Hezbollah uncovers a Mossad spy working as double agent in its ranks


Al Rai newspaper reported that the  Iranian backed  Hezbollah   militant group has uncovered a key official in its security  operations  who  was spying  for the  Israeli  Mossad  spy agency and had thwarted many Hezbollah operations that were meant to avenge the assassination of commander Imad Mughniyeh.

According to sources quoted by the Lebanese website El Nashra, the Mossad member was arrested weeks ago and belonged to Hezbollah’s  security Unit number 910, which carries out operations against  Israeli targets.

The spy who was   identified by his initials  M.Sh. was reportedly arrested several weeksago . He  was reportedly  recruited  in a western Asian country ,  worked undercover as a businessman and traveled a great deal.
The report said that  M.Sh. , who worked with the Mossad for a number of years   hails from a south Lebanon town and comes  from a prominent  religious  family  that is known for its support for the ” resistance “.

The report pointed out that M.Sh. was very  highly regarded within Hezbollah  and for  a certain period of time he was in charge of the seccurity of Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah .

M.Sh. also exposed information about operatives operating abroad, leading to the arrest of Hezbollah agent Muhammad Amadar in Lima, Peru, last October.

Peruvian police said in November they would press charges after finding him with traces of explosives and getting his confession to being a member of the Shi’ite group. Amadar had initially presented falsified documents that identified him as from Sierra Leone, said Peruvian police director Jorge Flores.

There are suspicions that M.Sh also may have revealed information that aided Israel in allegedly assassinating Hassan al-Laqqis last year, according to  the report.

Hezbollah reportedly dismantled the whole 910 team as a result of this discovery

M.Sh. was blamed for  foiling  many Hezbollah  operations that were meant to avenge the assassination of commander Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus in 2008. Hezbollah  accuses  Mossad of carrying out the attack.