LF’s Adwan thinks agreement with Aoun protects the Taef Accord


aoun geagea 100Lebanese Forces deputy chief MP George Adwan said on  Sunday that the LF’s latest rapprochement with its long-time Christian rival the Free Patriotic Movement has the ability to preserve the Taef Accord – the country’s post-civil war constitution – and to prevent any attempt to impose a so-called constituent assembly.

“We have turned the page on the constituent assembly and we are committed to the Taef Accord which (FPM founder) General (Michel) Aoun has endorsed through its agreement with the LF,” said Adwan in an interview on MTV.

“Our first choice is building the state according to the ten points on which we have agreed with General Aoun,” he added.

But according to observers Aoun has already reneged on the agreement as far as the Lebanese army is concerned and Hezbollah’s role in Syria . The observers believe that Aoun is so desperate to  become president he is willing to  renege on  any  of the to points of the agreement just to be elected , and specially the one on Taef .

Aoun Saturday  reneged on his agreement with  Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea which he signed in Rabiya last month prior to the endorsement of his presidential candidacy by the LF leader .
Speaking to OTV, Aoun  reaffirmed  on Saturday his party’s 10-year-long alliance with Hezbollah, expressing gratitude to its military involvement in Syria which he said helps safeguard Lebanon.
He said Lebanon needed the help of Hezbollah to defend the border as the national army was not large enough or quipped enough to take on the task.

“Our army does not have the equipment or numbers to defend the border, so Hezbollah has graciously took on this task because our families are in danger.”

“We are currently living in a state of war on Lebanese soil and we need Hezbollah to defend the Lebanese border,” Aoun said.

But according to paragraph 5 of the Aoun Geagea agreement  , the former army chief  and  Geagea agreed to” back the army both morally and financially  to enable it to be the only military force throughout  Lebanon “

Text of Aoun Geagea agreement in Arabic

Geagea Aoun Agreement
Also according to paragraph 9 of the agreement Hezbollah should not be fighting in Syria  because this contradicts the Baabda declaration which was agreed on by all parties during national dialogue talks at the Baabda palace . The decoration calls for isolating Lebanon from the conflict in Syria .
Tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters are in Syria to help the forces loyal to  Syrian president Bashar al Al Assad against the mostly Sunni Syrian rebels .

In a surprise development Geagea endorsed Aoun’s presidential bid during a landmark ceremony in Maarab last month. The declaration followed months of rapprochement talks between the two parties and a so-called Declaration of Intent joint paper.

Some observers have suggested that Geagea’s move came in response to former Lebanese PM and Future  Movement leader  Saad Hariri’s proposal to nominate Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh for the presidency although the LF chief has denied this.

“The presidential vote will remain shelved until someone convinces Franjieh to withdraw and we are facing a continued vacuum,” Adwan said on Sunday.

“Franjieh’s withdrawal would facilitate rapprochement between Future  Movement  and General Aoun,” he noted.

“The real candidate today is General Aoun and vacuum is the main enemy for all Lebanese,” Adwan warned.

“After the Maarab meeting, General Aoun has become the strongest Christian candidate for the presidency,” Adwan added.

“Together with General Aoun we have reached a common national place and the LF’s nomination of Aoun has nothing to do with the nomination of MP Franjieh,” he went on to say.

Moreover, Adwan stressed that the LF is “keen” on its ties with Future  Movement and the Phalange  Party, noting that it has never been “in disagreement with them.”

As for the relation with Hezbollah in light of the rapprochement with Aoun, Adwan described Hezbollah as an “essential component” of the country.

“We have to coexist with it despite the points of contention and the disagreements can only be resolved through dialogue,” Adwan added.

Commenting on Adwan’s remarks one observer told Ya Libnan” : “LF’s dream that Aoun will be honoring their  agreement  is illusionary “