Future Movement scouts leader killed in Tripoli Explosion


The Association of Future Movement Scouts announced the death of its Tripoli leader in the explosions that rocked the city of Tripoli

Tarek Sharbeck , who was the the commander of the northern Lebanon regiment of the Future Movement Scouts was killed while he was praying in the bloody explosion which targeted worshipers at the Al-Taqwa Mosque .

The death toll from the two powerful explosions that rocked Tripoli, Lebanon’s northern capital Friday, August 23 resulted in the killing of at least 50 people and the wounding of over 350 according to Nader Ghazal, the mayor of the city.

The explosions took place outside the Al-Taqwa Mosque in the city’s Al-Zahiriya area and the Al-Salam Mosque in the Al-Mina neighborhood.

Former Lebanese PM and Future Movement leader MP Saad Hariri condemned on Friday the explosions that rocked Tripoli

In a statement issued by his press office, Hariri said that “the hand of strife does not want the Lebanese to live in even one moment of stability.”

He also said that the explosions aimed at causing strife among the Lebanese, and keeping Tripoli “in the eye of the storm.”

“The enemies of Lebanon want to keep strife and destruction a main subject in the daily lives of the Lebanese people,” Hariri said.

“For years, there has been someone working on keeping Tripoli in the eye of the storm by targeting [it] with consecutive waves of chaos and armed conflicts,” he added.

However, Hariri said that the city of Tripoli “will triumph over the evil power and will not give the enemies of Lebanon a chance to inflame strife.”

He also offered his condolences for the relatives of the victims and wished speedy recovery for the wounded.