Hariri : If we win next election we won’t vote for Berri as speaker


Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri revealed on his Twitter page that if he and his alliance win the next election they will not vote for Nabih Berri as the speaker of the parliament.

Hariri also revealed that he is in Riyadh , Saudi Arabia and he will decide when to return to Lebanon as soon as the time is ripe.

Commenting on the kidnappings of the Syrian opposition members in Lebanon , he called it “a stupid act for which they ( whoever did it ) will pay dearly”.

He revealed that he has no relationship with FPM leader MP Michel Aoun but his relationship with Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea is excellent .

He also revealed that he deals with MP Walid Jumblatt as a leader adding that when they disagreed they were both frank with each other.

In a response to a question on whether Assad will be able to set Lebanon on fire if he is brought down he said:

“He won’t be able to and his people will soon be free and bring him down “and added ” look what happened in Tunisia and Libya …in the end people will be able to secure their freedom”.

In response to question about his deteriorating relations with Hezbollah he said: ” I am not against Hezbollah , they are against me and against themselves because they don’t respect the opinion of others ”