Aoun has reservations on the amendments of the energy bill


Change and Reform bloc leader MP Michel Aoun said on Thursday that he has reservations about the amendments made to his bloc’s energy bill that was approved in parliament.

“We will preserve solidarity in the cabinet…but we have reservations about articles in the law that was ratified ,” Aoun told the press at parliament.

He also voiced hope that “all the parties who opposed the energy bill would not obstruct its execution.”

“We need everyone to contribute to the making of this project,” he added.

The parliament on Thursday ratified an amended version of Aoun’s electricity bill.

Following a long argument between ministers, the cabinet approved the electricity plan to transfer $1.2 billion to the Energy Ministry on condition that it is funded in installments and that the government supervises the project to increase electricity output by 700 Megawatts.

Aoun’s bill originally proposed that the cabinet transfers $1.2 billion in funds to the Energy Ministry all at once.