Lebanon foils largest drug smuggling operation

hashish seized by ISF
Two metric tons ( 4410 lb) of canabis which were Libya bound were seized by Lebanon Police on Saturday hidden in a shipment of Red Delcious and Golden apples

Police announced Monday that it foiled “the largest drug smuggling operations to take place in Lebanon ”
The Internal Security Forces issued a statement in which it said that following close surveillance and investigations, the anti-narcotics bureau seized two tons of cannabis on Saturday that were set to be shipped to Libya.

According to the ISF, the drug shipment was valued at $7 million and were hidden in a large shipment of apples.

ISF revealed that the “raw” quantity of cannabis was equivalent to the output of “more than 1,000 dunams of cultivated land ( 1 million square meters ) , or 250 tons of processed hashish.”

hashish being smuggled inside apple shipment
What you see is not what you get …apples on the outside, canabis on the inside

Police arrested the suspected chief smuggler, identified as A.N., a 56 year-old Syrian accused of commanding a network of drug smugglers.

Many residents in the Bekaa region defend the hashish industry as being the only source of employment. During Lebanon’s 1975-1990 civil war, Lebanese hashish generated hundreds of millions of dollars a year in income.

apples on the outside canabis on the insideLebanon has launched several eradication campaigns, and in past years, the army bulldozed thousands of hectares of cannabis. Farmers had often taken up arms to defend their crop.