MP Ghanem: Confrontation deprives Lebanon of immunity


“Choosing to confront legitimacy and rejecting UN Security Council Resolution 1757” deprives Lebanon of immunity”. March 14 MP Robert Ghanem said as he was addressing PM Nagib Mikati during the afternoon session of the first day of Parliamentary debate over the ministerial statement and announced that he will not grant the cabinet his vote of confidence.

“Lebanon’s strength lies in its people’s unity and its commitment to international legitimacy,” Ghanem who heads the legal and administrative parliament committee said.

“According to my constitutional conviction, I think the ministerial statement clause which relates to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is contradictory. The use of the words ‘in principle’ is inaccurate.”

Mikati on Thursday unveiled his government’s program, which includes a vague clause saying Lebanon would in principle respect international resolutions as long as they did not threaten civil peace or stability in Lebanon.