Mikati: Lebanon shouldn’t interfere in Syria’s affairs


Lebanese prime minister Najib Mikati said Monday it was important not to interfere in the Syrian internal affairs but support all efforts aimed at ending the violence in the neighboring country.

“Lebanon’s firm position is not to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria and supporting all efforts to reach solutions that stop violent acts which we deeply regret,” Mikati who is backed by Syria, Hezbollah and and their said during a cabinet meeting.

Lebanon, he said, condemned “the fall of civilian and military victims, and the impacts of the disturbances on the Syrian political, security and economic stability.” Mikati said “balanced” dialogue would open more horizons to achieving desired reforms which would ultimately serve security and stability.

The prime minister commended Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz’s speech over Syria in which he said the bloodshed was “unacceptable,” and called for rapid implementation of reforms.

On the other hand former PM Saad Hariri whose governmnt was toppled by Hezbollah last Januray urged Lebanon to denounce the “massacre” taking place in Syria, saying it should not remain silent in the face of the brutal crackdown against pro-democracy protests.

“Lebanon must stand next to Syria… but standing next to Syria this time means standing with its people,” Hariri said.