Lebanon Pilots go on strike over firing one sick pilot by MEA


Middle East Airlines on Monday voiced surprise over the pilots syndicate’s decision to go on strike.

The Syndicate of Lebanese Pilots on Friday went on strike and said that their step was in protest against MEA’s decision to fire one of their colleagues who was on medical leave.

Also, the Civil Aviation Syndicate announced earlier on Monday another strike starting from 10 pm until Wednesday, MTV reported.

MEA said in its statement that “the aforementioned pilot can no longer work as a pilot because of an incurable disease.”

“The company’s [labor policy] has been in place for decades and applies to all cases.”

However, the statement added that “it did not abandon neither materially nor morally the pilot who served with honesty for thirty-eight years.”

“The company kept paying the money that the Lebanese Pilots Syndicate was demanding, and is still covering all the [sick pilot’s] medical bills,” the statement added.

It also said that “the strike, which was announced without any legal or moral justification, cost the airline and its passengers moral and material losses.” Now Lebanon