Is Drake trying to hook up with Mia Khalifa?


Adult entertainment star Mia khalifa joined the host of CBS Miami 560 WQAM Sports Radio on Sunday to play a game called ‘Moan or Groan’, and before the game commenced she revealed she had been contacted by someone famous, which rhymed with “rake”.

She talked about how she used to smell to how she does now, and she also discusses about her hatred of cats. She also mentions about being contacted via private messages on social media.

Mia said in one part of the interview it is not annoying yet being recognized a lot, but if there is a time she doesn’t want to be recognized and she’s wearing long sleeves, she then says ‘there’s no way they can see her ah (she hesitates here)”, then the host said, “There is no way they can’t see them.” But Mia then goes on to say she was on about her tattoos – So funny.

Mia Khalifa is huge on social media, this is where the host asks her, what famous person has tried to contact you, and Mia replies with, and “I would never reveal that it’s rude.” But she was easily led when the she was asked, “How ’bout this. Give me a name it rhymes with.” Mia Khalifa then said it rhymes with ‘rake’. The only star that rhymes with rake is Drake.

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