Time for Hezbollah to give up its arms and operate under state’s authority: Lebanon L.M.

Lebanese Labour minister Sij'aan Qazzi,
Lebanese Labour minister Sij’aan Qazzi,

Lebanon Labor Minister Sij’aan Qazzi said Sunday that it is time for Hezbollah to give up its arms and operate under the state’s authority, but recognized the sacrifices that the party made in the 2006 confrontation with Israel.

“Hezbollah faced Israel in the July War and it (Israel) didn’t continue the war until the end as a result of (Hezbollah’s) steadfastness on the ground and international interference,” Qazzi said during a morning talk show on Al-Jadeed TV,  in reference  to the war that took place  10 years ago.

Qazzi noted  that Hezbollah fought and sacrificed enough fighters, but that “it was time we all return to the auspices of the state and build a free, constitutional, democratic state for all.”

He added that the regions in Lebanon under Hezbollah’s authority- Beirut’s southern suburbs, south Lebanon and parts of the Bekaa Valley- were facing the same infrastructural problems, considering that Hezbollah prioritized its military goals.

“A state which builds itself on the concept of military expansion damages the social well-being because it spends its money and energy on wars,” Azzi said.

Critics of Hezbollah, a Shiite party in Lebanon that also holds a place in the country’s government, often refer to it as a “state within a state” due to the presence of its military, which is currently active in regional conflicts such as Syria,   Iraq and Yemen.

They argue that the state should exclusively make decisions regarding war and peace, whereas Hezbollah defends itself by arguing that the Lebanese Army is incapable of fighting Israel or militants alone as it is not adequately equipped.

“Returning to the state’s auspices doesn’t mean giving up on Hezbollah’s military capabilities, however all arms must be placed under state rule, and instead of a party or a leader making the decision to use these arms, the state should,” Jazzi concluded .

A case of confusion, outrage and and silence was reported in Beirut’s southern suburbs after the failure of Hezbollah and the Syrian army in the  recent attack on Ramouseh hill . Hezbollah in Lebanon reportedly lost contact with its fighters in the Ramouseh battle .

According to media reports the Syrian Armed Forces, alongside Hezbollah and Harakat Al-Nujaba (Iraqi Shiite militia group ), launched Thursday their long-awaited counter-offensive in Ramouseh, southern districts of Aleppo City.

According to media reports Hezbollah lost over 1000 of its fighters  in the Syrian war ,,, more than it lost in all its war with Israel.