Lebanon’s Hezbollah finds and seizes crashed Israeli drone: report

Israeli UAV by Elbit Skylark
Israeli UAV by Elbit Skylark, similar to the one that crashed in south Lebanon

Hezbollah has located an Israeli drone that crashed in Lebanese territory and has taken it to a secure location for inspection, a source in Hezbollah said on Tuesday.

“The aircraft that crashed on the border with occupied Palestine has been transported to a safe location for inspection,” a  Hezbollah statement said describing it as a spy drone.

The Israeli military said that the drone had come down in Lebanese territory on Monday near the border with Israel, identifying the drone as a “tactical Skylark UAV”, and said it was  looking into what caused the accident.

“The Lebanese Army rushed to the scene but couldn’t reach the site of crash due to the rough terrain,”   Hezbollah’s mouthpiece  Al Manar  reported on Tuesday.

The Skylark drone is a close-range tactical unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system principally designed for Israeli, Canadian and Korean forces to carry out intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance operations, according to Al Manar .

The IDF stated on Monday that the drone had crashed into Southern Lebanon and they were looking into what caused the accident.

Last  June, Hamas claimed that it had successfully dismantled and reassembled an Israeli drone that it said had been reappropriated for “operational” use by its military arm.

The group claimed that after the drone crashed in Palestinian territory, its operatives inspected the unmanned aircraft and were able to deconstruct its parts and rebuild it for its own use.

An Israeli drone also  crashed in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli  in July 2015

And in June 2015 Israel carried out an air strike in eastern Lebanon  to destroy one of its drones that had crashed in the mountains outside the village of Saghbine, which is in central Lebanon.

The Israel army frequently sends drones over Lebanon