Geagea rejects Berri’s extraordinary legislative session


Samir Geagea iran does not want a presidentLebanese Forces leader  Samir Geagea on Tuesday rejected Speaker Nabih Berri’s plan  to hold an extraordinary parliamentary session

“Lebanese Forces  MPs are ready to attend any parliamentary session whose agenda is topped by the electoral draft-law and the law on granting the citizenship to Lebanese expatriates,” said Geagea.

the Parliament usually  convenes twice a year in two ordinary sessions — the first starts mid-March until the end of May and the second from the middle of October through the end of December.

In the absence of a president, Berri needs the signature of several cabinet ministers on a decree to hold the extraordinary parliamentary  session. He hasn’t yet been able to garner the required signature.

In remarks to a visiting delegation on Tuesday, Geagea also sounded optimistic about  the future of Christians.

“The future of Christians in Lebanon and the Orient is based on what they do. If they work hard, then they will have a safe and prosperous future,” said the LF chief.

“So let’s head to work rather than waste time,” he added.

Geagea’s comments  came as his rivals from the Free Patriotic Movement are preparing to organize anti-government street protests.

FPM officials claim that the Christians are being marginalized and it is time to act.