Abu Faour: Akkar is not Kandahar


Social Affairs Minister Wael Abu Faour slammed on Thursday Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun’s comments regarding the Lebanese army’s intervention in North Lebanon.

“Aoun’s stance is a political one which created the illusion that the region of Akkar is rebellious and out of the state’s control and, therefore, requiring exceptional [security] measures,” Faour told MTV.

“Our response was that Akkar is not Kandahar and that the army was supported by all its residents.”

Aoun on Tuesday said that the detention of soldiers and officers involved in the killing of a Sunni cleric was a violation.

Last Sunday army troops shot dead Sunni cleric Sheikh Ahmad Abdel Wahid when his convoy allegedly failed to stop at a checkpoint in North Lebanon.

19 soldiers and 3 officers were detained in connection with the killing according to local reports