Hidden treasure? Eight ton box found under Beirut highway


Security experts braced themselves Monday to open an eight-ton mystery box unearthed during excavation on the main Beirut airport highway.

Security sources said the one-meter wide, two-meter long box was taken to the Baabda Serail Monday where experts inserted a telescope into holes they created to find out what is inside.

The sources said dozens of cubic containers were discovered in the metal box, which was locked shut.

They said experts decided to clear out the parking lot near the Serail and tighten security around the facility at around 2:00 p.m. to open the box by use of a saw.

The box, encased in metal sheets and buried in cement, was discovered Friday during excavation work behind a wedding reception hall on the airport highway.

The box was found as workers dug into the earth to build a supporting wall apparently to bolster the structure of the two-story Golden Plaza wedding hall.

The Daily Star