STL: US licences Jones to represent Badreddine


The United States authorities issued yesterday the licence required for John Jones to continue to represent Mustafa Badreddine, one of the accused in the Ayyash et al proceedings.

The US Treasury Department had imposed sanctions against Badreddine last week. The defence counsel for Badreddine had requested clarification from the Tribunal’s President on whether Jones, a dual US/UK citizen, can continue to represent Badreddine.

Badreddine’s defence team can now continue to prepare for trial. The Appeals Chamber has scheduled a hearing on 1 October for the Defence to present a final challenge to the Tribunal’s legality.

The Pre-Trial Judge has set 25 March 2013 as the tentative date for trial to begin.

Badreddine, a senior member of Hezbollah was reportedly the master mind behind the assassination of former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri who was killed on February 14, 2005.