Turkish coup attempt : 200 soldiers involved in coup surrender


Turkey’s state-run news agency says some 200 unarmed soldiers have left Turkey’s military headquarters in the capital Ankara and have surrendered to police.

It isn’t immediately clear if those 200 are among 1,563 military personnel who have been reported detained across Turkey as the government cracks down on the attempted coup.



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  1. 5thDrawer Avatar

    This one is probably late as well ….
    In Armenia, some idiots thought they could pull off an ‘ERDY’ and sent ‘cell messages’ for ‘the people’ to fill the streets …. didn’t quite ‘fly’ the same way, however.

    ON the other hand, in News-BBC, while one pic shows reporters being beaten in Turkey, there is NO mention of the ‘head-chopping’ and the bloody beatings by ‘The Mobs’ of those who surrendered to police … surely a curiosity in itself.
    And now THIS, as ‘soldiers’ raise hands and calmly walk to ‘surrender’ … Anyone watching how they are being treated after the ‘short walk’? (reporters now using long-range lenses we see)
    IT DOES mention how ERDY is ‘so sad’ for a close-associate’s death … but doesn’t mention how the guy died.

    Sorting ‘time-lines’ from this mess is going to become really interesting … As ERDY orchestrates missinformation, the return of the death-penalty (although his gangs are working on that already), and moving absolute control from a ‘damaged parliament’ to his ‘Palace’.
    He must REALLY have been jealous of ASSad for that bit of ‘one-up-manship’ over the years.

    1. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Not only BBC. The Independent say “picture of beheaded soldier from 2006 coup”. NYT say “Erdogan triumphs”..

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