MAV condemns Hezbollah’s questioning of NOW reporters


Media Against Violence (MAV) on Friday condemned Hezbollah’s questioning of two NOW journalists near the Beqaa town of Nabi Sheet.

“Hezbollah’s behavior proves again that [the party] is above the law, the judiciary and the constitution. It considers itself a state that has the right to arrest citizens and imprison their freedom, just because they want to enter a Lebanese area considered [by Hezbollah] a part of its statelet and security zones,” the statement issued by Media Against Violence read.

The organization also called on the competent judiciary authorities to take action immediately and arrest the Hezbollah members involved in the questioning.

It also called on the authorities to “inform the Lebanese citizens of the areas they are banned from entering, especially if the ‘cabinet of Hezbollah’ is unable to provide protection for them.”

Hezbollah operatives questioned NOW journalists Ana Maria Luca and Naziha Baassiri near the town of Nabi Sheet trying to report on the explosion that rocked the town.

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