SNC chief tells Hezbollah to gear up for day after Assad


Syrian National Council (SNC) chief Abdel Basset Sayda told Voice of Lebanon radio station on Thursday that Lebanon’s Shiite group Hezbollah should gear up for the post President Bashar al-Assad period in Syria.

“ Hezbollah needs to get ready for the period that follows the departure of this [Syrian] regime,” Sayda said

Asked about Hezbollah’s alleged involvement in the Syrian events, the SNC chief said: “We do not have evidence on this issue and we hope that we will not find any.”

Hezbollah is the Syrian regime’s strongest ally in Lebanon and it leads the March 8 coalition.

As for the SNC’s relation with Lebanon’s Western-backed March 14 alliance, Sayda said it was “good,” but he added that such ties should not be “at the expense of others’ interest.”

Sayda also said that the idea of establishing a buffer zone in Lebanon was “unrealistic.”

Hezbollah MP Walid Succariyeh told NBN television station on Wednesday: “Some [groups] want to established a buffer zone [in North Lebanon] and turn it into a base for the Syrian opposition. For this reason, they are insisting on creating problems.”

Lebanon’s political scene is split between March 8 supporters of the Syrian regime and the pro-Western March 14 parties.

Commenting on the Christian community in Syria , Sayda told Voice of Lebanon that Christians were “part of our identity and we are proud of them.”

“Syria will not be partitioned… [because] the Syrian people will not accept this and will confront any efforts seeking to divide Syria.” He said