US embassy calls Nasrallah’s CIA accusations empty


A spokesman for the US embassy in Beirut denied claims by Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah Friday that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had recruited three members of the militant group .

“These are the same kind of empty accusations that we have repeatedly heard from Hezbollah,” the spokesperson told reporters shortly after Nasrallah made the allegations in a televised speech via video link and added: “There is no substance to to his accusation. It appears as if Nasrallah was addressing internal problems within Hezbollah with which we have nothing to do.

“Our position towards Hezbollah is well known and has not changed.” The spokesman said

Nasrallah on Friday revealed that three Hezbollah members spied for the CIA .

Nasrallah added “Some media outlets spoke of 100 cases. Contrary to rumors, the discovered spies are not religious scholars and do not occupy leadership positions. None of them is close to the secretary-general. None of them has anything to do with the military front or the rocket systems. None of them had sensitive information that might have harmed the Resistance’s military and security structures and its ability to confront any future war. None of them has anything to do with Imad Mughniyeh’s murder. None of them has anything to do with the issue of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. Their names were not mentioned by any of the STL leaks.”

Nasrallah also said “the U.S. embassy in Awkar is a center for spying and recruiting Israeli agents.”

It was the first such acknowledgment of infiltration by Hezbollah, which prides itself on the discipline of its members, since its establishment in the 1980s.

Washington considers the Iranian-and Syrian-backed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization.



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