Mouawad: Forces of hell will not be able to defeat us


During a speech at a rally by Lebanon’s Independence Movement in Sydney Australia, Michel Mouawad the leader of the Movement said that the aim of the March 14 alliance is Muslim-Christian partnership in the face of extremism in all religions stressing that the opposition will not use arms in its fight because its aim is to build a state .”

“We will not fight weapons with weapons or sectarianism with sectarianism, as our project is the project of building the state, not a project of civil strife. Our project is against Sunni, Shiite and Christian extremism. It is the project of Christian-Muslim partnership and this is what March 14 is really about,” Mouawad stressed.

“Martyrs are the foundation upon which we will build our homeland Lebanon and the forces of hell will not be able to defeat us,” Mouawad said in a possible reference to Hezbollah’s non-state arms .

“We are witnessing the birth of a new hegemony over Lebanon that is aimed at turning Lebanon into an Iranian suburb at the expense of the blood of the Lebanese and at the expense of sovereignty and the Lebanese entity and identity,” Mouawad added.

Mouawad noted that March 14 battle is not directed against any individual , but is directed against tyranny for the sake of Lebanon’s sovereignty, Freedom and Independence :

“Our battle is not directed against (PM) Najib Mikati, (Free Patriotic Movement leader MP) Michel Aoun or (Marada Movement leader MP) Suleiman Franjieh… is not against any Lebanese party or sect”, he said, adding “our battle is against tyranny…it is for the sake of defending Lebanon’s sovereignty , Freedom and Independence “.

Mouawad added that March 14’s battle is aimed at thwarting the attempt to “turn Lebanon into an ‘unmanned drone’ and an arena for assassinations.”

He is referring to Hezbollah’s Iranian-made Ayoub drone that penetrated Israeli airspace on October 6 but was shot down.”

He is also referring to the assassination of Maj. Gen. Wissam al-Hassan, head of the Internal Security Forces’ Intelligence branch. Hassan, who was closely linked to March 14 was killed with two other people in a powerful car bombing in Ashrafiyeh. Syria and Hezbollah were accused by March 14 of being behind the assassinations.

He concluded by urging the Lebanese expatriates to register as soon as possible at the Lebanese embassies in order to participate in the 2013 parliamentary election to help March 14 in its battle that is aimed at preventing the transformation of Lebanon into mini-states for extremism, preventing the blocking of roads and the burning of tires, preventing anyone from intimidating the Lebanese with weapons and preventing the triumph of the ‘May 7 culture and the Black Shirts’ and preventing the triumph of the culture of death over the culture of life.”

In May 7, 2008 Hezbollah pointed its guns against the Lebanese people when it occupied the western part of Beirut and tried but failed to occupy Mt Lebanon.