Give us visa-free travel or lose migrant deal, Turkey tells EU


Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu
Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu
has said that the deal whereby Turkey stems the flow of illegal migrants to the European Union will be torn up if the bloc does not grant Turks visa-free travel in the EU.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu was asked by Germany’s Bild newspaper whether the thousands of refugees in Turkey would be allowed to head to the EU if the visa issue was not resolved, and he said: “I don’t want to talk about the worst case scenario – talks with the EU are continuing but it’s clear that we either apply all treaties at the same time or we put them all aside.”

Visa-free access to the EU – the main reward for Ankara’s collaboration in stopping hundreds of thousands of migrants getting into Europe – has been subject to delays due to a dispute over Turkish anti-terrorism legislation and Ankara’s crackdown after a failed coup.

Before conceding visa liberalisation, Brussels wants Turkey to soften its anti-terrorism laws. European Commissioner Guenther Oettinger has said he does not see the EU granting Turks visa-free travel this year due to Ankara’s crackdown after the failed military coup.

Cavusoglu said the treaties signed with the bloc laid out that all Turks would get visa freedom in October, adding: “It can’t be that we implement everything that is good for the EU but that Turkey gets nothing in return.”

A spokesman for the European Commission was not immediately available to comment on Cavusoglu’s comments.

Last week Selim Yenel, Turkey’s ambassador to the EU, said efforts were continuing to find a compromise with the EU on visa liberalisation and he thought it would be possible to handle this in 2016. He rejected the idea that visa-free travel may be pushed back further beyond October, after missing an initial June deadline.

EU ‘humiliating’ Turkey

EU-Turkish relations have soured since the coup attempt against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with Europe alarmed by Ankara’s subsequent crackdown.

Erdogan has said he would approve the restoration of the death penalty if parliament voted for it, a move which would sink any hopes of European Union membership.

Turkey has angrily rejected EU criticism that the purges might violate the rights and laws expected for them to qualify for the visa-free travel agreement and accelerated negotiations for bloc membership.

In the Bild interview Cavusoglu said Europe was acting as if Turkey had already introduced the death penalty. He said he was against introducing it, but that emotions were riding high in post-coup Turkey and the people could not be ignored

“The Turkish people are traumatised” by the failed putsch, Cavusoglu told the German daily. “Rather than helping Turkey, (European nations) are humiliating us,” he added.
According to Cavusoglu, Turkey has made intense efforts, “like few other nations, to fulfill the conditions of accession to the EU”. In return, Turkey has received “only threats, insults and a total blockage” from the 28-nation union, he added.

Asked if Turkey would leave NATO, Cavusoglu said anti-Turkish groups had raised this issue and added that Ankara was one of the biggest supporters of the Western defence alliance.

“But it’s clear that we also need to cooperate with other partners on buying and selling weapon systems because some NATO partners refuse to allow us to sell air defence systems for example or to exchange information,” he warned.




25 responses to “Give us visa-free travel or lose migrant deal, Turkey tells EU”

  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    I rather think you humiliated yourselves, Cavusoglu … Chopping off a few heads and kicking handcuffed soldiers around didn’t help the image much. And don’t forget, there are two sides to a barbed-wire fence. You can allow approach to one side if you wish … getting over it is another matter.
    Why you are finding trauma on your side is YOUR problem.

  2. “give us the means to flood Europe with legal muslim migrants or it will happen illegally”.
    That being said, the European are actives of Adrian.they agreed to that deal so they must follow it and hope the Turks will keep their part too.

    1. Oh Yeah Avatar

      I doubt it.

      1. Which part?Europe holding to it’s commitment or the Turks?

        1. Oh Yeah Avatar

          The Turks will end the commitment and EU will see no reason to hold to the commitment, especially when Austrian, Hungarian and Poland never liked this agreement.

          As you know German government have classified Erdogan as a Muslim Brotherhood supporter, a terror maffioso….

          1. If so,the only option EU has is to stop migrants by force.

            Catch 22 for Europe: accept migrants and lose the identity of europe or…brutally stop asylum seekers and lose it’s politically correct progress (which no one cares about and the migrants exploit)
            I believe we agree on the bottom line :The EU experiment F’d up the continent for generations to come.

          2. Oh Yeah Avatar

            “Refugees have a mobile phone, but lose the Passport ” said Austria’s interior minister.

            He wants tougher action against illegal economic refugees entering the country.

            He do not understand that the fleeing migrants lose their passport, but not losing their smartphone.

            I don’t understand either how they are “losing” passport, a document that makes life easier.


          3. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Wow .. they could even afford the ‘Selfie Sticks’ and didn’t lose them. :-)))))
            Necessities of life have sure changed in 20 years. :-)))))

          4. Oh Yeah Avatar

            Wow what a joke… “they could even afford the ‘Selfie Sticks’ and didn’t lose them.”

            The cost of a ‘Selfie Sticks’ are peanuts compared to the cost of a boat ticket.
            Yes necessities and choice of itinerary really changed, flying is not safe today….

          5. Oh Yeah Avatar

            Some other reasons pointing for the brake of the migrant deal with Turkey are the fact that
            Bad Godesberg was once home to diplomats working in Bonn is today considered as Muslim… “There’s not much that’s German here anymore, or even Italian. And you see Arabic script everywhere.”.

            Today Muslim women in veils and Arab shops and restaurants are abounding. Many long-term residents no longer feel at home.
            Sabine Galuschka knows everyone in Bad Godesberg. The 57-year-old owns a small flower shop in the middle of Bad Godesberg’s main street.
            Her discussions with customers often go beyond the business of buying flowers.
            The current debate about banning burqas is a particularly hot topic. “I just don’t like that there are so many veiled women walking around. That’s not the way we dress when we go out,” she said. “I would just like to know who’s hiding beneath the veil.”

            The recent closing of “Aennchen” (since 1878) one of the last typically German restaurants left in Bad Godesberg. (visited the Gasthaus Zur Lindenwirtin 1971)
            “Zur Linde Aennchen” sold Bad Godesberg: Opened a Shisha-Bar here? – Source: © 2016

            “Now you’ve got shisha bars springing up everywhere, with that sweet smell in the air,” she says. “There’s not much that’s German here anymore, or even Italian. And you see Arabic script everywhere.”

            I remember that “Matrix” encountered the same tendency in Sweden (Malmo) some month ago.

          6. EU leaders in Belgium will not allow any move against the migrants.e everybody knows that by now.
            Unless nations can take the power back ,you’d better learn Arabic cause it’s about to be the official language of Europe.

          7. Oh Yeah Avatar

            That is the sad reality that the newcomers are aware of the fact that they can manage life among us without learning our language.
            We should blame the supermarket chains that are doing everything to make more profit by adding the Arabic script.
            They do everything to get customers who usually buy from the Arab grocery stores – these have grown in number like mushrooms after the rain.

            “Halal-Fleisch bei Edeka sorgt für Aufregung” (Halal meat at Edeka causing a stir).
            The outrage was great when a picture of halal meat appeared in the offer of a supermarket in the net. The picture was allegedly taken in an Edeka branch. Users clicked once for a boycott and swore from the supermarket.

          8. Sad to watch.

          9. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Well there’s one sitting there not looking Berkishkabab. Slow progression … 😉

          10. Oh Yeah Avatar

            Looking Berkishkabab… what is “Berkishkabab”?

          11. 5thDrawer Avatar

            People not wanting to adhere to it fucked it. Huge difference …

          12. Oh Yeah Avatar

            Like you?

          13. 5thDrawer Avatar

            I enjoyed the easy-travel through it by car or train … get passed at one point, follow the laws of each country, and don’t make any waves. Respect the customs. Seemed sensible. Was not supposed to be a ‘free-for-all’ make up the rules as you went along, sort of thing.
            Some don’t like anyone who’s ‘different’ …. only ran into ‘Homeland Security’ dorks once on a train … easy pass as I chuckled at them, since they couldn’t imagine anyone would vacation in Lebanon. I gave them some education.
            But AFTER someone decided to send everyone out of North Africa, I could understand the problem with the line-ups at Customs. That they caved into ‘World Opinion’ on that bit was not my problem. Most unfortunate, I’d say. Sad states now … don’t trust each other any more, let alone a different colour, or an accent.

          14. Oh Yeah Avatar

            You turn everything to a joke.

            By the way it is the USA that have ‘Homeland Security’, not EU!

          15. 5thDrawer Avatar

            Au contrer frere … When in France, look up the name for the same crowd.
            And yes, the world has turned into a joke.

          16. Oh Yeah Avatar

            Na und?

  3. Oh Yeah Avatar

    Turkey continuous with political attack against the EU, first Germany, Austria and now Sweden is on the target.

    All that because the EU “dare” to criticise Turkey when it comes to human rights, freedom of the press and democracy – as well as refusing Turkey to be a member state in the EU.

    Sweden’s turn comes after the swedish foreign minister criticized turkey for the Turkish decision to allow sex with children under 15.

    The result to the came prompt with the #donttraveltosweden.

    Who will be the next victim of the Turkish Sultanate?

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