Suleiman calls Iran president to condemn embassy attack


suleiman rouhaniLebanese President Michel Suleiman contacted on Tuesday Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to relay his condemnation of the bombing attacks that targeted the Iranian embassy in Beirut.

Suleiman contacted Rouhani from Kuwait, where he is heading the Lebanese delegation at the third African-Arab Summit, National News Agency reported

Suleiman also called Iranian Ambassador in Beirut Lebanon Ghadanfar Roken Abadi to condemn the attack

“Terrorists cannot turn the clock back and reopen a black page of Lebanon’s history,” the Lebanese president was quoted as saying by the NNA.

He also called on the Lebanese people to reaffirm their unity and for the country’s security forces to redouble their efforts to pursue the perpetrators.

Abdullah Azzam Brigades an al-Qaeda-linked group in Lebanon claimed responsibility for the attack that killed 23 people, including an Iranian cultural attaché and injured 146.

Despite the claim of responsibility by the Al-Qaeda-linked group for the blasts the Iranian Foreign Ministry and Hezbollah accused Israel of being behind the attack.

The Abdullah Azzam Brigades’ leader, Sheikh Siraj al-Din Zureiqat forewarned that armed assaults would continue across Lebanon until Hezbollah and Iranian forces left Syria and captives were released.