Crac des Chevaliers bombed by Syrian regime jets


Crac des ChevaliersTwo videos uploaded on YouTube show smoke rising from the historic Crac des Chevaliers crusader castle outside Homs following airstrikes by the syrian regime.

The commentator of the videos, which were uploaded Sunday was heard as saying the regime MiG jets were striking the facility amid the echoes of blasts in the area.

The Crac des Chevaliers, or Krak des Chevaliers , a Crusader castle which is just outside the city of Homs is one of the most important preserved medieval castles in the world. The site was first inhabited in the 11th century by a settlement of Kurds; as a result it was known as Hisn al Akrad, meaning the “Castle of the Kurds”.

It is one of Syria’s six UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The site had previously been hit by an air raid in July, according to activist videos uploaded online.

Fighting in and around the fortress has been reported throughout the conflict, which began with anti-government protests in March 2011 and evolved into an armed uprising after crackdowns on demonstrations.

UNESCO has warned that Syrian heritage sites were in danger due to the fierce fighting in the country, with a June report saying that the citadel had been damaged in clashes.