcd954f8c.jpg Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim in Oberhausen.

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