Franjieh: Aoun’s Actions Coming at the ‘Wrong Time’


franjieh readyMarada Movement leader MP Suleiman Franjieh criticized his ally Free Patriotic Movement chief and presidential hopeful Michel Aoun over calling for street protests stressing “ its the wrong time ” for such actions

Franjieh, who visited Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai on Tuesday, told al-Joumhouria newspaper that he considers the FPM’s actions “democratic ” even though their timing is wrong.

But they are “not appropriate at the current stage,” said Franjieh, whose remarks were published in al-Joumhouria newspaper on Wednesday.

Similarly Patriarch Rai criticized Aoun’s actions and told him to call off the protests.

Rai’s rebuke only served to further weaken Aoun’s position.

Aoun reportedly wants his son-in-law Commando Regiment chief Brig. Gen. Chamel Roukoz to be appointed army chief and he is outraged because the cabinet decided not to deal with the military appointments

Aoun’s supporters are preparing for street protests against the government for failing to discuss the appointment of high-ranking military and security officials.