Berri: Lebanon is a second home for the Armenians


During a banquet honoring Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan , who is in Lebanon on 2 day official visit , Lebanese Parliament speaker Nabih Berri warned that the entire region is “threatened by fragmentation and division.”

“The entire region is threatened by fragmentation and division and is witnessing ethnic and factional explosions,” Berri said on Tuesday.

Commenting on the relations between Lebanon and Armenia Berri said

“Lebanon and Armenia have many things in common, and Lebanon has always been a second home to the Armenians.”

Berri urged all Lebanese politicians to commit to the Taef Agreement and to sit together to settle differences while distancing the country from the Syrian crisis. He emphasized that “the Lebanese civil war experience proved that no party can eliminate the other.”

On his part the Armenian president said that “Lebanese-Armenian relations are ones of friendship because the two countries are related to one another.”

“We will always remember the support that the Lebanese people provided to the Armenians”. He stressed

Commenting on the Arab Spring , Sargsyan said:

“The Arab world is entering a “complicated transitional phase” , adding “Armenia is worried about the Syrian people’s fate.”

He reiterated his country’s call for a “cessation of the blood shedding” in Syria.

The lunch banquet was attended by several March 14 MPs, PM Najib Mikati, FPM leader Michel Aoun and Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdel Karim Ali.