Hezbollah slams McCain’s remarks over safe zone


Hezbollah on Friday slammed US Senator John McCain remarks which called for the establishment of “a safe zone” in Lebanon for the Syrian rebels.

“ McCain’s call for establishing a buffer zone in North Lebanon, which would serve as a base for interference in Syria, is a blatant violation of Lebanon’s sovereignty and direct interference in Lebanon’s internal affairs,” The Iranian and Syrian-backed Hezbollah said in a press statement.

Hezbollah also said that Lebanon was not “one of the Banana republics to which the US administration can dictate foreign policies , or interfere in its affairs whenever it wants.”

Tthe influential US Senator said Thursday following a meeting with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea: “I have always underlined the need to support the Free Syrian Army that needs weapons. [Since President] Bashar al-Assad is [receiving arms] from the Russians, we need to offer a safe zone for the [the Free Syrian Amy] and the Syrian resistance for it to organize its affairs.”

McCain met with key Lebanese politicians during a two-day official visit to Lebanon where he discussed local and regional issues.

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