Syrian security forces deploy on borders with Jordan


Al-Jazeera television reported on Sunday that Syrian security forces deployed heavily on Syria’s borders with Jordan.

Al-Jazeera quoted Eyewitness Abu Mohammad al-Hourani, who is located in Tal Chehab in Syria’s Daraa as saying:

“Security forces opened fire on towns to prevent protests held in support of people in Damascus. They are chasing a number of activists who fled to groves near the borders with Jordan,” he also said.

Another eyewitness in Hamouriya near Damascus told Al Jazeera that there are many check points in the town, adding that security forces opened fire at anti-regime protesters who were trying to get to Damascus, injuring around 60 people.

Many protesters were arrested, he also said, adding that hospitals are “security centers.”

“Injured people in hospitals are being taken by security forces and any doctor who treats a wounded protester becomes an outlaw.” The eyewitness said

Over 2200 Syrians have been killed by the security forces of Syrian president Bashar al Assad since the uprising began last March .

Saturday witnessed huge pro democracy protests in Damascus according to reports.