Abdo: Mikati supports Syrian regime, follows Hezbollah orders


Former ambassador Johnny Abdo attacked during an interview on MTV last night Prime minister Nagib Mikati and accused him of supporting the regime of Syrian president Bashar al Assad and of following Hezbollah orders .

” Mikati supports the Syrian regime and executes Hezbollah orders” Ambassador Abdo said .

He added : “Nagib Mikati , may not be traveling to Syria, but his brother Taha is there most of the time and whatever orders he brings from Syria Mikati has to execute in Lebanon” .

The most recent order that came from Syria: ” Don’t resign and he didn’t resign”, Abdo said

Commenting on the concern that resignation of the cabinet could create vacuum while a national unity cabinet is being formed he said:

“It took Mikati 6 months to form a cabinet … why they were not concerned about vacuum then , but are concerned about vacuum now? ”

Commenting on the recent assassinations he said.

“What Wissam Al Hassan did in exposing the Syrian regime terrorism plots in Syria was huge.”

Commenting on the attempted assassinations he said :

“The attempted assassination of Lebanese forces leader Samir Geagea was for real and a very serious matter, the same with the attempt on Boutros Harb’s life we have all the proof , but FPM Michel Aoun’s claim of attempted assassination in Sidon was a big lie and a joke.”