Cabinet approves wage increase to LU teachers


Following the cabinet meeting, Information Minister Walid Daouq said on Thursday that “the cabinet approved Education Minister’s proposal to increase the salaries of the Lebanese University teachers.”

Daouq also said that in response to the shura council recommendation “the government will reconsider its initial decision regarding the wage increase.”

“The cabinet accepts the State Shura Council’s decision, respects its content and will do its best to reach a decree that achieves justices and respects reality,” Daouq quoted Mikati as saying.

He also said that “the cabinet formed a committee to reconsider the aforementioned decision.”

The State Shura Council issued on Thursday a decision rejecting the cabinet’s decree to raise the minimum wage.

On October 11, the cabinet decided to raise the minimum wage from 500,000 LL to 700,000 LL, and to increase wages of up to 1 million LL by 200,000 LL and to increase wages ranging from 1 million to 1.8 million LL. by 300,000 LL

March 14 MP Boutros Harb said on Thursday that the State Shura Council’s decision proved what March 14 MPs had previously said regarding the cabinet’s wage increase decision, specifically that “social issues cannot be treated arbitrarily.”

He added that “if the cabinet pursues this ‘mistake,’ we do not know [what it will result in], on an economic and social level.”

“The cabinet must reconsider its decision and make it more reasonable,” Harb also said.