Conflicting reports about death of abductor of Lebanese


It was reported last night that Ammar al-Ddaykhi (Abu Ibrahim) died with 5 of his men in clashes with the “Kurdish Popular Committees” in the town of Qastal Jindo in Aleppo’s countryside but the president of Read Association Sheikh Bilal Duqmaq who is closely associated with Abu Ibrahim denied the reports and announced during a phone call to LBCI that Abu Ibrahim is in good health and that he heard him speak while he was contacting a mediator via Skype.

The Beirut-based pro Syrian regime and Hezbollah , al-Mayadeen TV was the first to report Abu Ibrahim’s death

A Kurdish official also reportedly told As-Safir newspaper on Monday that Abu Ibrahim was killed.

Abu Ibrahim claimed responsibility for the abduction in Syria last May of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims while on their way back from Iran.

He was seen for the last time in a video broadcasted on YouTube setting a military plan to attack Kurdish sites in Syria.