‘Jack’ a second Christian from Lebanon Joins ISIS , report


isis fightersSecurity forces are searching for  “Jack,” a 28-year-old  Lebanese Christian from north Lebanon  a   who is allegedly affiliated with the Islamic State , fearing that he might be used to carry out a dangerous terrorist act in Lebanon.

Jack,”who is also known as Charlie Haddad , has become the second known Christian in the country to join  the Islamic State , as Safir reported  on  Thursday.

He reportedly hails from  an Orthodox family that resides in al-Zahiriya neighborhood    of Tripoli , according to media reports .

According to as Safir the man is believed to have been recruited by ISIS to carry out terrorist attacks in Lebanon.

As-Safir reported   that Jack has twice visited Turkey, where he received military training by ISIS before going to Syria, according to statements given by his brother during interrogation by the Lebanese Army.

Jack told his family that he converted to Islam and has joined ISIS, his brother said.

Jack’s family tried to convince him to return to Lebanon after he resided in Syria, but he refused, stressing that he chose Islam as his religion, his brother added.

The report said he used to go to church, but began visiting the Tripoli souks where he would meet with Islamist youths.

Other reports indicated that Jack was having social problems with his parents and lived for a while in  a Koura town before heading to Turkey

The  As Safir report does not state Jack’s  current suspected whereabouts, but indicates he may still be in Syria.

He is the second Christian from north Lebanon to be recruited by jihadis.

The other Christian suspect is  Elie Tony al-Warraq , who was arrested by the Lebanese Army  in January in  connection with  a twin suicide blast that targeted a cafe in Tripoli’s Jabal Mohsen neighborhood, which was claimed by the Nusra Front.

An investigation is looking into any possible link between Warraq and Jack.

In a related development Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5) reported later on Thursday  that Jack was killed in Syria’s Raqqa. VOL did not elaborate

As Safir  obtained information that another Christian, who also hails from Tripoli, could have pledged allegiance to ISIS. But he remains under surveillance as his whereabouts are known.

The newspaper reported  that the terrorist  organizations are taking advantage of their poor financial conditions to recruit them.

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