Unrest in Mosul forces ISIS chief to come out from his hideout


baghdadiThe exact location of ISIS ‘caliph’ Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has always been shrouded by mystery, but a source in the Ministry of Interior, Iraq, referring to reports published in local media informed Iraqi News on Tuesday that the ‘elusive’ leader was recently spotted in Mosul.

Quoting Alsumaria, the source informed Iraqi News, “A local source in Nineveh province on Tuesday said that due to the unrest in Mosul, the ISIS ‘caliph’ was forced to come out from his hideout in Mosul. He was driving a white colored four-wheeler and was accompanied by four armed men.”

It may be mentioned here that the elusive ISIS leader al-Baghdadi is believed to be a permanent resident of Raqqa in Syria where he disguises himself as a civilian to avoid airstrikes.

Sharing details, the source seeking anonymity further informed that US President Barak Obama met Iraqi PM Abadi and discussed about the liberation of northern side of Mosul and suggested for an American-supported Iraqi-led attack into the city.



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  1. @TheReaperTeam Avatar

    That’s very old news.

  2. Haven’t heard too many speeches lately from Al-Bagdodo. Considering his position he must have a custom burka. Oh wait, didn’t Daesh forbid the wearing of a burka?

  3. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I’m sure he’d like an Obama-mobile …. but hasn’t earned enough money for it yet. Still has to contend with the best he can steal. I assume there were no stretched limos available, with pools in them

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