National Bloc rejects any role for the military in politics


The National Bloc Party on Thursday rejected any role for the military in political life” in a statement issued after its executive committee’s weekly meeting.

“We reject any role for military figures in the political life, as it is neither desired nor preferred that the army commander make any political initiatives, especially regarding the formation of cabinets. We also reject that any military figure assume a ministerial post.”

This comes after Lebanese army commander General Jean Kahwaji suggested the names of four high-ranking officers to Lebanon PM Designate Nagib Mikati as possible candidates to head the Interior Ministry.

Sources told Al-Hayat in remarks published last Sunday that General Paul Matar, the deputy for army planning, is among the names suggested by Kahwaji.

“It is neither requested nor desired that the army commander undertake any political initiatives, especially in cabinet formation,” the statement said.

The bloc said that it “rejected any soldier’s carrying out any ministerial missions.”